Directing the Disorder

The New American
by William F. Jasper



The whole world has gone insane and the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. At least it looks that way to any rational person surveying the escalating revolutions that have engulfed the planet in the year 2020. The revolutions to which we refer are the COVID-19 revolution and the Black Lives Matter revolution, which, combined, are wreaking unprecedented havoc and destruction — political, social, economic, moral, and spiritual — worldwide. As we will show, these two seemingly unrelated upheavals are very closely tied together, and are but the latest and most profound manifestations of a global revolutionary transformation that has been under way for many years. Both of these revolutions are being stoked and orchestrated by elitist forces that intend to unmake the United States of America and extinguish liberty as we know it everywhere.

In his famous “Lectures on the French Revolution,” delivered at Cambridge University between 1895 and 1899, the distinguished British historian and statesman John Emerich Dalberg, more commonly known as Lord Acton, noted: “The appalling thing in the French Revolution is not the tumult, but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked; but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.” One of those revolutionary managers was Duke of Orleans Louis Philippe, the wealthiest man in France, head of the Grand Orient masonic lodge, and cousin to King Louis XVI. Like George Soros, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and other billionaires of today, Louis Philippe operated through a Deep State network that provided the “calculating organization” that designed and caused the murderous chaos and tumult that engulfed revolutionary France. Since the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, the term “Deep State” has become a popular expression referring to the powerful, murky forces operating throughout the federal government, the major media, the political establishment (of both major parties), the megabanks and corporations, the think tanks, and academia — all with the aim of sabotaging the pro-American agenda of Donald Trump and removing him as president of the United States by any means necessary.

President Trump has correctly described the opposing forces in this conflict as globalists vs. nationalists, and has publicly cast his lot with the nationalists, announcing his “America First” position and a refusal to yield America’s national sovereignty to the United Nations or any of its schemes for world government. However, the nationalist vs. globalist conflict is not merely an ideological struggle between shadowy, unidentifiable forces; it is a struggle with organized globalists who have very real, identifiable, powerful organizations and networks operating incessantly to undermine and subvert our constitutional Republic and our Christian-style civilization. The premier organization leading this globalist effort is the New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It is the “brain trust” and public face of the shadowy Deep State internationalists who have been pushing to submerge the United States (and all other nation states) under a world government for the past century. As the accompanying charts on pages 18-27 demonstrate, the CFR has acquired unparalleled power and influence not only in our government, but also in virtually all of our society’s principal institutions. Unfortunately, many of the critics of the Deep State fail to mention — whether out of ignorance or fear — the central role of the Council in the Deep State’s actions. But this is like whining about “organized crime” while refusing to mention the Mafia families by name. Or complaining about the evils of the narcotics trade while refusing to identify the drug cartels and their kingpins. We will return further on for a brief history of how the Deep State CFR achieved its deep — and wide — penetration and control. Before doing that, however, we will look at the two revolutions referred to above, and the starring role the Council on Foreign Relations has played in each to topple the American system of government in favor of a socialist order both nationally and globally.

Tyranny Gone Viral

For the first time in human history, the entire world has been trapped in a global lockdown, at the behest of the United Nations’ World Health Organization. This unprecedented action came about due to the (supposedly unintentional) release of a novel coronavirus by Xi Jinping and the Communist Party leadership of the People’s Republic of China. The result has been that in a few short months not only the United States of America but the entire world has lurched further into socialist-communist control than could have been imagined by even the most far-sighted political seers. 

Governments at every level — local, state, national — have rushed to implement authoritarian (even totalitarian) measures that would be completely unthinkable, except for the claim that these actions are absolutely necessary to save humanity from a uniquely deadly “pandemic.” 

Politicians, bureaucrats, and “public health officials” have enthusiastically embraced their new COVID-19 powers to close down virtually all normal human activity; destroy millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of jobs; close completely or greatly shackle religious worship; totally take over and control hospitals and healthcare; spend trillions of dollars; order everyone to adopt “soc-ial distancing,” “isolation,” face-mask rules, and other social regimentation; cancel or completely reorder elections; hire hundreds of thousands of “contact tracers” and institute Orwellian monitoring and surveillance under the guise of COVID contact tracing; mandate vaccinations and healthcare tracking in order to work, travel, or engage in any commerce;  and much more. 

