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This Is the Last Chance for the US to Avoid World War III

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by Dave Hodges

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History is filled with turning points in which a seemingly insignificant event can turn the planet on its ear. We are living through such a time in which world peace is hanging by a thread. There is one solution that could avert war and never require an American soldier to die in the Middle East, ever again. This article will explore this possiblity as it is the last chance for the United States and the world to avoid World War III.

Predicting World War III In Syria

Recently, certain people claim that they had information that said that World War III would begin in Syria almost six months ago. Their six month prediction is impressive. However, nearly 21 months ago, and through The Common Sense Show, I predicted that Syria and Iran would be the “flashpoint” for World War III.

Again, on March 28, 2014, I was so concerned about the folly of pursuing a course of war against Syria, I issued a separate warning that on our present path, the United States would trigger war through its involvement in Syria. I called Obama’s foreign policy on Syria reckless and amateurish.

We are at the doorstep of World War III and the path to war has been a long time coming.

Just Why Is This War Going to Happen?

If you have come to this party late, you might have missed a few critical elements as to why World War III, over Syria, seems inevitable. Before moving forward with the notion that World War III is inevitable, let’s review why we are fighting. Take a few moments and listen to these two short and very lucid accounts of why we plunging in to war over Syria.

This conflict is all about preserving the Petrodollar and Russia and China’s insistence on ending American domination as the reserve currency of the planet.

Even the American Military Wants Nothing to do with Attacking Syria

Even General Dempsey has reservations about attacking Syria.

Even General Dempsey has reservations about attacking Syria.

On September 2, 2013, I reported, again, through The Common Sense Show that leaders in the American military had great apprehension about attacking Syria. In that article I cited General Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as he stated the following:

General Martin Dempsey, has issued a warning to this administration about the folly of a military attack upon Syria. Dempsey wrote that, “As we weigh our options, we should be able to conclude with some confidence that use of force will move us toward the intended outcome. Once we take action, we should be prepared for what comes next. Deeper involvement is hard to avoid.” And what would Dempsey be referring to with regard to deeper involvement and the problems that would follow? Dempsey is clearly worried about what comes after an attack upon Syria. He is warning about the possibility of World War III. This is precisely what Dempsey warned Congress about in a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee. In an interview with ABC NewsDempsey also stated that the lessons of Iraq heavily influenced his beliefs regarding Syria.”

A Military Coup?

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During the early days of the escalating Syrian conflict, I reported that I had serendipitously watched the 1964 classic movie, Seven Days in May, starring Kirk Douglas and I thought I was watching a news story about today’s strained relationships between senior military command leadership and their President. In the movie, the Joint Chiefs launched an unsuccessful coup against the President. Today, I think a coup could and would succeed if war seemed imminent.

I have previously stated that I thought a coup was out of the question unless an opportunity presented itself like it did in Benghazi. However, as world marches toward war, the rank and file of this country will be frightened and may support any action that would remove the present and very reckless President.

On July 20, 1944, an attempt was made to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The plot was perpetrated by Claus von Stauffenberg and even included General Rommel. Hitler was lucky to survive. If the plot against Hitler had been successful, the German plan was to sue for peace before Germany was predictably demolished. Will the same happen in America because of the United States moving towards a war with Syria that it cannot win and the military knows it? I believe that it is entirely possible that Syria will be this President’s Waterloo if he prosecutes this war any further. My sources are adamant that the military leadership in this country have had enough of Obama.

There Is Another Way

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When Sarah Palin ran for Vice-President in 2008, she actually believed that she was supposed to win. She mistakenly believed that the elite were interested in her ideas which would have helped America achieve energy independence. Sarah Palin and John McCain were simply place holders for a rigged election which would bring in the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Obama, as he would set about “transforming” America.

The United States could walk away from the Petrodollar by developing the massive oil supplies on the North Shore of Alaska. However, the Federal Reserve members oil companies would have to pay tax, environmental impact fees and significantly lower proice of oil would cut into their huge profit margin. Obama exemplified the resistance against developing our national oil supplies when he blocked the Keystone pipeline.

On Monday morning, Obama could issue an Executive Order which would decouple the American dollar from oil and begin, at breakneck speed, to develop the oil reserve in Alaska. Then what is happening in Syria would soon be of no significance. However, if Obama ever dared to do such a thing, I believe that the Federal Reserve would see that he slipped on a bananna peel, similar to what happened to John Kennedy.

Last chance America!


My sources tell me that the millitary is at the breaking point. They feel that they are being set up to fight a war that they cannot win and General Dempsey’s comments echo this sentiment quite clearly.

In Monday’s article, I will present stunning new evidence which demonstrates how close Russia is to completely controlling Syria. I will also be covering how the elite have been going into hiding since March of 2015. The world is perilously close to World War III.

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