The Threat of War Is Real – But Beware the False Hype: “The good news is that war is NOT imminent”

By Joel Skousen (Author of Strategic Relocation and Editor of World Affairs Brief)

SR-logoRussia and China are both on the move against their neighbors.  Both are in a major remilitarization that makes Hitler’s Wermacht pale by comparison.  In contrast, the US is disarming in terms of strategic weapons despite Russian cheating on virtually every disarmament pact it has ever made.  Worse, the US has no treaty with China at all, which makes a mockery out of our unilateral disarmament, even if you could trust Russia and China to abide by them—which you can’t.

Most Americans don’t know that the US recently removed 2  of the 3 nuclear warheads on the remaining 450 Minuteman III missiles, leaving a single warhead—a 66% reduction in nuclear missile response power, while Russia and China keep building new and more advanced missiles with up to 10 warheads each.

The “why” has to do with a major globalist conspiracy to set the US up for a nuclear pre-emptive strike that, in turn, will drive the Western world into forming a militarized global government in response—ushering in the NWO order and the loss of liberty that conservatives have long feared, along with the destruction of war.   War will finally bring on the need for all the preparations Mac Slavo and others have been urging for so long.

Don’t be lulled into false security by the establishment propaganda that “Mutually Assured Destruction” will keep nuclear weapons from ever being used.   Both Russia and China are building huge factory bunkers (Yamantau Mtn) to not only survive a nuclear strike but to continue producing weapons of war.

Our leaders are building a series of new and huge underground bunkers deep underground and you can bet it’s not because of terrorism.  Notice that they are not warning you to prepare for nuclear war.  Instead the media makes fun of the “duck and cover” drills of the fifties—just to embarrass anyone who tries to prepare today.  They know this strike is coming and, in fact, are telegraphing the message of growing US weakness through continual disarmament, in order to induce our enemies to finally strike.

PDD-60, that notorious 1997 Presidential Decision Directive that directed our nuclear forces “not to rely on Launch on Warning, but to “prepare to absorb a nuclear first strike” is still on the books and has not been repealed.  I think it is a hint that our nuclear forces are not going to get the launch codes when a first strike is launched against our missile silos and military bases. We will be set up to take the first hit, and all our major military and communications facilities will be taken out in that first strike.

If you don’t think our globalist leaders are capable of such betrayal, think again.  Remember Pearl Harbor, and 9/11—both government planned provocations in order to get us into war, and together these two false operations killed almost 7,000 people.

What better way to wipe away the growing opposition to globalism that is sweeping Europe and the US, than to create another war where the US military is taken down in a pre-emptive strike and the world will turn to any globalist promise of security in the new war?  Forget the propaganda from China about threatening US cities.  Neither they nor Russia want to kill the economic goose that lays the golden eggs, or be branded the bully of the world.  They are planning on targeting only military targets and then blackmail the West into submission.  The entire western world would be in a panic if the US military is decapitated.  Who would protect us and prosecute the new world war?  I believe our globalist leaders will emerge from their bunkers, already having planned the answer—a MILITARIZED New World Order, and the US and NATO are already making plans to build such a global military in Europe.

While all of this is building, don’t be deluded by the hype about the Muslim threat.  The war on terror is a manufactured threat that has been created by US and British black operations and in order to help justify the dismantling of constitutional protections we once enjoyed, as well as to create a constant “war on terror” diversion so that you won’t see the real threat looming from Russia and China which have long been preparing.  None of the Muslim nations have any weapons production capability except Iran, and that’s why Iran is being targeted for eventual removal.

But now that Russia’s new aggressiveness is showing in Ukraine, there’s a mass of hype developing claiming that Russia is merely protecting its interests and that the US is trying to provoke a war.  This hype is coming from two different sources: 1) predictably from the far Left, like Global Research, Stephen Lendman and Eric Zeusse, always trying to defend Castro and Putin or any other communist leader, and 2) from a few on the Anti-Globalist right like Paul Craig Roberts or who rightly see the threat of globalist control in the West, but wrongheadedly see Putin as the “savior” who, alone, has the power to take down the globalists and set us free.   That’s very naïve.

