7 Reasons Mexico Border Crisis Was “Made In The USA”

State Of The Nation
by Michael Thomas

Every Secretary and/or Czar that Obama has appointed, who has rather foolishly weighed in on the immigration debate, has either demonstrated their sheer incompetence, outright dangerous understanding and/or transparent political calculation.  All of those folks  – from AG Holder to DHS Johnson — have no business influencing US immigration policy, much less directing it, so partisan has their implementation become.


In a phrase, their various pronouncements appear to reflect “an audacious pattern of treason” never seen before in US government.  Their attempts at immigration policy formulation are so obvious for its partisan election-district gerrymandering, that they seem to care not what the ultimate consequences might be to the republic. As long as their transparent and short-sighted political goals are met, these high-ranking officials have no problem with a total border breakdown and chaotic immigration policy.

How does the Executive Branch of the US Government consistently get away with breaking federal law?

From the very beginning of his term, Obama clearly telegraphed to the world that his governance would be conducted in an overly permissive, completely lawless and highly irrational manner.  And so it has been.

Just look at the Mexican border.  The stories coming from the various border states, counties and cities are as shocking as they unbelievable.  One story after another indicates this Administration has more concern — FAR MORE CONCERN — for law-breaking illegal aliens than they do for the average American citizen!

In the advancement of illegal alien rights over natural born citizen rights Obama has not only trampled on state’s rights and violated state statutes, he has broken federal law while selectively refusing to enforce various federal immigration laws.  In this particular regard the Obama Administration will go down in American history as the most law-breaking and anarchic, despotic and criminal ever.

Truly, it doesn’t get any crazier than this.  The following headlines graphically illustrate just how insane the Mexican border fiasco has become.

Texas Sheriff: Reports Warn Of ISIS Terrorist Cells Coming Across The Border

Ex-CIA Agent: ISIS Is in America; Some Have Entered from Mexico

Online posts show ISIS eyeing Mexican border, says law enforcement bulletin

Homeland Security warns of possible Isis attack on U.S. border

Rick Perry: ISIS Forces Crossing US-Mexican Border?

ISIS Says, “The US-Mexican Border Is Now Open,” – Plan Crossing Into The US Through It 

ISIS Terrorists May Already Be Operating in a Mexico Border Town Waiting to Enter the US, Intelligence Sources Say

Keep in mind that this entire crisis was created by the US Federal Government.  The Obama Administration has literally gone head to head with the border states in their insistence not to enforce federal immigrations law.  In other words the FEDs have been persecuting the states because of federal ineptitude and lawlessness.

Nevertheless, the question posed above can also be answered in another way: The Congress permitted Obama law-breaking to go on without proper oversight, as well as the appropriate and necessary prosecution.  Congress has literally enabled this whole nation-wrecking scheme, and done so for reasons that are not well known.


Why did the Obama Administration engineer this border crisis in the first place? And, why has Congress failed to fix the immigration policy over decades?

There are many serious reasons which are all operative at once, as they are quite important to the major stakeholders involved, each of which carry a lot of weight in political circles.

#1 — Obama and his Democrat elitists plan to use the influx of sympathetic illegal aliens as future voters for the Democratic Party.  That’s why they aggressively fight voter ID registration laws in every state that tries to pass one.  The Democrats know that their policies and platforms are highly flawed and unsustainable, so they rig the electoral process and apparatus every way they can to ensure a HUGE majority of immigrant voters.  Can you believe you need an ID to buy a plane ticket, but not to vote?!

#2 — The Military-Industrial Complex is in dire need of cannon fodder for the many wars they have going on across the planet, as well as those on the drawing board.  Deals are being offered to all fighting age illegal aliens who sign up to fight for the US war machine.  If they sign a contract, they will be fast-tracked to full citizenship.  These very young and immature border-crossers are usually desperate and therefore taken advantage of by the US Military.  Sadly, they sometimes pay for their “deal with the devil” with their very life in a foreign land the name of which they don’t even know how to spell.

#3 — Corporate America, especially BIG AGRA, are desperate to ‘employ’ as many seasonal migrant workers (most of whom are illegal aliens) as possible at slave wage rates.  Agribusiness has gotten away with this convenient source of cheap labor (who are also subjected to deplorable working conditions) for many decades.  They will not be denied this bump to their bottom line and only seek to legitimize it using every political device available.  Particularly in view of the current economic recession, this ultimate financial benefit to companies far and wide has become quite significant and forever increasing.

