Are Global Warming & Geo-Engineering Preventing an Ice Age?

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by Susanne Posel

John Holdren, assistant to the President for Science and technology, recently commented that “global warming may be preventing a new ice age.”

Holdren affirmed there is “solid evidence exists” that burning petrol and other fossil fuels; as well as “human activities” are producing climate change.”

Then the “science czar” stated: “We know beyond any reasonable doubt that humans are the main cause of the warming of the earth’s climate that has been measured over the past few decades. The warming is unequivocal… While the climate of the earth has changed over the millennia as a result of natural factors — principally changes in the tilt and orientation of the earth’s axis and rotation, and in the shape of its orbit around the sun — those changes occur far too gradually to have noticeable effects over a period of mere decades. In their current phases, moreover, they would be gradually cooling the earth — taking us to another ice age — if they weren’t being more than offset by human-caused warming.”

To clarify the president’s stance, the use of the phrase global climate disruption (GCD) has replaced other identifiers such as climate change in an effort to quell dogmatic assertions and pave the way for evidence-based hypotheses.

Earlier this year, Holdren suggested GCD was a better “nomenclature to describe the end result of dumping vast quantities of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into Earth’s atmosphere.”

Holdren said: “I’ve always thought that the phrase ‘global warming’ was something of a misnomer because it suggests that the phenomenon is something that is uniform around the world, that it’s all about temperature, and that it’s gradual. We should call it ‘global climate disruption.’ Although the rising average global surface temperature is an indicator of the degree of disruption that we have imposed on the global climate system, what’s actually happening involves changes in circulation patterns, changes in precipitation patterns, and changes in extremes. And those are very different in different places.”

Two years ago, Holdren stated that, geo-engineering would assist in stabilizing the planet’s weather with regard to global warming.

Holdren said geo-engineering was a perfectly viable method of cooling the earth’s temperature.

In August of 2014, Zhengyu Liu, professor of atmospheric and ocean sciences at the University of Wisconsin, ice sheet has grown by 920,000 square miles which explains why the team had to turn back at the Northwest Passage; which remains blocked with pack-ice.

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