Fukushima: Are You Fully Informed?

Ever since the earthquake and tsunami on April 11, 2011, we have been lied to about the radiation that has been leaking from the nuclear reactor Daiichi. Health officials in Japan and here in the United States have informed the public that everything is ok, there’s nothing to worry about. But in reality, people all over Japan, the Pacific Ocean and the west coast of North America are getting blasted with higher than normal radiation levels. The evidence shows that the Japanese government has suppressed the real damage to the nuclear power plant. The United States government has raised the level of radiation exposure as so as to not alarm the public into thinking everyone is being exposed to much higher than normal radiation levels. When Chernobyl exploded back in 1986, it had one reactor that was producing at 7 percent. Switch to Daiichi in 2011 and 3 reactors were working at 100 percent. Chernobyl was the worst nuclear disaster in the world at that time, what would Daiichi be called? Our government continues to cover up and mislead the public about the health and radiation risks to the people and environment. You need to protect yourself and be informed; the government will not provide you with the necessary and vital information to keep you and your family safe from this terrible disaster.