Ebola: It’s Here To Stay In The USA

by Ralph Morelli

Ebola virus

Ebola is here in the United States, and I believe it’s here to stay. The main fear is what happens now? Will it spread as it has in Western Africa? Will the hospitals of America handle the surge of patients? Will there be martial law if the Ebola situation turns into a nationwide panic? Or, are we overreacting, and there is nothing to worry about? I have put together some links from a few articles I have posted in the last few days for you to read, and hopefully help you make informed decisions for you and your family. There are two sides to every story. Research Ebola, find out for yourself if there’s anything to worry about, or if it’s time to prepare for the worst. Either way, you will be more informed if or when the s*** hits the fan.

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I will post more articles on the Ebola situation as they are released, check back frequently: Health & Wellness