How Biden’s Latest “New World Order” Remark Affects You

The New American
by Larry Greenley



You might have already heard that President Joe Biden endorsed the creation of a “New World Order” in a speech to the Business Roundtable on March 21 and, furthermore, proclaimed that the United States must provide leadership in uniting the rest of the free world to establish such an order.

Various “reporters” and “fact-checkers” of the woke media have already been falling over themselves to post articles exposing the “New World Order” as a false “conspiracy theory.” However, the process of creating a New World Order, consisting of a totalitarian UN world government as pursued for over a century now by the very real and very powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and its internationalist allies, is factual, not theoretical.

Let’s look at Biden’s record of supporting the creation of a New World Order.

Back on April 23, 1992, then-Senator Biden wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled “How I Learned to Love the New World Order,” in which he asked the rhetorical question, “Why not breathe life into the U.N. Charter?”

Next, considerably further along in his career trajectory, then-Vice President Biden asserted in an address to the 38th Annual Conference of the Export-Import Bank of the United States: “The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.”

Fast-forwarding to this week, now-President Biden told the Business Roundtable on Monday, “Now is the time when things are shifting and there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. We’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

As you can see, Biden’s statement in support of a New World Order this week was no fluke. He’s been making this type of statement for at least the last 30 years.

The term “new world order” as a name applying to a new socialist world government can be traced back at least as far as 1845, to the book The Holy Family by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Amusingly enough, it was attributed to someone on President George H.W. Bush’s staff back in 1990, when Bush turned a lot of heads by endorsing the creation of the “New World Order” and affirming the UN’s key role in it.

So, how would such a New World Order affect you? To answer this, let’s present a little more about the CFR. Back in the June 7, 2021 issue of the print version of The New American we published an excellent article about President Biden and the CFR entitled “CFR: Still the Power Behind the Throne,” by William F. Jasper (Click here for a PDF of this article that includes extensive charts of where CFR members are working in government, media, foundations, etc., and what top posts in presidential administrations were held by CFR members from Herbert Hoover to Joe Biden.). The subtitle of this article is: “For a century, the globalist Council on Foreign Relations has been the ‘power behind the throne’ in U.S. politics. This trend has continued under the Biden administration.”

According to Jasper, the CFR is “the public face, the brain trust, and the central nervous system” of the Deep State:

The CFR does indeed wield unparalleled influence in political, financial, business, media, and academic circles, and is regularly showered with accolades by “the great and the good.” It is the public face, the brain trust, and the central nervous system of what critics refer to as the Deep State — the unelected “permanent government” that has hijacked our country.

William F. Jasper, “CFR: Still the Power Behind the Throne,” The New American, June 7, 2021

From the CFR’s earliest days in the 1920s, the pursuit of a New World Order has been implicit in the articles of its periodical, Foreign Affairs. As an example of this, consider the classic article “The Hard Road to World Order,” by Richard N. Gardner in the April 1974 issue of Foreign Affairs.

This article is clearly about building the New World Order. And, Gardner has a very practical suggestion for how to do so:

In short, the “house of world order” will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great “booming, buzzing confusion,” to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.

Richard N. Gardner, “The Hard Road to World Order,” Foreign Affairs, April 1974

Is there any evidence that the Deep State is using Gardner’s strategy of “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece” to build the New World Order? How about the Covid pandemic?

On April 3, 2020, Henry Kissinger, who is probably the best-known advocate for the New World Order, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order.” In his article, Kissinger applied Gardner’s “end run” strategy from 1974 to the Covid pandemic in 2020:

Leaders are dealing with the crisis on a largely national basis, but the virus’s society-dissolving effects do not recognize borders. While the assault on human health will — hopefully — be temporary, the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations. No country, not even the U.S., can in a purely national effort overcome the virus. Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program. If we cannot do both in tandem, we will face the worst of each.

The key part of the above quote is: “Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program.” And, sure enough, in 2021, the “Global Health Security Act of 2021” along the lines recommended by Kissinger in 2020 was introduced and passed in the House. Then in December 2021, many UN member nations agreed to start a global process to draft a World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic treaty. This is an example of the “global collaborative vision and program” urged by Kissinger.

However, we promised to discuss how Biden’s latest “New World Order” remark affects you. So here goes. We quoted Jasper above regarding how the CFR/Deep State is “the unelected ‘permanent government’ that has hijacked our country.” You can get more information from Jasper’s article about the CFR mentioned above, and from Arthur R. Thompson’s book In the Shadows of the Deep State: A Century of Council on Foreign Relations Scheming for World Government.

If you already understand the details of how the CFR/Deep State is “the unelected ‘permanent government’ that has hijacked our country” and how this enabled the gigantic assault on our health, our rights, and our economy that we experienced in 2020 and 2021 during the Covid “plandemic,” then Biden’s remark won’t affect you much except to, hopefully, energize you to educate others so that freedom can be restored in America.

If you don’t already understand how the CFR/Deep State has enabled the two-year assault on our health, our rights, and our economy, then Biden’s remark about the New World Order could serve as a life-changing wake-up call for you to learn more about the CFR/Deep State, and to join with others to restore our constitutional Republic. We recommend The John Birch Society, the parent organization of The New American magazine.


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