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What I Don’t Like About Life In Post-9/11 America

Alt-Market by John Whitehead   Life in a post-9/11 America increasingly feels like an endless free fall down a rabbit hole into a terrifying, dystopian alternative reality in which the … Continue reading

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The Modern Surveillance State (Documentary)

Activist Post by Derrick Broze, produced by Jeremy Martin   The War on Terror Immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush promised Americans he would … Continue reading

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Globalists Using Mass Migration to De-Christianize the West

The New American by Alex Newman   When President Donald Trump visited Europe in mid-July for meetings with NATO, the British queen, and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, he spoke openly … Continue reading

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America, the Tyranny of the Stupid

New Eastern Outlook by Gordon Duff   People around the world are convinced that the United States is a nation run by criminal psychopaths and morons. A greater fear is … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Minority Report: Thousands Of Stores Plan Facial Recognition Use For Anti-Theft

Activist Post By Aaron Kesel   Hundreds of retail stores and soon thousands are investigating using biometric facial recognition software FaceFirst to build a database of shoplifters to aid in … Continue reading

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Can America Ever Come Together Again? By Patrick J. Buchanan   If ex-CIA Director John Brennan did to Andrew Jackson what he did to Donald Trump, he would have lost a lot more than his … Continue reading

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Experts Say Eventually EVERYONE Will Get a Microchip Implant

The Organic Prepper By Daisy Luther   After a company in Wisconsin fitted each of their employees a microchip and claimed they absolutely loved it, many people were adamant that nope, no … Continue reading

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