Obama’s UN Heart of Darkness

New Eastern Outlook
by Jim Dean

8853I can only describe Obama’s UN performance as a presidential tour of the Twilight Zone and Alice in Wonderland all rolled into one. My favorite line in the Wonderland series is “When I use a word, it means exactly what I want it to mean, nothing less, and nothing more.”

We begin our journey down the rabbit hole with Obama listing the world’s major threats starting with Ebola first as the first surprise, and then the alleged Russian takeover plans against Europe mind you, not just Ukraine. Poroshenko recently pandered this silliness to the American joint session of Congress, that he was the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke, blocking the Red Hordes from enslaving Europe. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Obama then got to number three, the current ISIL-Syrian event with, “The brutality of terrorism in Syria and Iraq forces us to look into the heart of darkness.”

Dear Mr. President, I am glad you brought up this heart of darkness mention. We have seen a great outpouring of sympathy over the widely publicized beheadings by ISIL. But allow me to add a bit of perspective. Your “good terrorists”, the ones you have funded and trained to terrorize the Syrian people, have been chopping heads off for years now.

Forgive me but I missed your having a “heart of darkness” moment over that, and calling for an end to the terror war there, having open elections, and the international community abiding by the will of the Syrian people. I was there as an election observer this summer while Assad won of course, as most presidents do when successfully defending their country from outside invaders. The election was a celebration of the Assad, the Army and the Syrian people having stood against the Western and Gulf terrorists.

Sir, your speech writers failed you badly with this line. ”Russian aggression in Europe recalls the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit of territorial ambition.” Good gosh! You are following in the Bush-NeoCon footsteps with your doing to Syria exactly what you describe in your UN speech as reprehensible

And Syria was not a fluke. You have done exactly the same thing in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland ratted you out with her spilling the beans on the $5 billion of borrowed US taxpayer money to put a Western puppet government in Kiev. And you were all aboard the killings there to do it. Your administration has been deathly silent on the Madian killings’ make-believe investigation by the coup-meisters, who are unlikely to arrest themselves.

I can add that you have done nothing to release the US satellite and communication intercepts on the MH17 attack, which was a bit too conveniently blamed on the Russians. And Kiev got a doctored US satellite photo with the time stamps changed on it, which they clumsily submitted as proof that the Russians shot down the plane. If the American government is withholding evidence on the murder of 300 innocent airline passengers, isn’t that a bit like chopping the heads off 300 families? Frankly sir, if you don’t mind, I see a little heart of darkness in these actions.

Does Russia have a pre-emptive strike doctrine like we do, and how about Syria… and Iran for that matter? We all know the US does, and Israel, too. While your administration has castigated Russia and Iran for supporting their ally Syria it its real fight against terrorism, you put America on the side of the regime-change terrorists without even bothering to explain to the American people how this fit into your vision of American exceptionalism.

It is not Russia nor China who have a “Western Pivot” sir, in pursuit of their “interests” … the term we like to call it, a nice vague one that can mean anything you want it to mean, like the line from Alice in Wonderland above. Yes, I used it for a good reason. How many overseas military bases do Russia, China and Syria have again…to pursue their interests… a few? And how many do we have, post Cold War… 750?

Did you not feel any embarrassment going in front of the UN, where you had just avoided seeking a Security Council resolution for strikes inside Syria without the Syrian government’s coordination and permission, because you knew it would be vetoed? You put together a rump group as window dressing, but that still did not eliminate your doing these strikes in violation of international law.

And how do you think your historical record is going to look, now that your big show of leading the charge against the ISIL terror when a number of your rump group coalition countries are among the current major state-sponsors of terrorism? That includes Israel holding the pole position — the little terrorist country that has been protected by US UN Security Council vetos for most of its life. Do you think future generations are going to be too stupid to see through this thin veil?

Your claim to support impeding the flow of terrorists over borders, and blocking commerce and funding that supports them… does this mean you are going to “out” Turkey, a NATO ally for helping ISIL market its oil stolen from the Syrian people… and also allow ISIL’s supply lines to run through its territory? Would you push to have it kicked out of NATO because of this?

And how about the Gulf States’ involvement in terrorism, especially Saudi Arabia? Would you tell us that US Intelligence does not have all of this mapped out? Are you going to stop them? And how about Qatar who is waging a terror war in Libya as part of an obvious “lebensraum” program for gaining some growing space in the Mediterranean and building another Dubai there? Are you going to stop them? It’s doubtful.

And so you do not think I am an Obama basher, I want to thank you for standing up to the Israeli-AIPAC Lobby when they tried to derail your very statesman-like ending of the Iranian nuclear weapons program hoax. Another great American, Clinton Bastin, 40 years with the Dept. of Energy, laid it all out for us over a number of briefings during the last years of his life. The Iranian people have suffered enough under western colonialism after we overthrew their government with the Brits and put the puppet Shah in place to rob his people blind, only to have our banks rob him after he died.

We know you have a double game going on here, using future Iranian gas exports as a lever to reduce Russian gas sales to Europe. But the Iranians and the Russians will not bite on that ploy. The Russians know that over the long term, Europe will diversify its energy sourcing. And the Russians will have new markets to make up for any decline to Europe. You see, there is this country call China who needs a lot of gas over a secure delivery route.

Iran wants to sell gas to Europe to balance out its imports from the region. The Russians would understand this perfectly, as they were doing the same thing. Their trade deficit with the EU was covered with energy sales — a better deal than a Federal Reserve system where money is created out of thin air and loaned out at interest, the best financial scam ever invented… and by you know whom.

When you hopefully succeed with the Iran talks, you need to build on that by backtracking on this new Syrian disaster, and the twin disaster that you have been creating in E. Ukraine. These people will never become a Ukrainian West Bank and Gaza for the oligarchs and their Israeli buddies. One Israeli occupation in the world is one occupation too many, so we surely don’t need another.

I agree with Lavrov on the silliness of the good-bad terrorist distinction. Our US supported terrorists are not “good ones”, be they anti-Syrian Jihadis, or the dancing Israeli 9-11 Zionists, or the new Right Sector-Oligarch version in Ukraine. Mr. Obama, you will have some cleanup work to do during your last two years.

As the famous Robert Frost poem said, “Miles to walk before I sleep, and promises to keep.”

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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