This sweeping revolution would not have been possible without the orchestration provided by the CFR politicos and their academic, business, and media accomplices. They have relentlessly sown fear and hysteria to consolidate and perpetuate this huge power grab, even though the actual findings of science, the real medical facts, show that COVID-19 is nowhere near as deadly or contagious as the fearmongers claim, and certainly not serious enough to justify their dictatorial mandates. 

In addition to lionizing Tedros Adhanom, director-general of the UN’s World Health Organization (and one of Beijing’s most dependable cheerleaders), and Dr. Anthony Fauci, lead spokesman of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the CFR media minions have ceaselessly promoted the propaganda of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest billionaires, is a close comrade of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and has been inducted into the elite Chinese Academy of Engineering, an organ headed by “Premier” Li Kequiang, China’s “Number 2” communist boss.

Besides being the largest nongovernmental funder of WHO, the Gates Foundation has obtained unparalleled influence over global health issues by pouring billions of dollars into national health agencies, medical research centers, institutes, and universities around the globe that are promoting the COVID pandemic hysteria: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University of Washington, Emory, Yale, Scripps, Cambridge, Oxford, and many more. The foundation claims to be committing “more than $350 million for work on COVID-19 globally.” Current and former top Gates Foundation officials who are CFR members include Mark Suzman, Margaret Hamburg, and Christopher Elias. Bill Gates has written for the CFR journal Foreign Affairs, and his foundation endowed the CFR’s Senior Fellow Chair for Global Health, now occupied by former advisor to the Gates Foundation Thomas Bollyky. Gates is the principal funder of GAVI, the Global Alliance of Vaccines and Immunizations, headed by CFR member Seth Berkley. The Gates Foundation is also a key funder of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka Chatham House), the CFR’s globalist sister institute in Britain, as are the Rockefeller, Soros, and Bloomberg foundations, all of which are joined at the hip with the CFR. 

The tie-in between U.S. and Chinese universities goes far beyond the Gates health initiatives. As The New American has been reporting for years, CFR members and their corporations and hedge funds have been pouring billions of dollars into both Chinese and U.S. universities, while China’s new Chinese Communist Party-approved billionaires have been doing the same, melding together a pro-China “convergence lobby” that promotes the Beijing line throughout academia. 

The China Medical Board, founded and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, is headed by Lincoln C. Chen (CFR), who, incredibly, told the U.S.-China Health Summit in March 2020, “It seems that China has done everything right so far,” with regard to COVID-19.  The U.S.-China Health Summit is chaired by William Haseltine (CFR). The CFR-Gates-WHO choir dutifully regurgitates and promotes the party line dispensed by Beijing’s prop-agandists, especially concerning what America and the world “must” do to deal with the virus that the communist regime unleashed on the planet. And, it just so happens, each of these must-dos takea us ever closer to resembling the Maoist dictatorship of China’s “People’s Republic.”  The enormity and influence of this CFR propaganda operation defies exaggeration. In the space we have here, we can cite only a tiny fraction out of many examples that illustrate the “multiplier effect” of the CFR’s strategic clout. 

Take, for instance, Thomas J. Bollyky and Charles A. Kupchan, senior fellows at the CFR and professors at Georgetown University. Bollyky, a former advisor to the Gates Foundation and WHO, is much-quoted these days in the CFR-dominant mainstream media. In April 2020, Bollyky and Kupchan teamed up to pen an article for CNN entitled “Trump and Xi must team up to fight Covid-19.” That piece echoes (and is echoed by) articles and media appearances by other CFR luminaries that insist the COVID “crisis” must be used to build “global health governance,” in unison with communist China. 

It is the same message sent by CFR senior fellow (and CCP hack) Yanzhong Huang, in an article for Foreign Affairs titled “The U.S. and China Could Cooperate to Defeat the Pandemic: Instead, Their Antagonism Makes Matters Worse.” Same also for the Wall Street Journal op-ed by mega-globalist Henry Kissinger (CFR) titled “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order.” Ditto for Never-Trumper Max Boot, a CFR senior fellow and one of the Deep State Washington Post’s window-dressing “conservatives.” 

Boot has used his Post column and his Twitter feed to pound President Trump relentlessly for his alleged leadership failures regarding the virus epidemic — and to promote the Beijing-Gates-WHO line. The same for CFR President Richard Haass, MSNBC commentators Joe Scarborough (CFR) and Mika Brze-zinski (CFR), CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CFR), PBS’s Judy Woodruff (CFR), George Soros (CFR), science writer Laurie Garrett (CFR senior fellow), media billionaire Michael Bloomberg (CFR), Blackstone CEO billionaire Stephen A. Schwarzman (CFR), Tom Frieden (CFR senior fellow for global health and former head of the CDC under President Obama), and dozens more of their CFR confreres, who flood the globalist-run media empires with anti-Trump/pro-Beijing COVID indoctrination.

