Revolution is On Doorstep in the US

New Eastern Outlook
by Valery Kulikov

65653333President Obama just like any other US politician is particularly keen on criticizing human rights situations in other countries, while glorifying the ideals of “American-style democracy.” Moreover, these topics are not simply the prime topic of his speeches, but the basis for meddling in other countries’ affairs under the guise of “promoting democracy”. To carry out these operation the US has been heavily funding a countless number of NGOs and when those fail to stage a coup d’etat – usually a military intervention follows. This was the case in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and a number of other states.

But what do Americans themselves are thinking about the value of this “American-style democracy.” According to the poll carried out by the Quinnipiac University, out of the total of 1563 respondents, 71% were unhappy with the way things are going in the United States, while 41% stated that that they were “extremely dissatisfied”, which is quite a sharp contrast with the 2% of those who were “quite satisfied”. Only 2% of respondents confessed that they had full trust in the government, while 53% – did not approve of President Obama.

Significant growth of the negative attitude of the US population to the country’s economy was confirmed by the regular index of economic confidence Gallup: almost 6 out of 10 Americans (or 58% of the population) believe that the national economy is getting worse, which directly affecting the living conditions of local residents.

According to the international political website The World Socialist Web Site, the bitter poverty and social misery of the American population is only getting worse, as 40% of Americans are living below the poverty line. This number has doubled since 7.2 million in 2000 to 13.8 million today, although this fact has not been reflected in mainstream media. Poverty began to get more extreme in almost every major American city, especially in urban centers with a population above 250 thousand people.

This assessment is confirmed by the poll held in July by Gallup, according to which four out of ten Americans consider themselves “the poor” on the basis of their own socio-economic situation in the society.

As evidenced by the report of the non-governmental research institute of The Foundation for Government Accountability, in the last decade, there is a significant increase in the number of Americans receiving food aid. Despite countless promises to decrease the level of poverty in the country that being made regularly by the US authorities, since 2000 the number of issued food stamps increased threefold and the cost of food aid that is being provided to the population is growing ten times faster than federal revenues, rising from 462 million dollars in 2000 to 10 billion in 2014

According to the press-secretary of the organization Feeding America Rosa Fraser, in 2014 a total of 46 million US residents was forced to at least once obtained food supplies from food banks, while the demand for such civil services is growing so heavily that some banks are closing on certain days and have even reduced the volume of food provided to a single family. Many Americans are standing in lines as early as 6:30 in the morning to make sure that they will get at least something food before it runs out. Against this background, it’s at least surprising how many politicians are shamefully ignoring the pain of millions and millions of their fellow citizens by arguing that everything is just perfect in America!

According to information released by the economics professor Emmanuel Saez from the University of California at Berkeley, income inequality in the US is growing, while the very top of the American employees (1%) in the period of the so-called economic “recovery” between 2009 and 2014 increased their revenues by 58%, while the remaining 99% – only by 4.3%. During the period 1993-2014 the top 1% of Americans saw their incomes rise by 80% by redistributing them to their own advantage.

Is the growing trend to demand secession from the US that can be witnessed in many American states looks surprising in this situation? This separatism is particularly powerful in the South, particularly in the states of Texas, South Carolina and Louisiana, as well as in Alaska, where a separatist party has been operating for a while- “Alaskan Independence Party.” It seems that if the “American-style democracy” was as great as Obama has been trying us to persuade the growth of these revolutionary separatist sentiments would hardly be possible.

So let the reader decide for himself who to believe here: American politicians or the factual information published by the US media. Here’s the real face of the “American-style democracy.”

Valery Kulikov, political analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

New Eastern Outlook