Confessions of a Naval Intelligence Officer Regarding America’s Secret Space Program

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by Dave Hodges

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In Part One, I laid the groundwork for the fact that Operation Paper Clip.

Before going any further, I want to thank Steve Quayle and three readers for validating yesterday’s presentation of facts. Steve publicly noted that his deep cover military sources validate every word that I wrote. Further, I heard from three people who had family members who worked in very similar capacities as did my father. At some point, I would like to sponsor a teleconference with these people to compare notes. The family members of the men who worked in some capacity related to Operation Paper Clip sacrificed greatly. We had to do without our fathers, brothers and uncles. The stress that the government placed upon the families was enormous.

On another note, I have been talking with a couple of people about my intentions of beginning to release what I know regarding Operation Paper Clip. As my close friends in this business, Steve Quayle, James White, Doug Hagmann et al., will tell you, my website has been under attack during the past few weeks. People have been writing to Steve and to me stating that they are having trouble logging on to The Common Sense Show. Every day, the number of people that come to my site from Google has dropped from 8,000-9,000 hits per day has dropped to 500-2,000. The drop was instantaneous and corresponds with a conversation I had with a family member in which I told her it was time for me to tell what I know about my father’s work along with the geopolitical implications. We all know that Google is NSA and therefore, people like us, that love the Constitution and our country, should never use Google. Please allow me a small digression to promote the great work of Mike Adams.

Mike Adams, a True Visionary

I have known who Mike Adams was for a long time. However, it is only in the last year that I have really got to know Mike. We all know the great work he does in exposing medical industry fraud and corruption. We all know his broadcast talents as he served as Alex Jones’ guest host. However, Mike Adams is now outdoing himself. He is challenging the old guard as he has created his very own search engine, I would encourage all who are reading these words to use Mike’s search engine to search for information on the internet as opposed to Google, who is controlled by the very people who seek to spy on our every communication. If you love liberty, Google is not your friend.

A Secret Space Program

space shuttleIf you did not yet read Part One of this series, you will need to do so now. Otherwise, you will find yourself trying to interpret facts without the requisite contextual background.

In 1983, my father told me that he was convinced that NASA was a fraud used to secretly funnel money to the secret space program. He told me that the technology that he was reverse engineering was hundreds of years beyond anything NASA was working  and as he watched NASA unfold, the technological development of the agency, covering nearly three decades was stagnant and did not reflect the level of sophistication that he would have expected.

A Craft That Renders All Others Obsolete

The vertical lift-off craft that my father knew about, could achieve speeds of 15 to 20,000 MPH within a few seconds of take off. These crafts could make right angle turns on a dime in such a manner that the craft’s inhabitants should have been crushed by the “G forces”. However, he said that Germans possess the theoretical knowledge on what would become real world application of this technology. He also said that these craft would have the capacity to travel into the solar system and as long as there was planetary bodies, the craft would need no fuel as it used gravity to propel the craft. They mastered the re-entry problem be displacing time and space as the craft would enter the atmosphere, thus avoiding the massive heat of re-entry. My father said he was shocked and dismayed that John Glenn, the first astronaut to orbit the earth, almost died when Ground Control thought his very primitive heat shield came loose and he would burn up. An interesting fact, and one that I did not fully understand until well after my father had passed had to do with how these craft navigate which is to use the gravitational meridians. To understand the technology, one have some working knowledge on hyper-dimensional physics.

You may ask, why build the F-35 with this kind of technology? Answer: The Military Industrial Complex will always seek to make money, even if the purpose is illegitimate.

Where is the Proof?

People might be wondering, where is the proof for the existence of a such a craft? I attended an invitation only meeting at the home of Bill Pawelec (see Steven Greer Disclosure Project). The meeting was held in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1997. It was at this meeting, and 12 years after the passing of my father, that I witnessed the manifestation of his work in Operation Paper Clip.

Bill Pawelec played video clips that had been captured from the space shuttle automatic camera. What I saw at this meeting is why NASA no longer plays live feeds from space. I witnessed two craft firing on each other with what appeared to tracer, light-beam type of weapons. Those of you who are familiar with various STS missions, which have aired on network TV in UFO documentaries, will have a vague idea of what I was shown. I further saw a large pulse beam of light fired from South America and watched as it passed by the Space Shuttle’s camera. The year was 1997 and this the stuff of science fiction. And please remember, the Internet was just getting started and there was no YouTube.


There were a dozen participants in Bill’s conference. We all had our related stories to tell. It was there that I realized that all of use shared commonalities. We all had reasons to not speak publicly. As readers of Part One will recall, I could not go public because my mother was still receiving my father’s two government pensions and they would have been forfeited if I had gone public.

Massive Scientific Cover-Up

From that conference, I made some life-long friends that I am still in contact with today. I also came to realize from this group that the world is being massively lied to about the technology that exists. There is the Newtonian science that our children are taught and which underlies our primitive technology. And there is the hyper-dimensional physics technology that the elite control. It is the technology that the black-ops military space program utilizes to explore the solar system. No, you do not have to rub your eyes, I have spoken with men who have worked in this program. I know a man who was a conduit for my father’s work to the operation side of things in the black ops military space program.


In this part, I have covered that captured German scientists introduced the covert apparatuses of space command to technologies based on a science, that outside the followers of Tesla have never heard of (and we wonder why Tesla’s work is still classified by the Navy, more than 70 years following his death).

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, science bifurcated. The result was that we see a primitive NASA based upon the old paradigm of science including booster rockets and three dimensional physics. Behind the scenes, we have a space program based upon developments, arising from a brand of physics, that is reserved for the science fiction realm, yet, it is real. In short, you are paying for this technology and related applications, while deriving no benefit from the process.

In Part Three, I will cover the convergence of knowledge coming from former NSA operative, Vance Davis, ex-CIA contract agent, Bill Pawelec and my father. Former AC Griffith also plays a role in these revelations. If you wonder to what end these events are working towards, those questions will be answered in Part Three.

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