Climate Lockdowns Are Coming: Part IV

What About The Roads?
by Matt



The global economy, like all facets of life, is being primed for a great reset. As this transformation gets under way we will be told that in order to save the planet not only must we lock down again and learn to live with less, we must also allow the world’s most powerful financial institutions to commoditize every resource on the planet. To do anything less we will be told, will usher in our final days.

As has been said countless times by now, this isn’t a new plan, the social engineers are just seizing upon the manufactured criss of COVID-19 to implement something they’ve had on the shelves for decades.

Though the following outline only touches on the true scope of the “greenification” of the economy we easily see how we got to where we are today by looking back nearly 30 years to the creation of the Global Environment Facility. This fund, launched with the help of Edmund de Rothschild, has mobilized billions of dollars since its creation under the guise of tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental problems. The fund currently aims ambitiously towards the goal of mobilizing an incredible $100 billion per year towards though this has yet to happen.

Fast forward to 2003 and we see the creation of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which was a greenhouse gas reduction and trading system sold to the public as the cap-and-trade scheme. The idea was that if governments limit (cap) carbon dioxide emissions, then the market will step in to buy and sell (trade) emissions allowances. Many will remember Al Gore as being the face of this swindle but fewer will know that Goldman Sachs, DuPont, British Petroleum, BlackRock, the World Bank, and other big names piled into what was eventually estimated as a $10 trillion market. The Exchange met it’s quiet death in 2010 when trading ceased.

Perhaps it was unwise of Gore and his cronies to move ahead with such a plan without first creating a new global governing body to oversee the plot. “Unless governments cede some of their sovereignty to a new world body a global carbon trading scheme cannot be enforced and regulated,” Simon Linnett, Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild and Co. told The Telegraph in 2008. Just one year after Linnett made this remark the United Nations published their strategy to avoid climate catastrophe as part of what they called the Global Green New Deal. Under this “deal” all the world has to do is to allow globalist bodies like the UN take control of energy markets. Once the UN see enough investment in renewables they’ll totally relinquish that control though.

(Just like “Build Back Better” and “Great Reset,” politicians and talking heads will call for a “Green New Deal” from time-to-time to signal to other globalists what their plans truly entail.)

Now, as we near 2022, the agenda to reset the economy in order to commodify all life on Earth is entering it’s next phase. In April, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), was launched by Mark Carney (UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, ex-chair of the Bank of England and Bank of Canada) and fellow climate swindlers John Kerry (US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change), Janet Yellen (US Secretary of the Treasury and former chair of the Federal Reserve), and Michael Bloomberg (former mayor of New York City). The group claims to represent over $130 trillion of private capital that is “committed to transforming the economy for net zero.”  The membership of GFANZ is comprised of the heads of major banks, former heads of state, the head of the London Stock Exchange Group, and a representative of the David Rockefeller Fund.

This is the same Rockefeller entity which recently helped to create a new asset class which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange: Natural Asset Corporations (NACs). Under the guise of sustainability and saving the planet, the so-called elite will finally be able to put a price on, and purchase for themselves, the fruits of Mother Nature’s labor.

Robert Hunziker explains:

In simplest of terms, Natural Asset Corporations allow for the formation of specialized corporations the hold the rights to the ecosystem services produced on a given chunk of land. The services might be sequestration of carbon or clean water or possibly rare Tibetan mountain air or maybe a lake teeming with trout in the wilderness. The possibilities are endless when auctioning off major chunks of an asset as big as the planet.

The Natural Asset Corporations will maintain, manage and grow the natural asset that it has commoditized, working towards maximizing the profit potential of the natural asset, although, of course, this is not emphasized in the PR material. Nevertheless, it could lead to near-infinite profits. After all, the living Earth does rejuvenate and replenish and service ecosystems on its own accord, a natural process that goes on forever. Why not own it?

Remember when the corporate media lambasted Donald Trump for suggesting that the U.S. buy Greenland? Perhaps that wasn’t just the idle musing of a buffoon. The resource-rich island, when viewed as a series of Natural Asset Corporations, certainly has its appeal after all. In fact, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Michael Bloomberg have already staked their claims there.

For now the public is still on-board with billionaires searching for minerals in the Arctic and buying up huge tracts of farmland across America. That’s just capitalism as we’ve come to know and love it. In order for them to start buying the planet itself another catastrophe needs to be unleashed.

Janet Yellen is claiming that the US Treasury will run out of money on December 15. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that the US government will just continue printing money no matter what the implications are which means that Yellen’s warnings probably don’t have much merit at the moment. At some point though, this financial house of cards is going to collapse (by design) and when it does it will send anyone who is unprepared reeling while the financiers and bankers follow in the footsteps of Mayer Rothschild and buy up the ruins for pennies on the dollar.

In the intermittent chaos of prices soaring through hyperinflation, supply chains being broken, treasury reserves running dry, and the public clamoring for help, the elites will have the perfect opportunity to step in and save the day. The proposal will involve buying up all the protected land they can and monetizing the resources the land and water produces. The miraculous beauty and bounty of the National Parks of the U.S., the vast waterways of South America, the plains of East Africa, the remote jungles of the Congo, will all be reduced to assets and a final price placed upon Mother Nature herself.

The profits that they will reap, we will be told, will somehow stimulate the economy and raise all ships. This will of course do nothing for your average person who will continue to be told they must go without to save the economy and the planet. Once they’ve transformed the natural world into a series of Natural Asset Corporations and essentially own all non-human life on this planet they can allow full collapse. Central Bank Digital Currencies will be ushered in and those digital vaccine certifications will suddenly be able to hold all of your money as well but that money is only good if your social credit score is high enough to unlock your wallet. By the time the public is aware of how they’ve just been conned it will be game, set, and match for the robber barons of the 21st century.

With the latest establishment-backed climate conference just concluding in Scotland you can be assured that sirens will be sounding for us to please just do something, anything to save a planet. Unless we are prepared to fight back we face a future in which this planet is no longer our home.


What About The Roads?