The 2020 Presidential Election: Was it Fair and Honest?

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by Louis Wetmore



To all the people who answer “yes”; I have a bridge to sell at a real bargain price. Owner financing with an appropriate down payment.

Remember the 2016 election, just fewer than 129-million voted. Trump got 62,985,000 votes, (Okay, I am rounding here-sue me), to Clinton’s 65,853,000 (see previous).

Trump garnered 306 Electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. Trump won 2626 counties to 487 for Clinton. See, the stage is set. Now, (I guess you could say that we ALL now have 2020 vision…) .81,283,000—that was Biden’s vote tally.

That’s almost one-quarter more votes than Clinton got, yet he carried only 477 counties, the lowest total by any major candidate since we press-ganged Hawaii into the ol’ Republic. Trump gained 74,223,000 votes, a healthy 17% increase as befits the best president on peace and prosperity issues since before the Great Depression.

Those are the issues that our presidential elections turn on, and Trump’s popularity numbers were above the 48% level that has been the usual standard for being a lock for re-election.

Note that the increase was more than 15 million, the biggest increase ever.

The election set the record for highest voter turnout, despite the fact that Biden’s campaigning set the record for lowest turnout ever, and by a good margin if such records were kept. Note also, that Biden bested Clinton by just more than 15-million votes.

(I am going somewhere with this-promise!)

Let’s compare Obama in 2012 to Trump, a comparison that is echo close, the result apart. There are “Canary (as in a Coal Mine)” counties, 19 of them, that have voted for the winning president in every election since before 1980. Obama won 18 of the 19. There are bellwether states as well: Ohio, and Iowa, and our media darling Florida

Obama won all. And, like almost all winning presidents, Obama won seats for his party in the House. That was the identical result on all three points—not for Biden—for Trump. What is more, Obama won almost 400 more counties than Biden did.

Let this sink in.


Biden just entered office with only 48% approval. That appears to be an all-time low, especially for a candidate coming off such an improbable small winning margin. The strategy for the election going in was obvious: the Democrats had to win some Electoral-vote-clinching combination of six battleground states— Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

The first five of those would require “turn-coating” (as they had all voted for Trump in 2016), and that did not seem likely. When vote counting stopped in those states in the dark hours of election night, Trump was leading all the way across the board. When we hid the ‘Resume’ key the next morning, Biden surged into the lead, and by surged I mean JACKRABBITED. Ballots were ‘discovered’ (“Oh my gosh-look what we have here!! WHERE did these come from?!? Boy, is MY face red…”) by the tens of thousands that were purely Biden votes.

I mean not only no Trump votes (a gigantic statistical impossibility—one in ten quadrillion) but no votes even for other Democratic candidates. It takes a LOT of fraud to turn an election that was not actually all that close, and of course, that fraud will be concentrated in those states where the difference between the candidates is narrowest.

The two leading sources for manufacturing the millions of votes necessary to swing the election the other way were

  • Mail-in ballots, and indeed there were states that got back more mail-in ballots than were printed in the first place!! Several people reported that the contracted printing companies printed many more mail ballots than ordered, with the balance being sent out of state to be returned filled in (only for Biden in the presidential race) if and when needed. Just as a pure coincidence, one of them that was at the center of the controversy burned to the ground (!) the very night this was realized.
  • Electronic voting machines, which were required to be offline. It was proven they weren’t, and those machines can run built-in routines that switch votes any way they are directed to. IWhen counts resumed, there were huge stretches of votes counted with Biden not just suddenly leading Trump but leading him by a DEAD consistent 6%.
  • Out to three decimals, I believe.

Trump ran on a platform of “draining the Swamp,” where the Swamp is all of the entrenched political and special interests in Washington DC and certainly of our state capitals.

The ‘Swamp’ oversees and controls our elections. Trump fought the Swamp, and the Swamp won. Pelosi’s husband can continue to sell land to Feinstein’s husband who then sells it to the winner of the federal contract for development with all making fantastic profits at each step of the way; Swamp pigs at the trough.

The Swamp critters effectively played “Tie-Up” Trump up in his first term, mostly with their phony, horse s**{redacted due to decorum prohibits}** impeachment, which not only cost the American taxpayer a ton of loot, but I don’t think anything else was being done by our leaders during the whole fiasco.

They used COVID to alter election laws (mostly done in unconstitutional ways bypassing the state legislature) to favor mail-in ballots, which are the most susceptible to fraud. Seriously, how can any state say “You waited too for us to investigate voter fraud” and that NOT be a clear indication of what’s going on??

We the People would be much better off had the pigs been turned away from their troughs. That didn’t happen, and it certainly won’t happen with this guy. For at least as long as he stays in office-then we are going to have to deal with “her”.

Think months, not years.

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