Pressure From Above and Below

While struggling with the fears, uncertainties, disruptions, and devastation brought on by the COVID revolution from above, America and the world were slammed with a second revolution from below: a racial conflagration that used as an igniting pretext the death of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer, on May 25. In response, across America cities burned.  Day after day, week after week, in dozens of cities, “protests” turned into violent riots and looting. As usual, the main casualties of the burning, destruction, and looting are the black and minority residents, business owners, and employees of the communities that the protesters/rioters claim to represent.  

The CFR-compliant Fake News media conveniently ignore the fact that the founders and organizers of Black Lives Matter (BLM) boast of being “trained Marxists,” have laced their demands and propaganda with Marxist slogans and theory, and have adopted communist terrorists/revolutionaries (Karl Marx, Mao Tse-tung, Vladimir Lenin, Che Guevara, Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, and Mumia Abu Jamal) as their heroic symbols. Together with their mostly white, violence-prone, anarcho-communist allies of Antifa (who claim to be anti-fascist, while employing textbook fascist tactics), the BLM revolutionaries have hijacked the outrage they have fomented over America’s alleged institutionalized racism to attack America’s foundations of Christianity, free-enterprise capitalism, and limited government under a constitutional republic. 

In the matter of but a few weeks, the rule of law has been replaced by mob rule, as cowardly and/or traitorous political leaders have ordered police to stand down and allowed riotous thugs to run roughshod over the rights of the law-abiding and threaten the liberty and safety of all. Far from mollifying the rioters, each capitulation before the mob has only encouraged new outrages, as they follow the advice of French Revolutionist Georges-Jacques Danton to his fellow terrorists of Paris in 1792: “We need audacity, and yet more audacity, and always audacity!” The audacious demands of the BLM/Antifa mobs rapidly escalated from “reform the police” to “defund the police” and “abolish the police.” But it hasn’t stopped there. Unappeased, the mobs intensified their frenzied attacks and demands: demanding trillions of dollars in race-based “reparations” and tearing down statues and monuments of everyone from Christopher Columbus to George Washington. 

But, like the COVID revolution, the BLM revolution could not possibly have succeeded in so rapidly rending our society’s fabric asunder without the crucial “calculating organization” of many Deep State operatives. To begin with, the BLM crowds would never have even gotten off the ground except for the tens of millions of dollars from George Soros (CFR) — and many millions more from CFR corporate and foundation spigots. Or consider, for instance, Stewart M. Patrick, who is a CFR senior fellow and director of the organization’s International Institutions and Global Governance Program, as well as a prolific blogger, lecturer, and media commentator. In his June 15 article “Black Lives Matter — for Social Justice, and for America’s Global Role,” he asserts, “The success of the Black Lives Matter movement is critical, not only to achieve a more perfect union at home, but also to advance human liberty and dignity worldwide.” Moreover, he cites anti-American socialist-communist spokesmen at the UN as if to legitimize outlandish charges of racism and human-rights violations in the United States.

Or take CFR senior fellow David J. Scheffer, a law professor at Northwestern University and the Bill Clinton administration’s main architect of the International Criminal Court, a UN institution aimed at stripping U.S. citizens of their constitutional protections and subjecting them to the “justice” of the UN. He repeatedly slams our country’s allegedly ingrained “racism” and argues that we must accept “international law” under UN treaties to be good global citizens. These examples could be multiplied, literally, thousands of times.

One of the CFR’s most potent (and disturbing) demonstrations of its clout has been its ability to bring out a string of retired generals and admirals to openly criticize (or outright condemn) President Trump, especially concerning his statements and actions in response to the BLM/Antifa rioting and revolution. Some of them even imply seditiously that they might favor a military coup to remove the president by force. One of the most outrageous appeals in this regard came from retired general John Allen (CFR, and now president of the leftist-globalist Brookings Institution), who wrote a scathing anti-Trump, pro-BLM screed for the CFR-aligned Foreign Policy journal. Another came from retired admiral William McRaven in the New York Times. More blasts have come from retired admiral James Stavridis (CFR, now an officer in the globalist, immensely wealthy Carlyle Group) in Time, as well as retired admiral Michael Mullen (CFR) and retired general Michael Hayden (CFR). Still more blistering attacks have come from generals James Mattis, Barry McCaffrey, and others who are not CFR members but have been given positions to fire their salvos from CFR media platforms. This level of unprecedented seditious and treasonous activity by general officers is beyond outrageous, and indicates that the insiders of the Deep State are pulling out all stops to scuttle not only Donald Trump but the American Republic as well.