#4 — There is no better way to bring about the North American Union than to foist it on the nation in a surreptitious manner.  Unlawful immigration policy is their number one implementation plan at the present time.  The governments of the USA, Canada and Mexico all play their parts to advance this hidden agenda. Particularly when illegal immigrants are used to start protests all over the nation is the NAU becoming a starker reality.  Thta’s right, illegal aliens break the law to enter the USA and then sponge off a government that is broke, and then they protest for more rights while the legal citizens are deprived.

#5 — Then there is the very sordid agenda item known as political payback by the Obama Administration.  Both Texas and Arizona have been a thorn in Obama’s side since he took office.  He has made both governor’s jobs extremely difficult by administering such a lawless and very costly immigration policy.  It is always the states which bear most of the burden from every illegal alien who begins to receive state services that are already overwhelmed.  Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Governor Jan Brewer (Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio, too) of Arizona have been persecuted (and now prosecuted) by this president in unprecedented ways because of the lack of federal law enforcement at their state borders.

#6 — Every administration since but not including JFK has purposefully used fear and scaremongering to distract the American people from their woeful policy failures (or lack thereof) and incessant scandals.  The Obama Administration has been particularly guilty on both counts with a disastrous economic policy and catastrophic immigration response leading those lists, respectively.  The fear and chaos associated with murderous Mexican drug cartels and shocking gang violence spilling over the southwestern border would terrorize any population.  Diverting the attention of law-abiding citizens in this way then causes them go back to the very same treacherous government for protection and/or resolution of the matter.

#7 —  Finally, there is the ISIS Scheme.  Just as the recent beheadings of American and British citizens has served to cause a knee-jerk reaction in the push for more war throughout the Middle East, so too has the threat of ISIS* on the US border produced a visceral response from the American public.  ISIS was created by the same powers that brought Al CIAda to the world.  In light of the commonly known 9/11 false flag operation, it’s now clear how effective fake terrorist groups can be for promoting perpetual war and unpredictable terrorism.  These in turn serve as a constant distraction from the crises and scandals arising from a profoundly failed and floundering US Federal Government.

Cui bono?  As far as an open border is concerned, who really gains?

The US, UK and Israel undoubtedly have the most to gain from the ISIS Scheme. A fearful American electorate is always willing to place their young men and women in harm’s way for the perceived protection of the nation.  Maintaining the very real threat of ISIS penetrating the US-Mexican border permits TPTB to maintain a constant state of fear of enemies both foreign and domestic.

This ingenious yet treasonous plan has worked like a charm in galvanizing the international war effort now converging in Syria and Iraq to the complete satisfaction of the warmongers.  Out of such chaos TPTB can then forge their new preconceived national boundaries which allow them to extract and convey oil and gas without impediments or protests from the various peoples who actually own the rights.  The American people will always support such armed conflicts when a deliberately fabricated porous Mexican border which is being exploited by the greatly feared ISIS.


It can now be stated that ISIS has been, is now and will be taking advantage of the US border crisis.  Why would they not?  A border that porous and undefended is much more effective than a trojan horse for those who wish to inflict damage on their declared enemy. Once again, the US Federal Government will benefit from this manufactured border crisis in ways that cannot even be foreseen.


That the southwestern US border effectively remains open to illegal aliens from all over Central and South America (and Middle East), at the very same time that ISIS has asserted their intentions to exploit it, is completely unacceptable.   It is actually a grotesque example of an administration that is both stunningly inept as it is unrivaled in its blatant treachery against the American people.

However, that the Congress and American people permit such a state of affairs to continue for even one day longer reflects just as poorly on them.  With each passing day the US citizenry only validate the notion that they now serve as enablers of the whole ISIS Scheme by their inaction.  Their representatives in DC are already seen as willing participants in this self-destructive stratagem designed to further undermine the very foundation of the nation.

Author’s Note:

There is an old saying:  ”The devil always degrades his victim before he destroys them.”   Welcome to the ongoing degradation of American society.  However, total destruction is never a forgone conclusion although that may not appear to be the case right now in the USA.

With an ISIS swarm potentially on our doorstep, wouldn’t this be the best time to change course as a nation.  Inarguably, the Obama administration has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for the country.  When the leadership is so incompetent and negligent, treacherous and treasonous, there is but one response.  The people must take back their power as a show of doing what is right and decent.  Toward that end, there appears to be only one solution at this point.

Barack Hussein Obama must be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors before the “devil destroys this victim“.  Joe Biden must also be impeached and removed from office for his direct involvement with the illegal war in the Ukraine. There is no place for him in a post-Obama government given how complicit he is in all the raging scandals and serious transgressions against the people.


ISIS at the Mexican border: US attack imminent?

Report: ISIS eyeing Mexican border to infiltrate America and execute terrorist attacks


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