The Three Step Plan to Destroy America and Implement the New World Order

The Common Sense Show
by Dave Hodges

It has long been my position that if the criminal elite were successful in destroying America, as their last obstacle to world domination, they would be forced to follow a chronological three step plan:

  1. Begin the formation of a police state which would destroy the foundational values of the country (e.g. Constitutional protections, any semblance of Christian values, and the erosion moral decency where the perverse becomes the new normal). This would also be assisted by the overwhelming shift in population demographics with people foreign to American ways and this has, and is, being achieved by illegal immigration which our political leaders support.
  2. Forge a false-flag event(s) so volatile and horrific, that the implementation of a complete and authoritarian police state would follow. The police state will be so all-encompassing that George Orwell would be jealous. This is certainly well underway with the abuses of the BLM and EPA being perpetrated against farmers. The constant spying through the NSA is certainly a bold move in that direction. Intellistreets and the intrusiveness of Obamacare represent large steps forward toward a “Police State America”. In this second phase, the will of the people must be destroyed. All resistance must be crushed. When these goals are complete a President Hillary Clinton will help to usher in World War III.
  3. Out of order comes chaos. World War III will usher the prime directive of the criminal elite, namely, depopulation. World War III will kill billions.

The Report Card On Global Domination by the Criminal Elite

The following is a report card, based upon a 24 hour cycle of news. This three step play is ubiquitous and is in our faces every day of our lives. There is very little that is secret about what is coming. The criminal elite are hiding thi information in plain sight. They do not care if you know because they know the average person is not paying attention and even if you did figure it out, you have little recourse at this late date except to call upon Donal Trump or God to help you. If you are confused in your choice, choose the latter.

Here are examples from a 24 news cycle on how thorough the plan, and how close to completion the criminal elite are in their plans to bring humanity to their knees while they wipe out 90% of us.

Phase One: The Destruction of Fundamental Values

In a very brief amount of time, Target allows men into women’s restrooms. New York City requires business owners what each customer wants to be referred with regard to the transgender issue. Schools are told by Obama that they will implement transgender bathrooms in the ultimate propagandizing of the young. This is just a small cross-section of this approach to destroying fundamental values in the United States. And of course, there is Schaeffer Cox as he sits in a FEMA prison for 27 years, with no rights, and he was prosecuted for the actions of FBI infiltrators who had penetrated his Second Amendment organization.  And of course, the financial raping of America occurs every day through the illegitimate spending of our tax money on illegal immigrants.

Phase Two: The False Flag Uncovered

On has to no further than the following news release by Yahoo Finance as they are bascially telling you that a financial reset is coming soon to a bank near you. Please remember that Yahoo Finance is indeed a product of the criminal elite.

“Yahoo Finance doing advising people to get into gold?  

It used to be that when I spoke about gold, the folks that listened would look at me as if I were speaking in some ancient foreign language that nobody could understand. Lately, as I stand at my spot on trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, willing to talk the financial markets or baseball with anyone who’s also willing—more and more am I asked about gold. Several times a week in fact.

In case you missed it, when the World Gold Council released its Q1 data, total demand for gold was up 21% year-over-year, largely due to demand for investment purposes. There were yearly declines in demand from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016 for jewelry, technology purposes, and even purchases made by central banks.  Demand for investment purposes was up 122% year-over-year. That says something…. It says that I am not alone in my assertion that gold should be obtained in the face of the coming reset.”

This is not to say that we will not see some manufactured terrorism or a cyber attack upon the grid, but economic collapse now stands front and center as the precipitating agent for using a false flag to lock down America.

Phase Three: World War III

Here is a snippet of news releases in 24 hour cycle which clearly represent the World’s march to WW III.

Alastair Crooke, a former MI-6 agent stated that the Obama administration is acting to weaken Putin and Lavrov’s hand, and therefore strengthening the hand of those in Russia calling for a full mobilization for war.

Russia Today reported that the West and NATO intent on pursuing a cold war strategy when it comes to Russia that is reckless and could instigate war by amassing troops on the Russian border in multiple locations.

Strategic Culture stated that “America is installing in Europe a new system that’s designed to block Russia’s ability to retaliate against a nuclear attack, but Obama sold it to European nations saying it will protect them against a nuclear attack from Iran. Now that Obama’s own agreement with Iran will assure that, for at least a decade, there won’t be any nuclear weapons in Iran, he continues this deception as if the public are mere fools – and he’s not being called to task for it

Sputnik News claims that “the United States and its Pacific allies continuously chose to ignore as they criticized Beijing’s construction of artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago. China had been a relatively weak country for a long time,” he says. “But now China is much more influential, much more powerful. Because of the rise of nationalism, China is able to defend these claims rather robustly.”

China Confirms Intercepting US Reconnaissance Plane Over South China Sea “while the US maintains that territories within the South China Sea should be considered international waters, Washington treats the waterway as its own military terrain, as demonstrated by the aggressive freedom of navigation operations conducted within the territorial limit of the Spratlys. This could be the spark that starts World War III”.

In the interest of being economical in my writing, I am leaving off seven examples which drive home the point that the world is being prepared for World War III and that there is a single mentality behind it.


In every news cycle there is evidence which supports the implementation of this three point plan. I do not see how this is not going to happen. Are you prepared? Have you protected your family? Please re-examine the issues. Should you buy gold, store food, etc? Time is very, very short.


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