CFR, Club for Revolution 

This incredible drama unfolding before our eyes has not come about overnight. It is the work of a “Deep State” cabal of ruling elites that has controlled both the Democratic and Republican parties for decades, and has embedded its operatives throughout our political, financial, industrial, educational, cultural, military, and intelligence institutions. 

The Council began to take shape during World War I. Following that conflagration, the organized globalists attempted to foist the League of Nations on a war-weary world, as their “first try at World Order.” When the U.S. Senate balked at ceding sovereignty to the League and refused to ratify the League treaty, the globalists set about the long-term project of creating the necessary organizational infrastructure that could gradually usurp control over America’s political levers of power and provide the propaganda needed to overcome Americans’ “obsession” with freedom and independence. Formally founded in 1921 with the financial backing of Wall Street titans and globalist ideologues, the CFR worked in the background and remained largely invisible to the general public until the 1970s. Although some of the most famous American fortunes bankrolled the Council (J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford), the CFR was practically unknown outside of banking and political circles, even as its journal, Foreign Affairs, became the bible for government policy and its members assumed more and more control over our critical institutions. As the charts accompanying this article amply demonstrate, CFR members have disproportionately laid claim not only to our White House Oval Office, but also to our National Security Council, our Departments of State, Treasury, and Defense — and most other top Cabinet posts. 

John J. McCloy, a friend and advisor to nine U.S. presidents and known as “the chairman of the Establishment,” served as chairman of the CFR from 1953 to 1970. In an interview with the New York Times, he recalled the method by which he populated government ranks with CFR members. “Whenever we needed a man we thumbed through the roll of the Council members and put through a call to New York,” McCloy said.

More recently, Hillary Clinton has paid homage to the CFR’s influence. As President Obama’s secretary of state, she was a featured speaker at the opening of the CFR’s new Washington, D.C., headquarters in 2009. “I have been often to … the mother ship in New York City, but it is good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department,” she said. “We get a lot of advice from the Council,” Clinton continued, “so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.” Yes, the Council is much more than a mere “think tank,” as it is usually described; it has been picking our public officials and telling them what to think and what to do for quite some time now. 

But, gradually, Americans have been getting wise to the CFR’s subversive, anti-American agenda. Books such as Tragedy and Hope by Georgetown historian Carroll Quigley, The Invisible Government by former FBI agent and constitutional scholar Dan Smoot, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by popular author Gary Allen, The Insiders by John F. McManus, Kissinger on the Couch by Phyllis Schlafly and Admiral Chester Ward, The Shadows of Power by James Perloff, and In the Shadows of the Deep State by Arthur R. Thompson have lifted the lid on the Council’s activities, revealing its unstinting support for communist regimes abroad, as well as support for Big Government programs at home. In addition, the CFR has distinguished itself by dependably training all its big guns to attack and smear anti-communists, particularly Senator Joseph McCarthy, other members of the House and Senate who were investigating communist activities, and patriotic organizations such as The John Birch Society. These individuals and groups were being relentlessly smeared as “racists,” “fascists,” and “Nazis” long before Donald Trump was subjected to the same vicious label-lynching. 

The election of President Trump and his announced intention to reverse the suicidal course on which the globalists had set our nation has caused the CFR to mobilize all of its immense resources to derail him. Thus, its Fake News media armada (New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Time, CNN, CBS, PBS, etc.)  and its Big Tech social-media controllers (Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) have kept up a nonstop hate fest against Trump, while the CFR’s Deep State bureaucrats throughout the federal agencies sabotage the Trump agenda, and the huge CFR-aligned corporations and tax-exempt foundations lavish billions of dollars on left-wing AstroTurf organizations to give the appearance of popular support for the fanatical “protesters.”

Freedom has never been in greater peril. The CFR revolution for world control is moving into its endgame phase, but the globalists do not have all of the aces they need. In fact, in their current haste and heavy-handedness they are stirring a sleeping colossus. If enough liberty-minded patriots throw all of their efforts, prayers, and resources into the battle now to awaken, educate, and activate their fellow citizens, we can yet save freedom.


The New American