Why are Americans Forced to Believe in Extraterrestrial Civilizations?

New Eastern Outlook
by Vladimir Platov



Although during the previous century the West actively inflated the supposedly unlimited power of Communist ideology in the USSR, and other countries in the socialist community, it still preferred to remain silent about its own ideological influence on the masses in the United States, or in its Western allies.

Moreover, the West has long understood that it is easier to control the masses with an ideology calculated to influence them than using what is essentially elitist science, which the masses are not able to understand. By entering the arena with the masses, ideology gains an advantage in the struggle for power, and therefore those who developed the ideology, filling orders that are put in by the ruling elite, seek to adjust the ideology being promoted in the country to fit these attitudes. Ideology is not a religion, although it still strives to instill a down-to-earth faith in the masses in which various ideas, rulers, or material idols (say, the “golden calf”, or extraterrestrial intelligence) are put in God’s place. Ideology has philosophical roots, and Plato can be considered as its forerunner: even the term “idea” itself comes from Democritus and Plato.

The media, civil society institutions, and propaganda all play a significant role in the process of the influence that ideology has on society. Their diversity, maturity, and consolidation enable formulating and upholding the interests held by the “customers of the ideology”. Reinforcing faith in various ideologies is very often done by spreading a “wave of fear” to show, especially during critical moments in the development of society, “the importance of supporting the current regime” and that supposedly only it is able to defeat the “threat” or fear.

Hence, it is not surprising that during periods of social or financial crises in the West, to deflect the masses from staging anti-government riots, a certain ideology is thrown at them, and at the same time that is reinforced with “overarching fear”. That is why, during periods of crisis, “horror stories”, such as “a deadly comet is approaching the Earth”, or the expected explosion of a volcano, the danger of flooding, etc. suddenly arise. These “horror stories” periodically change, as do other “centers of the limelight”, to manipulate them and switch public consciousness from certain ones to others.

And today, when various American media outlets, politicians and scientists, and even Vice President Harris, are talking about the collapse of the United States, and Americans, as Bloomberg writes, are suffering from an invasion of rats and other parasites in New York high-rise buildings falling apart from time and mold, the topic of UFOs has been unfurled to divert the spotlight the US population is focused on.  Moreover, based on the results of widespread lunacy about UFOs and flying saucers, YouGov and a number of other companies conduct regular public opinion polls, which allow those initiating this campaign to adjust their actions in real time. Consequently, it can be observed firsthand that recently the passion held by Americans for UFOs, and their fascination with them, has increased even more. This is especially true in anticipation of the release of a government report, whose preparation involved bringing in government agencies and the American intelligence services, and for which significant financial resources were “allocated”. An unclassified version of this report is due to be released by June 25, and will be presented to Congress.

However, according to available data, American intelligence services have not yet found any evidence of alien technology in the incidents when UFOs allegedly appeared. Nonetheless, this did not prevent the “experts”, taking into account the long-term orders from the country’s ruling elite to stir up Russophobia and Sinophobia, from putting forth the assumption that “some objects may be new images of Russian and Chinese technology”, and by doing so unleash an information campaign on top of that about a “foreign threat of the United States from its enemies”.

Like an avalanche, this topic of “the use of UFOs by enemies” began to be actively promoted not only in the United States, but also in “satellite countries”. Articles that are clearly paid for, such as those published by the British Daily Star, began to appear through media outlets that are completely controlled: “Vladimir Putin is behind the pyramidal UFOs swarming over a US Navy ship, says ex-senator”, where former US Senator Harry Reid, well-known for his overt dislike of Russia, draws his own conclusions.

And now, knowing full well that the topic of UFOs, besides its effect of spreading propaganda and offering a distraction, can be successfully used to obtain and siphon off government funding, Great Britain has already started to think about creating a “UFO hunter squad”, which The Telegraph gleefully reported about, citing its sources in the country’s Ministry of Defense. According to The Telegraph, this British “squad” is ready to assemble next month, but they are asking their American colleagues to provide convincing evidence that UFOs exist.

As far as the American intelligence services go, after successfully “spending” millions of dollars on the investigation, they were forced to admit that they did not find any evidence that the aerial phenomena that pilots for the US Navy have witnessed in recent years are alien spaceships. At the same time, the New York Times recalls how from 2007 to 2012 the US Department of Defense collected detailed reports on UFOs as part of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, and last year the Pentagon relaunched the program as the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. But at the same time it is well known, and not only in the United States, that in terms of “siphoning off funds allocated from the budget,” American intelligence services and the Pentagon can outperform anyone at all.

Regarding the disputes initiated by the American propaganda ideological machine surrounding UFOs and flying saucers in the United States, it is impossible to take them seriously. Unless one were to consider this whole “spectacle” to be just another evaluative factor in how inadequate American leadership is.

Vladimir Platov, expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


New Eastern Outlook