The Rulers Want You Locked Up In Your Home Forever: “DO NOT TRAVEL”

by Mac Slavo



The State Department is telling people they want us locked up and detained in their homes forever under their complete totalitarian control. They have updated their “COVID-19 restrictions” on travel telling 80% of the world: Do NOT travel!

This will not end until we stop acquiescing like the slaves they think we are. As long as we continue to bow to these psychopaths and obey their edicts, they will issue more edicts.

The updated guidelines seem to be based on the CDC’s advisory published on Monday. Unvaccinated people are advised to delay or cancel any international travel, according to a report by RT.  Americans who have completed immunization with FDA-approved vaccines are still considered “at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading new [Covid-19] variants,” the CDC says.

If that is true, why get a vaccine and subject yourself to death or other health-related complications from these vaccines?


The vaccine is an obvious piece of the overall agenda, hence the “official narrative” being crafted to manufacture the consent of those who are taking it. If the media was honest, they’d be calling the vaccines what they have been proven scientifically to be: experimental gene therapies.  But Big Pharma can’t escape liability or force these onto the public without FDA approval if there is no “emergency declaration.”

This is about control. That much we know. The official COVID-19 narrative is already so shaky that any further attempt at shoring it up suggests desperation. And that appears to be the stage they are at.  People are figuring this out, which means we may be waiting for another manufactured crisis. More and more wake up daily to the reality that government is slavery and that’s the one thing the master fears: the slaves figuring it out. 

Once enough people understand what is being done, they will have to switch gears.  My guess is, they already have a plan and know what’s next to get us to all comply and willingly enslave ourselves. Stay alert and stay prepared because we probably won’t know what the next step in their sinister plan is until it hits us.