The Global Angle In The Sky Geometry Lesson Over Chattanooga

Geoengineering Watch
By David Tulis

The name is a grand one, I know, but I cover stratospheric aerosol geoengineering over Chattanooga for the primary purpose of encouraging divestment.

By divestment I mean escaping one capital investment and shifting to another. The developing story of artificial cloud cover over your hometown is a visual proof of numerous arguments that attack the progressive state and its various salvations. The argument for local economy is one for liberty and prosperity, of noninterventionism of every kind. The regulation of even the very horizon lines and the skies by the U.S. suggests you remove far from it, spiritually, socially, economically and financially.

The artificial cloud cover over Chattanooga is an argument against the ideals of noninterventionism and free markets. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering — with its many attendant evil results — makes the case that the good people in national government are not just indifferent to you and your future, but against you.

The artificial cloud cover over Chattanooga is a picture not of security and safety, but of careless indifference to the health of common people, thousands of feet below these aircraft and their “prescriptions” for the weather (as a doctoral dissertation dully puts it). Not only should we perceive that this form of official public policy pollution is bad for human health, it may be bad for planetary health, as well. It is a distinct possibility that global sunlight management is accelerating an alleged manmade global warming. My reading into this subject since March and having dealt into the fourth-dimension of academic literature about climate control suggests that global warming and unprecedented weather conditions worldwide can be attributed less to human industry and highway air pollution than to jet traffic and its skyborne geometry lesson.

The jet traffic is where we start our contemplations of climate control seized by men. We start with our powers of observation. The photos above are just a sampling of what your eyes tell you about the weather. I mix Chattanooga photos of the past few days with shots published by others of other places subject to the same activity.

Why not do something to protest?

I ask myself about remedies to sky tattooing over Chattanooga. Of legal remedies I am doubtful, as it would take a great deal of money to litigate. The theory would be that chemtrailing of Chattanooga is a mass tort whose state actors are not protected by compelling state interest from damage to individuals. Of political remedies, I see only toothlessness. Should I contact my county commissioner to ask him to look up? Should one use a three-minute slot at the end of a Chattanooga city council meeting to make a statement and hand around a few CDs with photos, papers and patents? So what happens if my hometown governors follow the lead of Shasta County, Calif., which held a hearing on chemtrailing as official pollution in July? A letter is sent to an EPA office in Washington, and that is that.

Political remedies are remote because no public consensus exists for action, and even a “green” elected official would be timorous to support a complaint against manufactured skies. A legal remedy would face the secrecy of the welfare-warfare state, classification of programs as secret, the national interest, doctrines such as compelling state interest and an impenetrable bureaucracy behind which the real actors remain hidden.

So great is the sway of what James Madison called “the moneyed interest” (Federalist No. 10) that no squeak from a Tennessee citizen will matter, and in fighting the winged dragon aloft he will exhaust himself as Sysiphus does in Greek mythology. Chemtrailing has been covered only in two media outlets in Chattanooga — its No. 2 outlet (, run by historian and journalist John Wilson) and its No. 7 outlet, the platform online and at 1240 and 910 on the AM radio dial. How to build consensus if the highly visible program is studiously ignored? How to build support for attacking a program that has altered the weather, poured yellow haze over downtown, Ooltewah, Hixson, Tiftonia and Soddy-Daisy, and seems inconsistent with the lofty United Nations concept of sustainability?

Some indicators

My photo galleries are important because they suggest that horizon-to-horizon lines are not innocent “contrails” as the EPA and as Bob Colby, city and county air pollution control board director, allege, but national policy

Stops and starts. That trails over Chattanooga stop and start suggests human action in trail formation, not haphazard water vapor and condensation, as argued by Lana Sutton at Facebook’s CNR and others.

Conditions for greater heat. Researcher Jason Box tells about about Greenland’s black snows. “I was just stunned, really,” Box told Slate. Black absorbs heat, and melts the underlying ice. Who possibly could occasion such conditions? Citing black plumes, operators of Europe’s say global warming is not the threat, but the goal of spraying programs.

We do not now believe the threat is real, and have recently come to the conclusion, having attended the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 in Berlin, that the current climate engineering programs we see are to promote warming rather than prevent it, and to increase CO2 as to bolster the idea of a “climate emergency.”

Milky sky. Chattanooga has bizarre hazes almost every day. Often they are yellow. I live north of the river, and often my view southward shows a line of white on the horizon. Even on days when no crisscrossing jets are evident, the city is covered by messy white coverage. The UK writer describes the sky over his country and speculates as to the content.

These are perhaps the most confusing type of trail we see in Europe. Some planes, we think the Boeing 737s, spray what can only be described as haze. Short-lived shimmering trails that fill our sky with tiny fibres. This is why our skies look so strange on many days with our clouds having little definition, and the skies overall being a milky mess. They don’t seem to have an obvious role in any recognised climate engineering context. We believe these fibres to be nano-scale polymer fibres, and certainly man-made. We also believe that they are the cause of sore eyes, itchy throats and possibly even the exacerbation of breathing-related conditions. Breathing in air saturated with tiny particles is really not good for us as most people are now aware, so these types of trails cannot realistically be considered to be benign at this stage. We are investigating further.

The group has challenged environmental enforcers with no results. “We have challenged the MET Office several time about this and they seem unable to explain the fact that our air is often so hazy that visibility can be as low as just a few miles. Far from being a rare occurrence it seems to be the norm now. When was the last truly clear day you remember?”

Bizarre weather patterns. Calgary, Canada, is hit with 8 inches of snow Sept. 8 in what calls a “a rare summer snowstorm.” A desert called Arizona is being ripped by floods.

