Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012: A Perspective-Day 1

by Ralph Morelli
Friday, August 24, 2012

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Now that a few days have passed since my attendance at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 conference in Los Angeles, and I have had time to soak in all of the information, I would like to give my perspective on how it was to sit in the audience and see and meet the many different personalities that were in attendance at this landmark event. First, if you are new to the chemtrails argument, here is an introduction to chemtrails and a full report on the conference. Here I report on the atmosphere at the conference, the people that attended, reporting beyond the information. There was energy in the room, positive energy that flowed throughout the 3 days.

Friday afternoon, the conference began with a small audience of about 50 people. In a way there was a feeling of despair. “The word isn’t going to get out! There is nobody here!” was my first thought. The first speaker of the day was Bruce Douglas. He presented new scientific evidence toward a change in program. ChemBombs. Chemtrails are a thing of the past. AhHa! I had noticed for weeks that the number of chemtrails had diminished. Had they started this new program? What he described was a change in the way aerosols are being dispersed into the atmosphere. Rather than using planes to spread chemtrails, he demonstrated that ships or boats at sea were shooting off aerosol type rockets that would explode and produce plumes of aerosol clouds in the upper atmosphere.

This new research is critical to understanding why we may no longer see as many chemtrails in the sky. This may reflect a response to the growing awareness by the public at large. The need to change the approach to something that is less noticeable has not gone unnoticed by Bruce Douglas. He is one of the founding members of

The next speaker was Kerry Cassidy. Before she presented there was a video streamed to the audience as they mingled amongst each other during the intermission. Kerry sat at the the edge of the stage as the video played watching the reaction of her audience. It was something unexpected for those who are entirely focused on the chemtrail issue. This interchange between those who spoke about higher beings, the evolution of the human race and esoteric science would be a constant component of each day of this three day conference.

The information that she shared came from whistleblowers from black projects at the highest levels of security clearance. This information was most definitely beyond chemtrails. She explained that we are part of 12 inter-dimensional alien species and they are in a battle over the control of the Earth and it’s inhabitants.

The next speaker was William Thomas. He spoke specifically on the issues of chemtrails. Although he coined the term “chemtrails”, he insisted on using the term “stratospheric aerosols”, and “solar radiation management” The point being, we need to use the same terms as the globalists. Sometime people think those who are at the head of these radical issues have some ego-maniacal goal of becoming famous or drawing attention to themselves. This was most certainly not the case for William Thomas. He snuck into the conference, and was barely seen hiding out in the wings. Nonetheless, his message was clear and pure. That of truth. At the end of his presentation he said to us all, “It is a matter of whether we will decide to Fall or Fly, whether we will decide Doom or Bloom. We must care,” he said, “about the offspring of all people because all are one.”

Jeffrey Smith was the next speaker and those of you that know about GMO (genetically modified organisms) know this person. When I walked out of the conference, I found a slip of paper on my windshield that said we should not trust anything except peer reviewed science and called out the work of Jeffery Smith as questionable science. Ironically, the reality of peer review was discussed in his talk. Peer review is required for publication in any reputable scientific journal. Jeffrey Smith spoke about gag orders on scientists hired by the British Parliament to research this topic, and upon finding unfavorable results, the scientists were shut down. Not unsimilar to the early research in the US published in the journal of Nature showing detrimental effects of GMOs on rats. These results were completely extracted from the record of scientific knowledge, and the scientists blacklisted. So much for peer review.

Probably the most important aspect of his scientific research was related to the Bacillus Thuringiensis toxin. BT toxin was found in over 90% of pregnant women and 80% of their fetuses. Why BT toxin should be in a fetus, which had no exposure to genetically modified foods was surprising. But the explanation was clear. BT toxin, introduced into our food supply through prions *bacteria that are infiltrated with gene splices, were now becoming a part of our own biology. Our own gut bacteria are now containing these gene splices, and producing BT toxin continuously in our own bodies.

As he was talking about these serious issues, for a quick moment, less than a second, it was as if white wings appeared from nowhere behind his shoulders. In that moment, the purpose of the conference was manifested as a divine, spiritual quest to save humanity.

The final guest of the evening was Sofia Smallstorm. She had a wicked vision of the goals of the New World Order. This is the reason we were at this conference. My better half knew about Sofia and wanted to see and hear her presentation. It was already after 9pm when her presentation started. Why so late we wondered? She started off by saying that anyone who was squeamish should leave the audience because what she was about to present was so disturbing. She was going to talk about Morgellons disease. But she didn’t talk about Morgellons, or not at first. She talked about the HAARP program. She talked about the fact that we are bombarded daily with ELFs, EMFs, and multiple high frequency vibrations. Her primary thesis was that we are all subjected to intense radioactive waves every moment of every day. But what does that mean? And why would that make a difference on how we live our lives? She spoke about the ionosphere and how it flexes and bends at the Schumann Resonance (7 to 10 Hz).

She went through the history of radiation as a therapy and into the theories of Piezoelectric devices, which can draw energy from our own biological electrical bodies. She talked about research exposing the negative impact of exposure to these radiation fields, especially cell phones. All of these were related, directly and indirectly to human health. Her discussion of Morgellons was probably the best information available anywhere on the subject, which of course is belittled by the scientific community at large. The intimacy in which she described the suffering of one of the long term patients tugged at everyone’s hearts. She showed pictures that she warned in the beginning of her presentation would be graphic and disturbing. Some of those pictures were completely unbelievable, such as small insects having been formed within the body cavity of the Morgellons victim. Even I had a hard time believing this was real, but because I knew Sofia Smallstorm was the consummate scientist only seeking the truth, I was forced to swallow my disbelief and admit that I was living in a sci-fi horror show.

When we walked out of the theater that evening, the mood was somber, there was very little discussion. It seemed like everyone was overwhelmed with what they had heard. And yet there was a growing sense that through this effort of awareness that something could be done, that a beautiful future was ahead for those who were willing to face the truth and work towards change.