America’s Growing National Police State is Staggering

America Out Loud
by George McClellan



America is facing the stealthy implementation of a Marxist police state. If successful, it will be tyrannical. Its tyrannical nature was revealed when the FBI first went after Donald Trump in 2016, but they’re not big enough. Why? If we’ve been paying attention, we might have noticed that ever since the George Floyd incident, Blue states and jurisdictions sounded the clarion call of “Defund the Police, Defund the Police,” echoing down the hallways of Progressive state houses, counties, and cities. In most Blue jurisdictions, the police came under attack and, when doing their jobs, were accused of racism or overreaction, forcing policemen to decide to either quit or retire, knowing they could easily be charged with crimes for doing their jobs.

At the same time, the criminals they just arrested were released back out onto the streets almost immediately, without bail. Riots instigated by Antifa and BLM, which featured arsons, looting, assaults and murder, and often of policemen on their beat, grew in direct proportion to the loss of police while Blue (Democrat) jurisdictions did absolutely nothing to stop them. 

That was a political decision purposely done in accordance with Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals ⏤ because in order to exert total control ⏤ Progressive governments need a large and compliant police force loyal to that government. They also need the population unarmed. I expect that after the November elections, when Progressives get their heads handed to them, they will create some horrific event, far above and beyond the mere shootings going on, that will so outrage Americans in Blue States that the outcry for government intervention will be so great that Joe Biden’s Communist party will gladly step in to restore law and order. They will fill those empty police slots with an armed force of their own creation. It will all be blamed on Trump supporters, and It appears to be coming to fruition.

It was Obama who first called for a national police force. Remember Obama’s Presidents Task Force on 21st Century Policing Implementation Guide: Moving from Recommendations to Action. Wash, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. He implemented a plan to force specific police departments to submit to federal oversight. This wicked plan was implemented after alleging sweeping civil rights violations by police forces in major cities across the country. 

The 06 Jan Capitol protest incident gave Nancy Pelosi the excuse to assert that the Capitol Police force should be expanded into every state to protect senators and congresspeople. Forget the Constitution; Obama did. if it’s allowed to happen as a National Emergency excuse, that act alone will install a uniformed federal law enforcement presence in every state. If we allow it to become a fait accompli by not resisting, they will do as the party dictates, conduct search and seizures of suspected domestic terrorists (conservatives), as enemies of the state, make arrests without habeas corpus, force detentions, seize assets and act as the Gestapo did in Nazi Germany. We have only to recall how the 06 Jan protestors were treated to know it can’t be good. Is that all? No, not by a long shot!  

We have since learned that the Government is increasing the size of the IRS by 87,000 agents, and many will be trained in the use of firearms and police tactics and have stockpiled 4,500 hundred guns, including 621 shotguns, 59 long barrel rifles (snipers), and 15 sub-machine guns. It’s open source information available from a published study titled: “The Militarization of Executive Agencies.” Why?  With all these wonderful new toys, they need ammo. Obligingly, the IRS purchased five million rounds of ammunition.

But wait; also, the Dept of Veterans Affairs purchased eleven million rounds of ammunition, plus camouflage uniforms, riot helmets, protective shields, and tactical lighting devices, probably not just flashlights either. Are they for defense or attack? Why?  Who in the VA is afraid of their own customers, combat weary, injured, and damaged veterans seeking the medical aid our nation promised them? We don’t stop there, either.

The Dept of Health and Human Resources (HHS) purchased four million rounds of ammunition, 100 guns that included five sub-machine guns and 189 other automatic weapons. Why? 

So too, did the Social Security Administration. They purchased a paltry 800,000 rounds of ammo and body armor for its agents. Why?

We can’t stop there; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) got in on the act and bought 600 guns while the staid Smithsonian Institution hired 620 armed Special Agents. Why? What makes them special? Aren’t they just door guards like the Capitol Police? 

What the Biden administration is doing, illegally by the way, as well as unconstitutionally, is creating Obama’s standing army of federal law enforcement to fill the gaps of vacated local and state police departments drained by the Defund the Police nonsense and to oppress, in the name of National Security, its citizens. Each of the agencies enumerated above is a creature of the Administrative arm of Govt. (POTUS) and is already virtually everywhere.

Think about it, a defacto standing army of civilian police militarized by the equipment they are given, the training they’ll receive in military assault and police tactics, and given the mandate to arrest enemies of the Progressives state. They will conduct 24/7 surveillance on non-Progressive politicians, their supporters, staff, and contacts, build up fictional cases for prosecutions like they repeatedly tried to do to Donald Trump, and conduct nighttime raids on the ludicrous pretext of defending Democracy. It has already started, is still underway, and will not stop until a Conservative Congress or the people put an end to it.

We are entering the dark realm of George Orwell’s surveillance state, a totalitarian exercise in martial law, oppression, and top-down control. If they succeed in the end, America will be finished.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


America Out Loud