Exposing the Globalists and their World Order

Memo to Trump: Declare an Emergency By Patrick J. Buchanan   In the long run, history will validate Donald Trump’s stand on a border wall to defend the sovereignty and security of the United States. … Continue reading

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Change Your Phone Settings So Apple, Google Can’t Track Your Movements

Activist Post By Jen King, Stanford University   Technology companies have been pummeled by revelations about how poorly they protect their customers’ personal information, including an in-depth New York Times … Continue reading

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Beware The Emergency State: Imperial, Unaccountable And Unconstitutional

Alt-Market by John Whitehead   “For seven decades we have been yielding our most basic liberties to a secretive, unaccountable emergency state – a vast but increasingly misdirected complex of … Continue reading

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Trump Is A Pied Piper For The New World Order Agenda

Alt-Market by Brandon Smith   In my last article, ‘The Fed Is A Suicide Bomber With A Deeper Agenda’, I explored and dismantled recent propaganda surrounding the Federal Reserve’s tightening … Continue reading

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The Rising Tide Against Liberalism

The New American by James Murphy   If you sometimes wake up feeling as if you’re playing the part of a member of the unwashed masses in a dystopian novel … Continue reading

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Obama, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood

New Eastern Outlook by F. William Engdahl   There is a great uproar over the recent decision by US President Trump to pull US troops out of Syria, announcing his … Continue reading

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Immigrationists Try to Wreck Tucker Carlson as Illegals Wreck Our Land

The New American by Selwyn Duke   When you can’t win the debate you can still win the day — by ending the debate. This apparently is the goal of … Continue reading

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