Fox News: ’9/11 Truth’ Responsible for Seahawks Super Bowl Loss


“Why did Pete Carroll throw the game? It’s in order to lose his job so he can work for Alex Jones”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld attempted to tie the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss to coach Pete Carroll’s alleged questioning of  9/11 Monday during an episode of “The Five.”

In yet another tired attempt to appear comical, Gutfeld asserted that the Seahawks’ loss had to be deliberate, a move orchestrated by none other than Pete Carroll.

“When you see a play that was so deliberately self-destructive, the only thing you can conclude is that it was an inside job,” Gutfeld said.

Further explaining his theory to fellow co-hosts, Gutfeld argued that Carroll’s poor decision making was linked directly to his role as a “9/11 truther.”

“Coach Pete Carroll is a 9/11 truther,” Gutfeld said. “He believes the government had something to do with what happened that ended up in the deaths of almost 3,000 people. So, I believe this is an inside job.”

Gutfeld went on to speculate that Carroll was merely attempting to sabotage his employment with the NFL in order to obtain a position with Infowars’ Alex Jones.

“Now I have to wonder why did Pete Carroll throw the game? It’s in order to lose his job so he can work for Alex Jones,” Gutfeld continued. “That is my theory.”

After getting “serious,” Gutfeld claimed that Carroll’s desire to complicate things, a trait supposedly linked to questioning one’s own government, lead him to make the wrong decision during the final moments of Sunday’s game.

“What Carroll did was thought himself out of the right call. There was an expected and obvious play he had to make. And he chose the more complicated one, which is exactly what a truther does,” Gutfeld said. “A truther sees the obvious before – he see the planes hitting the building, but he chose the more complicated idea because it appeared edgier and daring and it would appear daring and brave if you are actually right.”

“But, if the truthers are right they would be heroes but they are wrong so they are fools.”

Carroll made headlines in early 2013 after allegedly asking retired four-star general Peter Chiarelli several questions regarding inconsistencies in the federal government’s account of the September 11 attacks.

Several days before the Super Bowl, Carroll stated that he would always be interested in the truth when asked about his notoriety among 9/11 skeptics.

“Any notoriety is good, I guess,” Carroll told USA Today. “I will always be interested in the truth, yeah.”

Despite Gutfeld’s childish worldview, which ignores realities such as Operation Northwoods – the partially-declassified U.S. government plan to hijack commercial aircraft and murder Americans in order to gain support for a foreign war – millions of Americans question the official story of 9/11.

The military and intelligence experts who have refuted the government’s narrative, such as Dr. Bob Bowman, director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force under two presidential administrations, are far too many to list.

Among them, multiple members of the 9/11 Commision itself, who have publicly stated that their investigation was “set up to fail.”

Former NSA senior executive Thomas Drake, who blew the whistle on unconstitutional domestic surveillance in 2005, has repeatedly commented on NSA data that would have “undoubtedly” stopped the 9/11 attacks.

“The NSA had critical intelligence about Al Qaeda and associated movements in particular that had never been properly shared outside of NSA,” Drake said in a recent interview. “They simply did not share critical intelligence although they had it.”

William Binney, a 36-year NSA employee who rose to the level of technical director, has also made similar statements regarding government foreknowledge.

“The sadder reality, Mr. President, is that NSA itself had enough information to prevent 9/11, but chose to sit on it rather than share it with the FBI or CIA,” Binney and fellow whistleblowers wrote to President Obama.

Former FBI wiretap translator Sibel Edmonds, who had NSA-level communications access, informed reporters that the FBI had detailed 9/11 foreknowledge that specifically mentioned a terrorist attack involving airplanes during a 2004 interview with Salon.

“We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June or July of 2001. There was that much information available,” Edmonds said. “There was specific information about use of airplanes, that an attack was on the way two or three months beforehand and that several people were already in the country by May of 2001.”

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three presidential administrations, International Crisis Manager under five, Delta Force co-founder and psychological warfare expert has also refuted the “official story.”

“It was called a stand down, a false flag operation in order to mobilize the American public under false pretenses, ” Pieczenik said in 2011. “It was told to me even by the general on the staff of Wolfowitz. I will go in front of a federal committee and swear on perjury who the name was of the individual so that we can break it open.”

In reality, the data points linking criminal elements of the U.S. government to a coverup, including the censored 28-page report that reveals the attempt to hide Saudi Arabian involvement, are so vast that only willful ignorance could explain Gutfeld’s credulous viewpoint.