Amid “Climate” Circus in Peru, UN Says CO2 Regime is Done Deal

The New American
by Alex Newman

global warming

Amid the ongoing implosion of their man-made global-warming theory, thousands of bureaucrats involved in the United Nations “climate” circus are meeting in Lima, Peru, for two weeks to continue plotting their scheme to impose a planetary carbon regime on humanity. But the fix is already in, according to the dictator-dominated global body. In a press release this week, the UN declared that its plan to foist draconian global controls on the world was essentially a done deal, with the summit in the Peruvian capital serving merely to “hammer out” the “new universal UN-backed treaty on climate change” that “will be adopted” at the global-warming conference in Paris next year. (Emphasis added.) Obama’s pseudo-treaty with brutal communist dictator Xi Jinping is apparently the “model” being pursued for the global regime.

However, despite the UN’s contrived optimism about its prospects for shackling humanity to its anti-CO2 wealth-redistribution scheme, reality may yet come back to haunt them. U.S. senators, two-thirds of whom must ratify any treaty for it to be considered valid in the United States, have already made clear that the global “climate” deal has no chance of passing through that body. Meanwhile, scientists around the world are increasingly distancing themselves from the UN’s imploding theory — with many prominent experts now warning of a prolonged period of natural global cooling that could wreak havoc on the planet in the decades to come.

Still, alarmists at the summit, organized under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), remained determined. UN “climate” boss Christiana Figueres, for example, who this year praised Communist China’s barbarian system of tyranny as a better model than American constitutional self-government for fighting “global warming,” said bureaucrats were expected to finalize the draft of the “new universal agreement” in Lima. They must also outline the steps for “moving forward” and “provide clarity” on how the emerging climate regime will function. At a 2012 UN climate summit in Doha, Qatar, Figueres described the goal of the climate circus she purportedly leads as “a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world.”

In the UN press release about the Lima summit, she elaborated further. “We must consolidate progress on adaptation to achieve political parity with mitigation [efforts to limit changes in the climate, which have occurred since the Earth’s beginning], given the equal urgency of both,” she decreed. “We must enhance the delivery of finance [taxpayer cash from the West], in particular to the [dictators and regimes ruling over the] most vulnerable. Finally, we must stimulate ever-increasing action on the part of all stakeholders to scale up the scope and accelerate the solutions that move us all forward, faster.” Those alleged “solutions” to the alleged “problem” include extracting much more wealth from the West, further empowering the UN, drastically limiting and controlling all economic activity, and much more.

“With success in these areas, [Conference of the Parties] COP 20/CMP 10 is poised to deliver pre-2020 action, set the stage for a strong Paris agreement and increase ambition over time, ultimately fulfilling a long-term vision of climate neutrality in the pursuit of development that is truly sustainable for all,” Figueres claimed. “Never before have the risks of climate change been so obvious and the impacts so visible. Never before have we seen such a desire at all levels of society to take climate action. Never before has society had all the smart policy and technology resources to curb greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience.”

Despite the fact that not one of those statements is true, Figueres, perhaps confident in the power of wishful thinking or her prayers to the ancient human sacrifice-linked Mayan goddess Ixchel, expressed confidence that humanity would be forced by its rulers to submit. “All of this means we can be confident we will have a productive meeting in Lima, which will lead to an effective outcome in Paris next year,” the radical UN climate czar concluded, referring to the “climate” summit set to be held in the French capital where alarmists, the UN, and governments hope to foist their final “new universal UN-backed treaty on climate change” upon the peoples of the world.

The UN itself sounded even surer of success, saying in a press release that the UN climate treaty “will be adopted” at the Paris summit late next year. It was not immediately clear how the UN could know the outcome in advance, or what the purpose of flying thousands of climate “dignitaries” to Paris on gas-guzzling jets was if the outcome was already pre-determined. One major stumbling block, of course, is the fact that the Senate is almost certain to refuse ratification, despite the Obama administration’s claim that the UN climate “agreement” would not be submitted to that body for advice and consent as the Constitution demands. Indeed, the U.S. Senate previously refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, which the new “climate” regime is supposed to replace.

