Obama’s “Ebola Czar” Thinks Overpopulation Is Top Challenge

The New American
by Alex Newman

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In addition to having essentially no medical qualifications for the newly invented  “Ebola czarpost aside from serving as a lobbyist for a pharmaceutical firm, attorney and political operative Ron Klain (shown) is under fire after a video surfaced of him declaring that “growing population” — particularly in Africa — was the “top leadership challenge” for the world today. Critics expressed outrage over the comments, especially considering warnings by demographic experts of an upcoming plunge in population caused by a dramatic decline in birthrates across most of the world. But news reports citing insiders suggest that Obama has even bigger plans for Klain within the administration than exploiting the Ebola scare to advance tyranny.

Of course, Klain is hardly alone in holding sordid views on population. In his new job, the controversial figure joins a coterie of other discredited overpopulation zealots and neo-Malthusian crackpots in the administration obsessed with slashing the number of humans — and especially Africans, who have long been the target of government population-control schemes. The latest revelations also came shortly after the anti-population growth fanatics at the United Nations, already under fire for perpetrating forced abortions in Communist China using U.S. taxpayer dollars, unveiled a sweeping and widely criticized plan to reduce the population of Africa.

In a 2008 video-taped interview first highlighted by Gotnews.com and promptly picked up by other alternative outlets such as Infowars, Klain, who served as chief of staff to discredited “global-warming” guru and population controller Al Gore, responds to a question from a Georgetown interviewer about the top challenge facing world leaders. Sitting next to his wife Monica Medina, the attorney and former operative for Vice President Joe Biden declared that overpopulation — not starvation, lack of medical care, war, disease, tyranny, genocide, or poverty — was actually the planet’s biggest problem.

“I think the top leadership challenge issue in our world today is how to deal with the continuing, growing population in the world, and all the resource demands it places on the world and burgeoning populations in Africa and Asia that lack the resources to have a healthy, happy life,” Klain explained, echoing a common theme among establishment types who have long publicly expressed their desire to slash the human population under various pretexts. The comments fit nicely with discredited UN “sustainable development” theories about alleged pressure on resources that have little basis in reality.

“We’ve got to find a way to make the world work for everyone,” Klain continued. “Climate change is an issue that impacts that greatly by making it harder for people to live where they live, by causing disruptions, and lack of resources.” Of course, like the gloom-and-doom pseudo-prophecies of the overpopulation fanatics, virtually every prediction surrounding alleged man-made “climate change” — both the global warming and global cooling varieties — has proven to be beyond ridiculous in retrospect.

The new Ebola czar’s former boss, Biden, has also stoked controversy on related issues in the past. For instance, in 2011, the vice president said he “fully understand[s]” the Communist Chinese regime’s brutal “one-child policy.” Despite being barbarically enforced with coerced abortions and other grotesque means, Biden also informed the world that he was “not second-guessing” the regime’s murderous machinations. Instead, as revealed during congressional testimony, the administration is showering taxpayer funds on Planned Parenthood (founded by an anti-black racist and eugenicist) and the UN Population Fund, both of which have been implicated in the commission of forced abortions in China.

More recently, another one of Klain’s former bosses, Al Gore, declared “fertility management” that is “ubiquitously available” to be crucial in stopping alleged global warming. Klain’s views also fit nicely with those of perhaps the most notorious population-control zealot in the administration, Obama’s “Science” Czar John Holdren. In a widely ridiculed 1977 book dubbed Ecoscience, Holdren called for the imposition of what he called a “planetary regime” and “global police force” that would perpetrate forced abortions and mass-sterilization programs via the water supply under the guise of preventing a “crisis” of supposed “overpopulation.”

“Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society,” Holdren wrote, hiding behind a passive voice while making delusional claims about the U.S. Constitution purportedly authorizing forced abortions and sterilization by his “planetary regime” to control world resources. It was not clear who, other than Holdren and perhaps extreme eugenicists of decades past, had “concluded” that mandatory abortions and sterilizations would be authorized under the U.S. Constitution.

More recently, Holdren, like Gore, has been the subject of intense ridicule for his failed global-cooling predictions of previous decades — with the current “Science czar” having previously warned of a global “ice age” that would kill a billion people. Last winter, Holdren further cemented his position as a laughing stock after contradicting every previous warmist prediction and outlandishly trying to blame record cold temperatures across America on “global warming,” which has been on “pause” for almost two decades. Regardless of warming, cooling, or neither, however, Holdren has never repudiated the draconian views on population control expressed in his book.

But unwarranted hysteria over the number of people on the planet is hardly a new phenomenon in the upper echelons of the U.S. government and foreign-policy establishment either. Former Secretary of State Henry “New World Order” Kissinger, for example, became infamous for his 1974 “National Security Memorandum 200” calling for U.S. taxpayers to fund a planetary depopulation operation under the guise of protecting America’s supposed “national interests.” In the memo, Kissinger, a key globalist front-man who has played a major role in some of the greatest human tragedies of the last five decades, said mass abortion would be required to reduce the population of the Third Word.

At the UN, meanwhile, the population-control zealots are also working hard to slash the number of people on the planet — with much of their scheming funded by U.S. taxpayers and mega-billionaires such as Bill Gates. Earlier this year, The New American reported on a new plot by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Obama administration’s U.S. Agency for International Development to deal with what they referred to as the “challenge” of population numbers in Kenya. Among other schemes, the plan to reduce the population to “desirable” levels involves brainwashing African women to have fewer children, showering the nation with contraception, promoting abortion, and more.

Despite existing largely on the fringe and in the shadows, there has been a powerful establishment-backed movement flourishing for decades that views humans as a disease on the planet. At least one population doomsayer, University of Texas “scientist” Eric R. Pianka, has even publicly advocated using a weaponized Ebola virus to exterminate 90 percent of the human population — receiving a standing ovation from his colleagues. Countless establishment bigwigs — from CNN founder and UN Foundation boss Ted Turner to billionaire financier and globalist architect David Rockefeller — have openly hyped the bogus “overpopulation” myth amid calls for more population-control plots. The demands are generally concealed behind half-baked claims of humanitarian concern but are ghoulish nevertheless.

Like the Obama administration more broadly, Klain’s 2008 interview citing overpopulation as the top leadership issue for the world suggests that the new “Ebola czar” considers U.S. government intervention abroad to be essential. “I think that the days when Americans could just be focused on America and not really be engaged in the world are past us,” he said. “Our economy is too dependent on events overseas, our political system is dependent on events overseas.” In other words, despite being 17 trillion in debt, Washington, D.C., must continue borrowing to meddle in the affairs of other nations — with all of the disastrous fruits such machinations have produced.

Multiple analysts have highlighted other troubling elements of Klain’s background as well. “The new Ebola czar has ties to a secret liberal dark money group and once worked as a lobbyist for a prescription drug company that denied experimental drugs to dying cancer patients,” reported Elizabeth Harrington in the online Washington Free Beacon. Klain was also listed as a trustee for the radical Big Government group “Third Way,” which promotes amnesty, gun control, and other deeply controversial “progressive” plots.

The new Ebola czar serves on the board of the Big Business-funded Big Government outfit known as the Center for American Progress (CAP), too. According to a report in Politico citing “administration insiders,” Klain may be next in line to succeed current Obama “counselor” John Podesta, another extremist who founded and led the CAP and recently worked with the UN on a plan to “profoundly and dramatically” alter the “worldview” of every person on the planet.

Instead of allowing Obama to invent new “czar” positions and pack them with unqualified extremists, Congress ought to be holding hearings, cutting funding for executive-branch abuses, and restraining the administration.

The New American