Technocracy: How Its False Assumptions And Pseudo-Science Could Affect You

Activist Post
By Paul A. Philips



Darkly determined the world’s ruling elite and associates continue busying themselves with their goal of achieving total global domination through the technocracy agenda.

Essentially, the technocracy agenda incorporates technology into society with the intention of producing a new hybrid social structure. For this highly oppressive social engineering program to work, to exert complete control over we-the-people, it makes a number of false assumptions. These proven false assumptions based on pseudo-scientific principles with their applications clearly show that they conveniently serve the ruling elite’s goals to achieve the dictatorship.

Those serving the encroaching technocracy agenda, be them in the capacity of scientists, technicians, technologists, government officials, or academics etc., whatever their means to an end in support of the pseudo-science, at least some would have to see it as a belief system, blindly ignoring the contradictions or lack of scientific evidence in order to maintain their false beliefs…

Thus, the technocracy agenda is a form of scientism for unhealthy skeptics.

Here are some of those false assumptions based on pseudo-scientific principles and how it could affect you: How we-the-people are being socially engineered into surrendering our power to an oppressive technology-based control system for a dictatorship.

The global warming scam

If ever there’s an example of a mirage of science it’s in the technocracy agenda’s sales-pitch called carbon-based global warming. The ruling elite technocrats want you to believe this scam to justify a carbon tax currency, monitoring for energy consumption, setting strict limitations under the false pretext of saving the world while using unhealthy, surveillance-expanding ‘smart’ meters…


In retrospect it’s not too hard to see why there are so called governmental initiatives that include RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) microchipping driving licenses, passports, motor cars… etc. How far will this encroachment go..?

Fusion centers as in the USA created by Homeland Security, the NSA and FBI exist to collect data on every citizen for ‘intelligence’ purposes. Then there’s Internet monitoring and biometric data collection for facial recognition…

Further flaws in the social engineering programme

There are a number of other falsehoods in the controlling scientific agenda such as:

* It assumes the absurd notion that there is no such thing as consciousness. That consciousness is nothing more than illusory caused by activity in our brains. In reflection of this the technocrats see the populace as nothing more than biological machines. Using data monitoring, scientific application … the people must be re-engineered to ‘harmonize’ with the hive mind…

*In order for the social engineering program to work it assumes that materialism is all there is, but humans are essentially creative, imaginative, innovative beings… all of which are natural non-materialistic aspects of free-will in conscious individuals. These aspects will always throw a spanner in the works of the technocracy agenda… especially from those who will not comply…

*Those surrendering to the control system are small. They’re dependent on what they perceive as those higher forces. In short these people are victims. The hallmarks of victims are: Don’t have feelings; Don’t think for or be yourself.

As the technocracy agenda’s controlling noose tightens on humanity will it serve as a catalyst for waking up the sleeping masses? If so then how much of a backlash will there be and what about the ensuing chaos caused by the ruling technocrats unwilling to give up their agenda?

If nothing is done to stop the agenda then it could be the end of humanity.

On the other hand, as more than just a bunch of social constructs and interactions, we can co-create our way out of this planned nightmare and take us into pastures new which could be intensely liberating!

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