US-backed Mobs Back in Hong Kong’s Streets

Land Destroyer
by Tony Cartalucci

The bad taste left in the majority of Hong Kong residents’ mouths from America’s last attempt at subversion in the Chinese special administrative region, has barely begun to fade as the US State Department and its mobs of “umbrella revolutionaries” take back to the streets in a verbatim reprisal of “Occupy Central” which ended in humiliation and defeat just months ago.

Led by the exact same exposed, corrupt opposition leaders, the clearly diminished movement was unable to “occupy” any part of downtown Hong Kong. The number of protesters was put at around 5,000 by Hong Kong’s police, while the movement’s leadership claimed their numbers were more than double that.

The South China Morning Post would admit in a recent article that:

 Leading the charge were key figures of the Occupy Central movement including Benny Tai Yiu-ting, Chan Kin-man and Reverend Chu Yiu-ming. Others at the front included Democratic Party founding chairman Martin Lee Chu-Ming as well as Daisy Chan Sin-Ying.

Benny Tai, who poses as the founder of the “Occupy Central” movement, has been sufficiently exposed as a proxy of the US State Department with nearly every organization he is associated with a direct recipient of US government funding. Also mentioned by the South China Morning Post is Martin Lee, who was literally in Washington D.C. before the US State Department’s foreign-sedition funding arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), appealing for aid ahead of planned unrest earlier last year.

Image: Google search results for “Hong Kong protests” are topped by sponsored ads posted by the US State Department’s Freedom House – raising the absurdity and transparency of American meddling abroad and their attempts to misinform and manipulate people’s perception at home.

This most recent street demonstration featured protesters carrying custom-made umbrellas in matching colors, a US gimmick used in sowing political upheaval that has earned such demonstrations the titled, “color revolution.”

This latest attempt by the US to divide and subvert political order in China is particularly absurd – with Google searches returning sponsored results by the US State Department’s “Freedom House” covering the “Hong Kong Protests,” a clear attempt at spearheading the information war waged to confuse and misinform the general public about the true nature driving current street demonstrations.

Protest Leaders Specialize in US-Subsidized Sedition 

As previously reported, opposition leader Benny Tai is a law professor at the University of Hong Kong and a regular collaborator with the US NED and its National Democratic Institute (NDI) funded Centre for Comparative and Public Law (CCPL) also of the University of Hong Kong. 

Image: “Occupy Central’s” head organizer, Benny Tai, conducts the majority
of his political activity within the US NED/NDI-funded Centre for
Comparative and Public Law (CCPL), yet NED claims no “Occupy Central”
leader is receiving any assistance from NED. One must wonder what NED
defines as “assistance” if cash handouts do not apply.  
In 2006-2007 (annual report, .pdf) he was named as a board member – a position he has held until at least as recently as last year. In CCPL’s 2011-2013 annual report (.pdf), NDI is listed as having provided funding to the organization to “design and implement an online Models of Universal Suffrage portal where the general public can discuss and provide feedback and ideas on which method of universal suffrage is most suitable for Hong Kong.”

Curiously, in CCPL’s most recent annual report for 2013-2014 (.pdf), Tai is not listed as a board member. However, he is listed as participating in at least 3 conferences organized by CCPL, and as heading at least one of CCPL’s projects. At least one conference has him speaking side-by-side another prominent “Occupy Central” figure, Audrey Eu. The 2013-2014 annual report also lists NDI as funding CCPL’s “Design Democracy Hong Kong” website.

Civic Party chairwoman Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, in addition to speaking at CCPL-NDI functions side-by-side with Benny Tai, is entwined with the US State Department and its NDI elsewhere. She regularly attends forums sponsored by NED and its subsidiary NDI. In 2009 she was a featured speaker at an NDI sponsored public policy forum hosted by “SynergyNet,” also funded by NDI. In 2012 she was a guest speaker at the NDI-funded Women’s Centre “International Women’s Day” event, hosted by the Hong Kong Council of Women (HKCW) which is also annually funded by the NDI.

Image: “Occupy Central” leader Martin Lee in Washington before the
National Endowment for Democracy (NED) appealing for aid in upcoming
These connections are not accusations concocted by “state controlled Chinese news outlets,” but rather documented by the US State Department and its subsidiaries and recipients themselves. 

Martin Lee, who previously was claimed not to be involved in the “Occupy Central” movement by the US NED in a vain attempt to dispel evidence implicating the US in funding political subversion in Hong Kong, is now clearly in the front ranks. 

Perhaps NED believes both the people of Hong Kong, and global audiences have forgotten his recent trip to Washington D.C. where he spoke at a NED-sponsored event focused on forcing China to honor demands made by the UK as it departed Hong Kong after a century and a half of imperial occupation.

The widespread, positive spin the Western media is greeting recent protests with despite their immense unpopularity locally, is a clear indicator that the immense US-backing propping up “Occupy Central” before is still well in place. 

It is no wonder then, why the US State Department must spend US taxpayer’s money to buy top-ranked Google ads regarding Hong Kong’s recent protests – the ads leading to pages claiming to explain the “background” of the political crisis. 

Clearly, if people skipped past Wall Street and Washington’s rhetoric and the constant din of lies emitted by the West’s vast media monopolies, and simply followed the money, the truth – not to mention the immense illegitimacy – of “Occupy Central” would be obvious. And with such truth being so obvious, such machinations are doomed to fail. In fact, the West’s attempts to stir trouble up in Hong Kong so soon after its previous failure, almost defies explanation – because while it may have retained the ability to fool Western audiences, it has demonstrated absolutely it has fooled no one in Hong Kong or greater China. 

Land Destroyer