We Have Much More to Fear Than Fear Itself

The Common Sense Show
by Dave Hodges

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover


To paraphrase Franklin Roosevelt, “We have more to fear, than fear itself”. Even the sheep are beginning to know that things are not just quite right. You are reading this article for the same reason.

Because of the blessings bestowed upon me by the spirit of Jesus Christ, I have lived an absolutely blessed life. I have been fortunate enough to have successfully pursued four major career interests, I have wonderful friends, a beautiful family and everyday is a fun adventure. In the course of my day, I have the honor to help people and I make money by having fun. Believe me, when I say that  I do not need to write articles, appear on 3-4 talk shows per week and to broadcast my own radio show in order to have a blessed life. My writing and my broadcasting are an anathema to my professional and private life. I pray for the day that I do not feel compelled to do what I am doing. My son asked me yesterday what I would with my free time when “we win”.  I could not think of a coherent “in the world” answer because right now humanity is getting its butt kicked on so many fronts.

A Paradigm Shift

brzezinski kill a millionThe vast majority of people do not handle paradigm changes very well. Infamous globalist and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski stated in his book, Between Two Ages..., that when a society transitions from one societal form to another (e.g. agricultural to industrial), the people go through “hell”.  America and for that matter, the world, is in that position and we are about to go through hell.

Some of my readers have privately written to me and stated that have noted a shift, this week, in what I have been writing. Some have stated that I have gone from rationally expressing legitimate concern over our criminal government’s actions (e.g. their intended G-20 inspired bail-in of our bank accounts, the theft of our pensions by Jack Lew and Obama’s compromising national defense, etc.) to an hysterical concern over our collective futures (e.g. the release of an EMP attack by China and Russia through their proxy state, the North Koreans). The unfolded events that I, and others, have written about are stunningly dangerous. However, my manner of expression was very calm and I purposely understated some of the danger because I understand the impact of a paradigm shift. People are frightened because they sense something terrible is afoot and it matters little what anyone writes, people, even some of the sheep, have a feeling of generalized anxiety.

If Thomas Paine were alive today, he would again write the words “These are the times that try men’s souls”.  The events of today are frightening.  I have previously covered the fact that many times people can accurately sense when they are being stared at from behind, or can sense danger in advance of the event. We have plenty of psychological  experiments which have demonstrated these phenomenon. Call it a “Word of Knowledge” or some unknown type of psychic premonition, but most of us  have a knowingness that things are not right and when people are faced with these kinds of paradigm changes, they often lash out or dig their feet in and deny the set of circumstances that they find themselves in.


The people writing to me  are looking for reassurance that what I am saying may be wrong despite my best intentions. I regret that I must disappoint these wonderful people. Not only do I have trusted insider sources providing me with information which has proven to be accurate time after time, average, every-day people are beginning to report on the signs of these unfolding challenges and reporting them to me. The recent current events are pointing to a decided direction towards martial law in this country followed by World War III. Not writing about these issues will not make them go away, no matter how much I wish this were true.

A Dramatic Shift In Emotionality

In the past few weeks, I have seen or heard grown men, military men,  who have fearlessly faced death in combat, break down and weep at what’s coming. They have expressed extreme fear and admitting to feeling powerless with regard to the world events as they are unfolding. These men are my personal barometers. Their collective reactions tell me what dangerous times we live in.

America may come through this time and survive, at least temporarily. However, one can be certain that we are in very perilous times and all of us are frontline participants in the unfolding war.


One Would Have to Be Blind to Not See the Warning Signs of Our Potential Doom

Because I grew up in Colorado and because of the Stacy Lynne child abduction case in which she had her child stolen by Judge Julie Kunce Fields for daring to fight against Agenda 21 policies in Ft. Collins, I know many people in Ft. Collins in many walks of life. As a result of

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith

my extensive Ft. Collins area contacts, I have learned that the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department (Ft. Collins) have had two meetings about an EMP attack. The first meeting was held late last week with key deputies. Since that time, the entire force was required to attend one of several briefings on the topic of EMP attacks. Ft. Collins is the self-proclaimed “Jewel of the ICLEI (Agenda 21) empire”. They are not just not another community, Ft. Collins is the second seed vault headquarters in the world for the elite. These realities tells us that we should pay attention to what is going on in Ft. Collins.

Ft.Collins Seed Vault

Ft.Collins Seed Vault

Key personnel at Ft.Huachuga have been told to keep their combat gear bug out bag with them at all times.

On Steve Quayle’s alert page, there are multiple reports of grocery stores being unable to replenish their shelves.

The people at Veterans Today are picking up on the fact that some very bad things are coming at us.

I have received notice from many from around the country regarding temporary power outages. It is beginning to look like the power grid is being probed for vulnerability.


On some level, many people from all walks of life have a  foreboding feeling that something bad is about to happen. Sky News is reporting, that an ever-increasing number of Americans seem to think that there is a danger of things falling apart, and they’re preparing are prepping, in unprecedented numbers, for some unknown danger.


Don’t let your uneasiness paralyze you (e.g. “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”). However, it might be best if we join the preppers because it strongly appears that we are not getting the warnings of danger from the top down, but instead, we are getting the warnings from the bottom up. My advice to all is to put the armor of God on and prepare to take care of business because “we have much more to fear than fear itself”.

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