Obama’s Third Term – Part II

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Roughly a year ago plus, Barack Obama appeared on the Stephen Colbert show and just as I and others continue to state, these people always tell you what they’re doing in some form or another. He told us then. These miscreants always engage in messaging that calls for those receiving it to employ discernment alongside independent and critical thinking so as to render the true message being delivered, which can be found just below the veneer of lies and propaganda being delivered.

In the case of Obama, he bucked history, heritage and tradition by electing not to seclude into privacy following his disastrous and treasonous two terms rather deciding to move down the block to open up shop in his basement with former staffers.

In truth, Obama never stopped running the country. He orchestrated Trump’s ouster from his basement and he’s still calling the shots with his placeholder Proxy Joe in office as his functional marionette. This was the precise message he delivered on the detestable Colbert’s show and he was rather direct about it assuming folks were willing to examine the evidence encompassing and surrounding his remarks in such ways so as to inform those remarks.

The bottom line – Obama is currently serving his third term and it’s exactly why Proxy Joe’s disastrous administration; replete with Obama’s insufferable, abrasive, incompetent and moronic lap dog Kamala Harris as VPOTUS, looks like an accelerated and expedited extension of Obama’s first two terms. They’re playing catch-up – literally.

It’s basic math, people. Super basic. But then again, I’m expecting the products of their public education system to make these logical deductions and conclusions and that, friends, is an exercise in futility. Thankfully this nation has a population of more discerning folks like you, me and others. Is it enough? Not yet.

At the time Obama made his appearance, I put this amateurish video out, which should be judged for it’s content and not production value.

SHADOW GOVERNMENT (from Spring 2020)

If that doesn’t suffice for solid evidence, examine why it is that Obama addressed Democratic members of Congress sans Proxy Joe just the other day. The same Congress that entrapped Americans as political prisoners in Washington D.C. on 06 Jan 21 and the same Congress that fueled a summer’s worth of rioting, murder, mayhem and burning with nary a prosecution or measure of accountability. It’s the same Congress infiltrated, leveraged and owned by China and others. We haven’t had honest “elections” in decades.

Joe Biden’s Brother James Biden Also Under Federal Investigation: Report

How and why is all of this so? Easy. China and China.

Let’s wrap this up by kicking a few favorite dead horses: 1-These people will never stop until they are made to stop, 2- COVID is never going away, 3-Better wake the hell up, America; and learn your history while you’re at it because it’s dictating the present and the future; and it’s a dark and ominous projection.

Obama is serving his treasonous third term. There’s no other viable, evidenced and logically deduced conclusion to be had.

Today is day 45 of year 3 of flatten the curve for 2 weeks. Basic math. Figure it out or learn Mandarin.



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