The Coming Attack Upon Our Water Supplies

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by Dave Hodges

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I have been speaking with some of my friends in the media, all who have separate off-the-books-sources who are all saying remarkably similar things in regard to what they say is about to happen.

For the past several days and I have received two pieces of intelligence information which includes major contractors, American military forces and the Army Corps of Engineers and the fact that they appear to be readying for something big.

Three National Security Organizations Are Coalescing In Preparation for Action

All three security areas have people who are putting out intelligence which is extremely consistent with each other. First, the military appears poised to go after ISIS before their covert terrorist cells go active. There are contractors, who are used in support operations combat who have been told they are deploying to Iraq and Syria. However, there are also civilian contractors who have been told to stand by for action inside CONUS.

Secondly, and as I have been reporting, some key military personnel have had their leaves canceled for the month of January. The primary area impacted by the revocation of these leaves are personnel in nuclear weapons defense and the Army Corps of Engineers. How would the Army Corps of Engineers become involved with what is coming? Stay tuned!

Some of these people have been “alert” for several weeks and it involves an ISIS military operation and a series of unannounced domestic operations.

Those of you who subscribe the apparent false flag nature of the situation in Paris may now know the objective of such a false flag operation. The goals seems to be to drum up support for anti-Muslim military operations in the Middle East directed against extremists who are allegedly beginning terror operations against the West.

What Is the Target of the Coming Attack?

If one were to ask me this question before Christmas, I would have said we are going to have a cyber terror attack against our banking system resulting in a catastrophic collapse of our economy with people not having access to their money. However, there is now some evidence that our utilities will be the target which could come under attack, specifically, an attack against our water treatment facilities.

I do not like releasing information from confidential sources which is totally unsupported by other data. The intelligence information is coming from three media personnel representing five confidential sources by my count and all of the sources are unnamed. For the past three weeks, I have been following leads which could support the notion.

The Evidence Trail Pointing to a Concerned Government With Regard to Water Treatment Facilities

According to most utility district managers, this potential threat is already on their minds as well as cyber security professionals. I have uncovered reports that surfaced on the Internet in October of 2011, that a cyber attack had taken down a water pump at a Springfield, Illinois water treatment facility. I now believe what we are looking at in this attack upon Springfield, Illinois , in 2011, was a beta test for what could be coming in the present day. Interestingly, following the Illinois attack, DHS and the FBI became quickly involved. Following the incident, the damage control police reared their ugly heads and uniformly stated that the Illinois incident was never a threat. However, at the AWWA Water Security Congress, for which a “roadmap” for water security, they tell a different story. The report was prepared and participants were told significant progress had been made in water security research to protect drinking water against a terror attack. Therefore, somebody in a position of power thought that that the Illinois incident was credible despite the denials of DHS and the FBI.

In July of 2014, the Ponemon Institute and Unisys issued a report entitled “Critical Infrastructure: Security Preparedness and Maturity.” The report surveyed nearly 600 IT security executives in 13 countries from the utility, oil and gas, alternative energy, and manufacturing sectors. According to the study, 67% of companies say they “have had at least one security compromise that led to the loss of confidential information or disruption to operations” in the past year. I call this the probing of our defenses.

My research has convinced me that this is a highly credible threat and that in this same study 54% of companies are not confident or unsure if they could upgrade their antiquated security systems to the next improved security state in cost-effective ways without sacrificing “mission-critical security.”  In other words, utility managers are well aware of the threat to critical infrastructure (i.e. water treatment) and these leaders are saying we do not have the ability to upgrade to a more sophisticated security system. This is a national problem and the American people are at extreme risk.

The Potential Cost of An Attack Upon Water Treatment Facilities

The recorded history of attacks on water systems goes back 4,500 years ago, when Urlama, King of Lagash from 2450 to 2400 BC, diverted water from this region to boundary canals, drying up boundary ditches to deprive the neighboring city state of Umma of water. His son Il later cut off the water supply to Girsu, a city in Umma. The casualties were astronomical. As Mark Twain said, “history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme”.


Terrorists equipped with a relatively small conventional explosive might not be able to cause serious structural damage to a massive dam, which is, after all, usually a giant block of rock, earth or concrete. But the adverse consequences of a major dam failure make the risk worth both assessing and reducing. A major dam failure can kill thousands of people and even more modest damage might interrupt power generation or affect some other important water system operation”.



Heilprin (2005) found that “A more modern infrastructure concern is the use of remote computers to attack valves, pumps and chemical processing equipment though computer-based controls. If a group or individual could gain control over the automated operations of water facilities, water supplies or quality could be seriously compromised”.



The Threat Upon Our Water Supplies


In 1992, the Army Corps of Engineers moved into the emergency water treatment world. In case of a terror attack, the agency would coordinate a response and mitigation strategies under the auspices of DHS. In light of the perceived threat upon our water treatment facilities, the involvement of the Corps makes perfect sense and the apparent imminent threat to our water supplies would clearly dictate that said personnel would have their leaves cancelled.


The cancellation among some key military personnel would not ordinarily be suspicious, however, in light of everything else, the need to use the military for the ensuing civil chaos which would follow an attack upon our water supplies is apparent.


The Threat of An Attack Upon Water Treatment


If one major community, say Chicago, were to have its water treatment destroyed through a cyber attack, the country could mobilize and prevent widespread loss of life. However, if an attack of up to a dozen major communities, happened in this manner, would result in catastrophic loss of life.


If water treatment was unable to filter waste particles from our drinking water, that community would quickly experience an outbreak of the deadly cholera which is one of the major causes of death in the third world in which water treatment is very crude.


According to a couple of prepper experts that I spoke with, it would take 3-5 days for the worst to begin to happen following the compromising of water treatment. Clearly, civil unrest would go viral as people would begin to search for drinking supplies after their personal drinking supplies became exhausted.


Variables such as the time of year would come into play and have a significant role in the severity of the crisis. Could you imagine if this were to happen in Phoenix, where I live, in the summer?


Personnel Preparation


The one thing that everyone can do would be to store enough water for six months. Having a water treatment device would be critical. There are 50 gallon water drums that can be inexpensively purchased. Water treatment drops would be essential for such a storage device. Also, it is important to store water out of the way of sunlight and heat. And of course, if you live in an urban area, you will need to find ways to protect your supplies.


The Source of the Attack


As you continue to watch football, realize that they are here.

As you continue to watch football, realize that they are here.

The CIA controlled ISIS is everywhere. This picture was taken during the first set of Ferguson riots in August.

The CIA controlled ISIS is everywhere. This picture was taken during the first set of Ferguson riots in August.

Clearly, whether it is true or not, the source of the attack upon water supplies would be blamed on ISIS and perhaps that is correct. ISIS has already had a recognizable presence in the United States as evidenced by their presence in Ferguson.





I have watched as the number of the people who have this information has grown and the information transcends several domains. If one takes reasonable precautions with regard to this threat, what is the worst thing that could happen? You would simply drink your mistake. However, I do not believe that this is a mistake. Attacking the water supplies makes a great deal of sense because the effects would be widespread and potentially catastrophic. If you are not prepared in this area, I would suggest doing so quickly because there appears to an air of emergency in terms of our response personnel.

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