All Aboard the De-Dollarization Bullet Train!

The Wealth Watchman

The US Dollar’s Star Will Soon Flame Out

These days it seems that everywhere you turn, the signs are there that the petro-dollar-juiced system is coming unglued.   The gale-force winds that have been driving the world to de-dollarize have now literally become almost a raging storm.  I’ve always believed that this would indeed be the end game which we’re now witnessing playing out, but currently, even I’m bowled over at how fast the whole deck of cards is being reshuffled.

Speaking of reshuffling, over the weekend, several more prominent countries have all but joined China’s regional bank, the AIIB.  The East’s star continues to rise to the heavens, as the credit lifeline of the West gets nearer to the end of its rope.  We’re not talking about some two-bit players either, these newest nations to sign onto this project are some real doozies! Let’s examine these newest signees together, and discuss the implications.

 Newest Members

One of the newest(and certainly the largest) members to agree to the arrangement is Russia herself.  Remember, Russia is a key leader behind the anti-dollar alliance, so this comes as no great surprise that they’d also be seeking to join this financing vehicle at its outset.  After all, this new Eastern Bloc isn’t merely a Chinese phenomenon, but rather is a “joint venture”, whose progress is almost entirely defined by both Russia and China together.

It isn’t merely about “keeping up with the Joneses” though, that drove Russia to this utterly inevitable decision.  There was much more to it as explained recently by Russia Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov to RT:

“I would like to inform you about the decision to participate in the AIIB…We are delighted to be able to step up cooperation in the format of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and Chinathe free movement of goods and capital within the EEU brings economies of Europe and Asia closer.  This is intertwined with the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative, launched by the Chinese leadership.”

Well how do ya like that?  At this point, there’s no hiding it any longer: it is all about building the united Eurasian dream, which I wrote about several months ago.  As I said, it is indeed the Western globalists’ worst nightmare.  It’s the endgame that everything else is leading to: shutting out the Anglo-American banking empire from central Asia, while allowing a seamless, state-of-the-art “Silk Road” landbridge between the furthest points East(such as Vladivostok, Russia, and Yiwu, China), to furthest points West(such as Madrid or London)!

This AIIB that China is developing, isn’t simply for building infrastructure in Asia, but for taking this Eastern Bloc to the next level.  Heartland Asia cannot hope to become a world class power, while maintaining a 3rd-class transit system.

This project will turbo-charge the adaptation of high-speed railways and the sorts of technologies, that many ancient countries have, until now, only dreamed of.

The joint, two-headed Sino-Russian alliance, continues onward with the plan to replace the US dollar(which the bankers use as both the “carrot” and the “stick”).  Nothing will stop the historic progress being made on this front, as most of Europe’s elites have now either hopped on board, or will soon do so.

Europe is a Go

Speaking of new European members, many in the alternative media have still yet to notice that over the weekend, another vastly important country there has now signed on to the AIIB.  For the Netherlands has now publicly confirmed their intent to be a founding member.

This is a much bigger deal than it might first appear.  I’d like to remind our shield brother community, that though small on the map, the Dutch nation probably has held more power and influence per square mile, than most other European countries. Gold and power have flowed through its old corridors and channels for centuries.  Much of the Western, bankster tools of globalism, are still to be found in the Hague, which houses vast swathes of technocratic institutions, such as the International Criminal Court(aptly named, since the court is entirely run by criminals!).

Let’s also not forget another powerful group of insiders: the Dutch royal family.  Make no mistake, though King Willem-Alexander, and Queen Maxima, are largely unsung in the American media, they still hold a great deal of prestige and gravitas in the Old World, on a level that’s almost on part with the British royal family themselves.

For any skeptics out there who still think that the Dutch joining the AIIB is “no big deal”, I’d like to ask them one question:

Though roughly half a dozen major powers in Europe have asked for their gold reserves to be returned, who is the only country that’s managed to reacquire any tonnage of significance to date?

That’s right, the Dutch!

Why is that?

I humbly submit it’s because a great deal more hidden power still lies within its humble borders, than most folks realize. 

The Dutch joining the AIIB is crucial because it further signals that much of the old power of Europe will not stand in the way of this venture.

Another Asian “US Ally” Bids Adios

Not to be outdone by its Western counterparts, South Korea, a huge financial and business hub on the Asian scene, has now stated that it too will join hands with China’s AIIB.  This is also enormous, because, like Germany, they’re an important regional power which still currently houses a great deal of US military, troops, bases and hardware.  In other words, they’re a crucial outpost of US empire and dollar hegemony.  Even these bases though, couldn’t intimidate them from doing what’s in their best interests, and there can be no doubt that aligning with China and Russia is in their best interest.