At least the brutal communist dictatorship in Beijing that Figueres is so fond of, in addition to being crucial to the UN climate scheming, appears to be on board with the plot. In a piece about the ongoing summit in Lima, Communist Party USA mouthpiece People’s World also touted the “climate” schemes of its comrades ruling over mainland China. The tyrants in Beijing recently signed a “climate agreement” with Obama that the administration does not intend to even consult Congress about — making it null and void on its face, even without considering the fact that treaties cannot grant any new powers to the federal government under the U.S. Constitution.  

“China’s reluctance to set such targets in the past has been a key stumbling block to reaching an international agreement, more significant since China became the world’s largest emitter of carbon pollution in the last few years,” the American communist-propaganda organ claimed. “This bilateral agreement [with Obama] has given new impetus to the likelihood of using the UN process to reach a new and more far-reaching agreement.” Like the establishment press and climate fanatics of all varieties, People’s World went on to lament that no matter what the UN does, it would supposedly not be enough to save lowly carbon sinners from capitalism and the wrath of Mother Earth.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the New York Times featured similar “reporting” on its front page in a report packed with factual errors and wild ignorance of — or disdain for — for the U.S. Constitution and the role of the American people’s elected representatives in policy. “The meeting [in Peru] comes just weeks after a landmark announcement by President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China committing the world’s two largest carbon polluters to cuts in their emissions,” reported Times journalist Coral Davenport, apparently either lying or under the delusional impression that Obama can make an “announcement” with a communist dictator that in any way “commits” the American people to something. “United Nations negotiators say they believe that advancement could end a longstanding impasse in the climate talks, spurring other countries to sign similar commitments.” Indeed.  

The brazen fact errors in the front-page Times report hardly ended there, however. After whipping up plenty of phony hysteria about the imminent supposed man-made climate apocalypse — “drought, food and water shortages, melting ice sheets, shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels and widespread flooding” — Davenport reveals an astounding lack of understanding about even the basics of atmospheric science or, perhaps more likely, a half-baked effort to outright deceive readers. She reported, as just one particularly absurd example, that “greenhouse gases” are “produced chiefly by burning coal for electricity and gasoline for transportation.”

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Water vapor alone makes up around 95 percent of the greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere — and humanity has no control over that. CO2 released by humans (including via breathing) represents a fraction of one percent of the total. Less than one minute’s worth of research would have revealed those facts to the Times or anybody else, though with all of the budget cuts at the Grey Lady amid an exodus of readers and advertisers, fact checkers may have been among those whose jobs were on the chopping block. Similarly, numerous propaganda outlets styling themselves “news” sources now regularly parrot the UN prevarication that CO2 — exhaled by humans, required for plants, and described by scientists as “the gas of life” — is somehow “pollution.”   

Without such outlandish deception and ignorance advanced by the establishment media, of course, the UN “climate” schemes being pushed in Lima would be an even bigger laughingstock. Already, a solid majority of Americans reject the UN’s man-made global-warming theory in polls. Even when largely alarmist Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, lawmakers refused to adopt a Big Business- and Big Government-backed “cap and trade” scheme to limit emissions of the gas of life. With Republicans and climate realists having crushed billionaire-backed global-warming theorists in the latest election, the prospect of passing anti-CO2 schemes is even more remote, lawmakers say. 

Meanwhile, as ridiculous alarmist predictions going back decades continue to haunt the global-warming industry, many independent experts are now predicting a period of natural cooling. “The Earth is about to begin a steep drop in global temperatures off its present global temperature plateau,” explained climate researcher and former NASA scientist John Casey, who now leads the Space and Science Research Corporation and previously called man-made global-warming theories “the greatest international scientific fraud ever perpetrated” against humanity. “This plateau has been caused by the absence of growth in global temperatures for 18 years, the start of global cooling in the atmosphere and the oceans, and the end of a short period of moderate solar heating from an unusually active secondary peak in solar cycle number 24.”

Indeed, with the undisputed temperature record showing no warming in at least 18 years, every one of the UN’s “climate models” have been thoroughly discredited. Not one of the UN-predicted scenarios of climate doom has come to pass, and in many cases, the opposite has actually happened — just examine the record-shattering levels of sea-ice in Antarctica, for one example. However, the warmists (and the man-made global-cooling alarmists of decades ago) have made clear that the facts, science, and climate have little to do with the underlying agenda: a UN regime regulating CO2, more taxes, and more controls on humanity. U.S. lawmakers must ensure that the global scheme being plotted in Lima is dead on arrival.

The New American