White House Unveils $100B “Climate” Schemes, Mocks Congress

The New American
by Alex Newman

climate change

The Obama White House, working with a taskforce of alarmist “leaders” from across the country, unveiled the latest chapter this week in what it called the “important steps” that the administration is taking to purportedly prepare America for the dangers of supposed man-made “global warming”: propagandizing children, commandeering state and local governments, and much more. The fresh announcements about Obama’s “climate toolkit” and the taskforce “recommendations” came as record cold swept much of the nation and most Americans faced unusual subfreezing temperatures — a humorous and regularly occurring phenomenon amid “global warming” announcements often described as the “Gore Effect.” The price tag of the anti-“warming” schemes for beleaguered taxpayers could be upwards of $100 billion, according to news reports. And the administration says its schemes cannot be stopped.

Amid the announcement, top administration officials were busy mocking the American people’s elected representatives — the same people the White House expects to force their constituents to fund the “climate” machinations. Even more outlandish, perhaps, were administration claims that Congress would not be able to derail the schemes. “I believe the president will complete the actions,” claimed John Podesta, Obama’s radical policy architect, on a November 17 conference call. “It is a top priority of his and I don’t believe they can stop us, notwithstanding Sen. McConnell making this a top priority to leave the status quo, to leave the air dirtier.” Of course, independent scientists have long ridiculed the notion that the essential-to-life gas carbon dioxide — exhaled by humans and required for plant life — constitutes “pollution” that makes the air “dirty.”

On November 17, the White House also released the “recommendations” put forward by its task force composed of carefully selected global-warming alarmists and Obama apparatchiks convened by the president. In essence, the group recommended that the federal government unlawfully and unconstitutionally insert itself further into the affairs of state and local governments on everything from “building codes,” education, and emergency management to “human health” and “adjusting the way they manage natural resources.” The outfit, formally dubbed the State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, offered a stunning range of controversial plans to manage your life and your community.  

“The Task Force’s recommendations are the culmination of a year of work to solicit input from across State, local, Tribal, and territorial governments, trade associations, academic organizations, civil society, and various other stakeholders and translate their first-hand experiences into action items for the Federal Government to support climate-ready communities,” declared the White House announcement. “For example, the recommendations address how the Federal Government can limit disease spread that is caused or exacerbated by climate change through the development and enhancement of climate-sensitive health tracking and surveillance tools, and call on the Federal Government to integrate climate resilience planning and preparedness criteria throughout existing Federal programs, such as those that provide transportation funding.”  

Among the specific announcements unveiled this week is a new Obama “training program” to teach the local bureaucrats and politicians in your city or town how to implement the White House’s climate schemes. The new plot, set to be run by the scandal-plagued Environmental Protection Agency, will include a “climate adaptation training module for local government officials” that will “help” them on “questions about climate impacts and resilience opportunities specific to their community.” Other new programs include an “app” created by the Obama Department of Energy — infamous most recently for squandering billions of taxpayer dollars on cronyism under the guise of pursuing “clean energy” — that will apparently track gas stations and electricity after disasters.

One of the most alarming programs involves “educating” — read brainwashing — impressionable American children to believe the discredited climate doomsday prophecies put forward by the administration and the United Nations. Perhaps even more shocking: the “education” plot will be run by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, headed by Obama’s infamous Science Czar John Holdren, a neo-Malthusian crackpot whose book Ecoscience openly advanced forced abortions, mass involuntary sterilization via the water supply, and a “planetary regime” to control resources under the guise of battling “overpopulation.” Holdren is also a former man-made global-cooling alarmist and has recently become the subject of intense ridicule — especially after he contradicted UN warmist dogma by blaming record cold on global warming last year.  

“The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is launching a Climate Education and Literacy Initiative, which has been developed in collaboration with Federal partners and shaped by input from communities and organizations across the country,” the administration said. “OSTP will convene leaders in education and climate science from the public, private, nongovernmental, and philanthropic sectors at the White House to discuss new commitments and steps to connect our students and citizens with the skills they will need to succeed as tomorrow’s community leaders, city planners, and entrepreneurs, in the context of a changing climate. This effort is a key step in growing a next-generation American workforce that is equipped with scientific information and tools, grasps the climate-change challenge, and is empowered to develop and implement solutions.”

The administration also unveiled this week a costly new global-warming scheme touted as the “Climate Resilience Toolkit.” According to a White House press release, the alleged service “provides for the first time easy, intuitive access to dozens of Federal tools that can directly help planners and decision makers across America conduct their work in the context of a changing climate.” In other words, the plot is essentially a tool for lower-level central planners across the country to access instructions from Obama-approved central planners in Washington, D.C, on how to manage the lives and communities of Americans — all under the guise of battling “global warming,” which according to the satellite temperature record stopped 18 years ago. And that is just the beginning. “In the coming months, it will be updated to address additional areas such as water, ecosystems, transportation, and health,” the announcement said.

As The New American reported last week, Obama is also currently preparing to unleash a devastating avalanche of “climate” decrees on the American people and the economy — much of it via federal “regulations” and unconstitutional executive orders. Among other schemes, the administration is plotting what industry experts have said would be the most expensive regulation in American history, potentially putting millions of American jobs at risk. Also on the agenda are massive handouts to Third World regimes, an economy-destroying UN climate regime to be imposed without Senate ratification, a climate deal with the ruthless Communist dictatorship ruling mainland China, and much more. On all of it, the administration — behaving more like a Third World despot than a president with a narrowly defined job description outlined in the Constitution he swore to uphold — insists that Congress can do nothing but submit.    

However, despite much of the establishment press parroting the bizarre White House claims that Congress is essentially powerless to derail the predicted climate onslaught, anyone who has read the Constitution knows that lawmakers still have the power of the purse. That means stopping Obama’s lawless and anti-constitutional decrees can be done simply by refusing to appropriate any funding for the schemes —assuming Republicans are actually serious about doing what they told voters they would do. With polls showing a solid majority of Americans reject the UN-Obama global warming theories, there is virtually no public support for Obama’s antics, either — even among the remaining climate faithful.

The White House, then, appears to be banking on the GOP selling out those who elected them. Or, alternatively, the administration may be hoping lawmakers can be coerced and extorted into funding the schemes by Obama’s threat to veto all spending bills that do not fund his climate plots. That could end up shutting down miniscule portions of Leviathan, with the increasingly discredited establishment press being relied upon to shriek about how Republicans “shut down the government.” Of course, GOP leaders in both houses of Congress have vowed to rein in Obama’s “global warming” antics and the out-of-control EPA. American liberties and jobs literally depend on it. Whether Republicans in Congress will keep their word, though, remains to be seen.   

The New American