Typical of this new wave of hype is this week’s article on about “Berlin Stunned At US Desire For War In Ukraine.”  Zerohedge keys off of a Der Spiegel article that builds on US Gen. Breedlove’s recommendation for strong US action against Russia in Ukraine as proof that the US is intending to go to war with Russia.   It’s not.  Breedlove is only saying the obvious—that nothing but real force by the West is going to stop Russia from slowly taking back Ukraine.  He’s right, but he’s not in charge of policy and Obama’s globalist advisors are never going to OK anything but weak diplomacy, paper sanctions and token advisors plus a few military exercises around Ukraine—nothing that would actually force Russia’s hand to openly invade or openly respond to Western intervention.  The West will wheedle and provoke in small ways, but never confront in a major way.

Remember that for the globalists to drive us into their militarized NWO, they have to appear the victim while encouraging Russia and China to strike by weakening our forces with constant global interventions and unilateral disarmament.  They can’t be seen as directly confronting Russia with such a big military response that it forces Russia’s hand.

The purposes of the phony “fall of the Soviet Union” in 1990 was to get the West to pour money into the bankrupt Eastern block, revitalize Russia’s industry including oil and gas, and allow them to rearm using Western technology.  Now that this is well on the way, Putin is riding the wave of anti-US sentiment in Russia and elsewhere (created by US global intervention) to justify his strong military resurgence of Russian power.

Remember too that Russia moved millions of ethnic Russians into Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and the Baltics prior to the phony “fall” specifically to create future provocations, as in Ukraine, to justify other stealth invasions.  What we are seeing in Ukraine will next happen in the Baltics.  None will completely fall to Russia, and none will be taken over by open invasion at first, but Russia will use these conflicts to eventually get troops into many of the former Soviet states, as a prelude to the planned invasion of Europe.   Europe has no stomach to confront Russia, and will be in denial until it’s too late.

It’s going to be a slow move to full war for two reason:  1) Russia has to use stealth troops to disguise the invasion and move slow enough to avoid a forceful response by the West.  That’s why these truces in Ukraine never hold, but they do give the illusion that diplomacy is working, even though Russia uses them to prep for the next phase of the invasion.   2)  Russia isn’t even close to being ready militarily to take on the US and NATO.  It’s presently in a huge 5 year militarization program and its top of the line weapons systems won’t be coming on line until the beginning of the next decade.  The same is happening in China, and its newest weapon systems won’t be ready until the next decade.

The good news is that war is NOT imminent, despite the hype.  You’ve got time to prepare, but prepare you must—and for much more than just social unrest and economic collapse.  Those too will accompany war, but nuclear war requires that you prepare against fallout as well.  Don’t prepare against blast effects.  If you are within 5 miles of a military target, spend money on a strategic move —not on expensive bunkers and blast valves.  Todd Savage, the nation’s top expert in strategic relocation real estate can help you.  His consulting packages include consulting time with me as well to ensure your looking in the right region for your Strategic Relocation. In my book, The Secure Home, or the High Security Shelter book, I cover all of the architectural details you’ll need to do a lot of these preparations yourself once you make your Strategic Relocation.

Even though I don’t expect war until sometime in the next decade, it’s more important to watch for key signs of war being imminent, rather than look to a fixed timetable or prediction.   I don’t think the coming war against Iran and Syria in the Middle East is going to trigger WWIII.  Russia won’t be any more willing to go to war with the West over Iran or Syria any more than she was over Iraq.  Russia lets the US have its way militarily in the Middle East while she eavesdrops on all our battle communications and tactics so as to further her preparations for the sophisticated jamming equipment that she must have to combat US weapons when the real war starts.

Personally, my bet is that a North Korean attack on South Korea will be the likely trigger event of WWIII.  The North has such overwhelming force arrayed against the South, only 60 miles from Seoul, that the US would probably have to use tactical nukes to stop such an attack.  What better excuse for China to come to the aid of ally North Korea with a nuclear attack on US military targets, saying “the US was guilty of the ‘first use’ of nukes?   Besides, there has to be some reason to explain why the US keeps dealing permissively with North Korea, which has nuclear warheads and the missiles to deliver them (as compared to Iran which has no nukes yet—and which is threatened with every military option).  I think the globalists know that NK is being planned for the trigger event of WWIII, and they are making sure that trigger event is preserved.

So, if you see a massive invasion of NK against the South, don’t delay in getting out of major urban areas, even if not a military target.  Both Russia and China intend to use an EMP strike to cause the maximum disruption followed by the physical nuclear strike within minutes.  That EMP strike will cause a lot of social unrest, and you want to be out of town before that happens.   Don’t forget to prepare in advance a strategic place to retreat to, even if with friends or family in a rural area.

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