Exposing the Globalists and their World Order

Can Trump Stop the Invasion? by Patrick J. Buchanan   With 328 million people here now, approaching twice the number as in 1960, how many more can we take in before government sinks under … Continue reading

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How to Encrypt your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows Phone by Dennis Anon   The smartphones we carry around with us these days have come a long way away from the cellphones of years past. These devices are no … Continue reading

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Civil War Would Erupt If “Green Deal” Socialists Actually Get What They Want

Alt-Market by Brandon Smith   In the months preceding the 2016 presidential election, I predicted a Trump election win but tried to temper expectations with the reality that there were … Continue reading

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Digital Drivers Licenses and Smartphones will be Searched by Police

MassPrivateI by MassPrivateI   For years the push to replace physical drivers licenses with digital drivers licenses has relied one one thing; privacy. But all of the “fake news” the … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Why Globalists Are So Obsessed With Artificial Intelligence

Alt-Market by Brandon Smith   It is nearly impossible to traverse web news or popular media today without being assaulted by vast amounts of propaganda on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It … Continue reading

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ASU Law School Wants Cities Around The World To Use Facial Recognition

MassPrivateI by MassPrivateI   Arizona State University (ASU), which spent $307 million to renovate Sun Devil Stadium, has learned a lot about Smart City surveillance. ASU used facial recognition to … Continue reading

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Green New Deal Reveals the Naked Truth of Agenda 21

Activist Post By Tom DeWeese   Sometimes if you fight hard enough and refuse to back down, no matter the odds, your truth is vindicated and prevails! For twenty years … Continue reading

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