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What if I were to tell you that some of the “facts” that you, I, and every member of the last couple of generations took as truth were, in fact, false? Let’s take something as monumental as how one of the greatest tyrants in the past century died. Now, we have all been taught that Adolf Hitler took his own life, along with the life of his wife, Eva Braun, on April 30th, 1945 as the Allied Forces marched toward victory and Berlin. Accounts vary as to whether he was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, or by ingesting cyanide. But, all “historical” accounts claim that Adolf and Eva died together In Hitler’s Berlin Bunker. What if I were to tell you that there has been substantial evidence found to prove that this is absolutely false, and nothing more than propaganda? The real evidence shows that:

At Midnight on April 27th 1945 Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, and her brother in-law SS General Hermann Fegelein slipped away from the hell of the Führerbunker through a secret tunnel in Hitler’s personal quarters in the devastated Reich Chancellory to the Berlin Underground. They were replaced by doubles chosen by Reichsfuhrer Martin Bormann and his close associate SS-General Heinrich “Gestapo” Mueller.
Hitler and his party walked through the Underground tunnels to the exit at Fehrbelliner Strasse. Waiting for them on the cleared roadway of the Hohenzollerndamm was a Ju52 transport aircraft piloted by SS Captain Peter Baumgart of the secretive Luftwaffe Unit KG 200. The group flew to Tonder in Denmark, where the party took a second JU52 to the Luftwaffe base at Travemunde.

Changing planes again the party boarded a long-range JU 252 and flew to the Spanish Military base at Reus, 80 kms south of Barcelona, in Spain.

General Franco supplied a further aircraft, in Spanish markings, to fly the party to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands, where 24 hours later they boarded U-518 under the command of Oberleutnant zur See Hans Werner Offermann.

A signal was sent to Berlin from the island’s base at Villa Winter, and on the instructions of Reichsleiter Bormann, Hitler’s double, Gustav Weber, and the unknown actress, who had played his wife for just two days, were executed by SS General Mueller.

The bodies were carried out of the bunker and under Russian shellfire were incinerated in the garden. The greatest sleight of hand in history was complete.

Fifty-three days later on the Argentine coast at Necochea south of Mar Del Plata, General Fegelein – who had arrived three days earlier on U-880 – welcomed his Führer and sister-in law to the safety of fascist-dominated Argentina.

Hitler would live there for the next 17 years, initially raising his two daughters and planning the re-birth of the worst regime in history. The couple separated in 1953, Eva sick of her lost-life in the foothills of the Andes taking the girls to live in the small town of Neuquen. In the early 2000’s the women were still alive.

Adolf Hitler finally died on February 13th 1962 at 3pm in the afternoon, demented, tormented and betrayed by Martin Bormann, attended only by his personal physician Dr. Otto Lehmann, and his faithful aide, former Graf Spee crewman, Heinrich Berthe.

Martin Bormann, with the help of Colonel Juan Peron and his wife Evita, in the pay of the Nazis since 1941, had carried out the biggest theft in world history, transferring Billions of dollars in gold, patents, bearer bonds, shares and art works to safe havens around the world, especially in Argentina, Switzerland and Turkey.

He was helped in his plan to save himself and the Führer by senior US Intelligence officers, they receiving in turn, plundered Art and treasures, the Nazi’s huge technology advances in Rocketry, weaponry – including atomics – and technology. It was a pact with the devil that would shape the world post-1945.

After five years of research, Journalist, writer and film Director Gerrard Williams, along with Military Historian Simon Dunstan, have finally pieced together the real story of the death of Adolf Hitler.

Previously unpublished Intensive field research in Argentina, including interviews with many eyewitnesses to his presence there, new findings that prove the “Hitler” skull fragments held by the Russians are actually that of a woman, and previously unpublished scientific evidence proving Hitler had a double being used in public in Berlin as late as March 1945 make the story compelling.*

The implications of this story run so much deeper than just the shocking truth that Hitler lived , until 1962, in South America. They lead us to question what other “historical events” that we have been taught to be the TRUTH are nothing more than lies, half-truths, and straight out propaganda. Questions such as: Why did we really enter the Vietnam War and Who really killed JFK and why? And, What circumstances are behind 9/11? These and other questions immediately spring to mind. If we find that there is compelling evidence to reshape our view of how, and when, Adolf Hitler died, then we must ask ourselves, “What else have we been lied to about?”

In this captivating interview with co-author Gerrard Williams, The Liberty Brothers discuss these perception-shattering implications and much, much more.

*reprinted from Streling Publishers Grey Wolf – The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams

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