As the head of their Finance Ministry’s International Finance Bureau, Song In-Chang explained to a gaggle of journalists:

“(The government) expects our companies to win many orders in areas such as communications, energy and transportation, where they have strength.”

It’s unbelievably simple: China is a neighbor to all of Korea.  China has the gold, the trade treaties, the connections, and the ambition to turn all of Asia into a civilization that would rival any Western power.  There is a great deal of money to be made, power to be shared, and goodwill to be fostered in this arrangement.

Why on earth wouldn’t they join?

“But Watchman, South Korea needs the US to help defend them from North Korea!  This is suicide!”

Interesting thesis, friend!

I’m curious, do you also believe that Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra are all tearin’ up the charts with their latest, hit singles, here in 2015?

Because when I hear someone say the words “South Korea”, “needs”, and “US” in the same sentence together….I instantly realize I’m talking to someone who believes…

The world has changed, my friend!

South Korea(whose GDP is the bigger than Mexico’s) hardly needs to fear North Korea(whose GDP is the size of Vermont’s)!

North Korea(whose missiles are such rubbish, that they can’t hit test targets on tiny islands just 30 miles away) is sadly so poor, that their citizens have to make a conscious choice each day:

“What do I want for breakfast: the dirt in my backyard, or the gunpowder in my AK-47 rounds?”

For Heaven’s sake, North Korea doesn’t even have potable, drinking water sources! In fact, they’ve humiliatingly had to accept the help of Western, Christian companies to come and even drill fresh-water wells for them!  While this has been a boon to Church leaders, seeking to give a new spiritual hope for some of North Korea’s oppressed citizens, it hasn’t done anything to promote the idea of North Korean technological superiority to its neighbor states!

North Korea(who is more than likely a puppet state of DC, to drum up sufficient pretext for keeping US bases in close proximity to China), is always in a chronic state of collapse.

South Korea has finally realized that they themselves could easily, easily outmatch North Korean advances(and North Korea knows this too).

Besides, there’s a very logical reason to embrace China and the AIIB, which Seoul well understands:

Why rely on a political power located on the other side of the planet for your “defense”, when joining China as a strategic, economic partner, would suddenly give you a brand new defense ally in your own backyard?

After all, as everyone knows, to the Chinese, it’s all about business!  Anything that would disrupt the peace and stability of the region, means disruption of business and a sullying of their bottom line.

China simply wouldn’t allow any serious encroachment in South Korean territory by the North.  All Beijing would have to do is apply the right pressures, and North Korea would literally disappear overnight, resulting in a long-overdo reunification of “Korea proper”.

Besides, who do you think will be rebuilding North Korean infrastructure when reunification finally does occur…..

And using what bank?

Ya see?  As I said, totally logical.

There’s new alliances to be had, and literal mountains of money to be made via trade and diplomacy…all ya gotta do is play ball.  It’s a brand new ballgame, and trust me, South Korea knows the score.  


After the disaster of World War II, DC stepped in to fill an enormous power vacuum in Asia’s periphery, and has since held much of that continent in its grip.

Re-establishing Asian sovereignty has been a tough nut to crack, but China and Russia will be the muscle used to do it, and the AIIB will be a crowbar in their arsenal….prying off every DC talon. One by one.

New members are being added to this banking alliance each day at lightning speed: as I literally just re-checked the membership roster, I see they also just added Denmark, Spain, New Zealand, and Brazil….

All in just the last weekend!

Japan is still playing coy, but you can bet they’re itching to join this illustrious roster as well!  I believe they’ll play possum just awhile longer, until the time is right to ditch the US dollar, and the former global hegemon, the US.

When that occurs, all of Asia will be truly sewn up tightly…

The last loose end of any significance to tie up is: can Taiwan be far behind?

If Taiwan does, in fact, join the AIIB, it would an enormous step forward in the peace process between that island nation and mainland China.  There would be no more great conflicts to speak of in Asia, and the US would, for all practical purposes, be the uncomfortable 3rd wheel, which nobody wants around.

The de-dollarization bullet train has left the station, the question is: are you ready for what that means for the US dollar, when it reaches its destination?

Honestly, it literally seems like just yesterday when this institution was the only game in town for Asia:

LOL Too late bro, we already have, and hopefully, history’s annals will soon do likewise…

The Wealth Watchman