Defeating American Marxism

American Thinker
By Bruce Colbert



Poland successfully, nonviolently defeated Marxism and is a model for defeating Marxism in America today.  Poland, faced with the Marxist destruction of their heritage and society, created a heritage and spiritual renewal movement, which led to Solidarity and to the end of communist rule in Poland and subsequently in the nations of Central and Eastern Europe, between 1979 and 1991.

For Marxists, the destruction of America’s heritage and society is absolutely necessary.  The Communist Manifesto states, “Communism… acts in contradiction to all past historical experience… can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”  Therefore, the chaos in society, the chaos at the southern border, the chaos in schools, the chaos in the family, the chaos in the economy, and the chaos in workers fired over vaccine mandates are all intentional.  These are manifestations of the “forcible overthrow.”

Karl Marx was not an atheist — he hated God in whom he believed.  Marx wrote, “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above… We make war against all prevailing ideas of religion.”  Marxism is anti-God. 

The terms socialism, communism, and Marxism all lead to the same collective ownership of property, resulting in the same false utopia of poverty, starvation, misery, and death.  Socialism has been discredited for decades as both an economic system and a political system.  Yet, it persists, as a religion.  Communism is a transcendent, anti-God philosophy, and as such, is a form of religion — an anti-God religion.

Marxist teachers indoctrinate students in the religion of communism by teaching them to hate themselves, hate one another, hate their parents, hate their country, and hate their heritage.  Marxists blame society’s ills and people’s personal difficulties on politically incorrect groups (i.e., traditional religious capitalists). Students are taught to view statements from such groups as forms of oppression and to stand up to “evil.”

Communist dogmas taught in schools are gaslighted by media and Hollywood propaganda.  Five generations of indoctrinated students are now the leaders of America’s cultural institutions, which are canceling politically incorrect individuals.  Big Tech participates through deplatforming and censorship of news content in social media.

A heritage and spiritual renewal movement in America, as occurred in Poland, would reestablish for the people of America their authentic history, culture, and identity.  This movement engages communism by countering communist themes with traditional American spiritual and material themes at the personal level.  The movement actively reminds Americans that we are a people formed by a distinctive history and culture, and if we own that again, we will have spiritual tools of resistance that Communism cannot match.  Americans are not who Marxists say they are in Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, or the Zinn Education Project.  Traditional Americans are not oppressors and can be heard.  The indoctrination of students can be ended.

One insurmountable obstacle for communism is that it runs counter to facts and reality.  The mirage of the communist religion, promising peace, unity, equity, and utopia, can be countered by applying facts and reality to its premises, exposing its fallacies, and by showing its personal effects on people.  Communism has its hold on people at the personal and spiritual level, and it is at this level that material and spiritual truths can speak to people, and bring them back to reality.  Truths speak to the heart and emotions, as well as to the mind and intellect.

Truth and one’s relationship with the Creator provide more love, joy, peace, and meaning than does Communism.  Communism hinders people from using their talents and abilities to the fullest, and from achieving their purposes in life.  Communists believe that the killing and destruction required by communism are justified as the gateway to attaining a communist society and a permanent, universal utopia.  Yet the utopia is a mirage, and the killing and destruction are not justified.  Communism has killed 100 million people — it is an anti-human, anti-God death cult.

Communism appeals to the basest aspects of humanity: pride, envy, selfishness, and laziness.  Communism is the quintessential postmodern religion because you are your own god, and you decide what is good or evil so that you can do as you please.  Communism is a choice between evil and good — a decision made at the spiritual level.

This movement first defeats communism by reaching people’s hearts and by winning the debate.  With this foundation, communism can be defeated institutionally, as was done in Poland.

On June 2, 1979, one million Poles gathered around Victory Square in Warsaw, Poland.  During John Paul II’s sermon, these Poles suddenly raised their voices and sang: “We want God!”   John Paul II’s meetings demonstrated to Poles how numerous they were, as he encouraged them not to be afraid — God gives strength.  The heritage and spiritual renewal movement laid the foundation for Solidarity.  Citizens worked together in a unified manner, organized, conducted strikes, held rallies, developed strategies, provided underground media and education, and formed Solidarity for trade union representation and then political representation to change the government.

Likewise, citizens in the United States working together in an organized manner can: reclaim school boards, end Critical Race Theory, defund Marxists, and redirect universities, corporations, foundations, institutions, and government programs through BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) campaigns; practice patriotic commerce, sue media corporations for defamation, recall woke district attorneys, vote, run for office at all levels of government, pass election integrity and anti-woke legislation, share the truth, and commit to a personal nonparticipation in lies.

The spiritual element provides the essential foundation for defeating Marxism.  The important organizational and political elements build on this foundation.  In Poland, the heritage and spiritual renewal movement arose organically.  Likewise, in the United States, 330 million people with the spirit of American ingenuity can lay this foundation, and build this movement for a free, happy, and prosperous society, grateful to its Creator.

It is time to organize and go on offense, using the successful example of Poland.  The time to act is now.


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