Cloud seeding used to fight chemtrailing. California fights back against chemtrail operation with own “black-ops weather control technology from Vietnam war,” namely, sky seeding with silver iodide particles, according to Forbes’ William Pentland. That war’s Operation Popeye raised precipitation 5 percent in Laos and Cambodia to block communist supply lines. “California state agencies appear to have embraced cloud-seeding as a cost-effective strategy for mitigating the impacts of a severe and prolonged drought.”

Storyline management. Backers of traditional environmentalist theory are urging their fellows to downplay geoengineering for climate change. Why? If chemtrailing and proposed climate management is viewed as a pie-in-the-sky solution to “environmental issues,” less support will flow to crackdowns upon human activity on the surface of the earth — regulation, suppression of coal, reduction of highway use and so on, according to (“Why Environmentalists Should Keep Quiet About Geoengineering”).

Iron dome better than thought. Weather management over Chattanooga and your city inject millions of tons of metals and particulate in the sky, ostensibly to deflect sunlight. Though the nano shield could serve the purpose of RAISING global temps, the storyline tendered to the public is that a climate emergency is ahead, and nation-states must take total control of all factors that affect weather (much like the constitution’s commerce clause has been stretched to give the U.S. purported jurisdiction in almost every commercial activity).

Solar radiation management injects particles in the sky that “scatter and absorb incoming sunlight,” reports. “and affect the formation and properties of clouds.” Its report says clouds over oceans have the greatest albedo, or reflective power. A study says if scientists can change the internal properties of clouds, it will help “cool the planet.

Moreover, they found that the total impact from the influence of aerosols on this type of cloud is almost double that estimated in the latest report of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

That study was funded by Nasa and the office of naval research.

Manufactured weather. California is in the process of being destroyed by chemtrailing operations off the coast that prevent water-laden zephrs from coming inland. A satellite feed confirms this process of desiccating — or drying up — weather systems. Stratospheric aerosols are laid in perpendicular fashion against windstreams, and the hydrological cycles are altered. The drought has cost the state 62 trillion gallons of water, as measured by GPS instruments of the rising levels of severerely dried ground, according to (“California’s Record Drought Is Making Earth’s Surface Rise,” Aug. 21, 2014)

OK, so what is divestment?

The story of chemtrailing over Chattanooga is part of a much larger story involving national governments around the world playing hazard with the public health and welfare of their people. In the exercise of what legally is called police power, states such as Tennessee have a duty to enhance the public weil, to protect the public — that means you. National government has much less a care for any state, nor any person residing within any state. If you are invested in the national economy you are invested in the protection of the government in Washington, D.C., the capital.

The story of what one geoengineering enthusiasts call “negative emissions” is one that should increase your sense of caution about these we call “the good people.” It should make you distrust them, their presidents, congressmen, lead regulators and benefactors. You should distrust the silence of the establishment media on this story. You should distrust the global climate change story, as it is highly likely it is being used to manipulate your thought processes and your perspective.

Time eludes me to say more about action steps. In brief, your action steps should be divestment from national economy and investment in local economy. In other words, pull your capital from the establishment narrative, bring it home, and invest locally — starting with yourself, starting with cash, starting with debt reduction, starting with your family, starting with a family garden.

This video shows how chemtrail operations smear incoming rainfall.


Jets lace Chattanooga skies Sunday afternoon, Sept. 14, 2014, with some frames showing 9 trails. Later, in early evening, I watch jets flying south leaving no plumes. Empty dispersal craft?


A plume over my church in Brainerd dissipates Sunday in bright but hazed-out sun.


Chemtrailing is a global phenomenon that gives control of weather to important and unelected officials. Here the sun over Porto Potenza Picena, Italy, is weakened in what is ostensibly a plan by nation-states to cool the planet.


This happy photo from the group suggests family felicity with toxic overtones.


Oissel, France, suffers another day of overflights and artificial cloud cover. (Photo Facebook)


Notice inthis street scene in Portugal how persistent contrails drift into their intended state as stratospheric clouds. (Photo Facebook)


Jet traffic and aluminum dispersal overflights dull the sky over Feltham, London, as often jets do over Chattanooga, Tenn.


I count nine sky stripes driving north Sunday on state Highway 153 near the dam Sept. 14, 2014.


Chattanooga skies often are a confused mix, as is this one Sunday. Rarely are skies blue over my hometown. This air pollution is accepted as a naturally occurring condition because its source is obscured, though visible. Hiding in plain sight?


Church is over, and I am in the parking lot looking to the sky over Chattanooga on Sept. 14, 2014. No Lord’s Day rest for crews of the American stratospheric aerosol geoengineering program.


England, too, has too much heat-absorbing dark matter such as roofs, highways and parking lots. So the people of Blackpool get their prescription of milky sky to deflect evil sunbeams.


Sky stripes thrown perpendicularly against incoming rainy weather is able to obliterate the prospect of a single drop. Here, Portsmouth, N.H. (Photo Facebook)


Factory skies in this photo so impress a Frenchman that he uses it on his landing page at Stop Geo-ingenierie, a chemtrail-oriented website.


Italians love wine, pasta, leisurely lunches and dodging taxes. But they can’t dodge skies such as these. (Photo Facebook)


Remarkable photo from Switzerland; the pilots who laid these sky tattoos perhaps had them scheduled. Such complexes and stripe patterns are used by energy-projecting facilities around globe to regulate weather and fulfill other purposes. (Photo Facebook)


On a day in which Chattanooga is “geoengineered,” the sky looks as it does here in. Notice the pollution levels looking east from Hixson.


Jets muck up the sky to deflect sun Sept. 13, 2014, over my residence in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. Doing yardwork a few miles from my house with a son, I am expected to inhale particulates without complaint.


Same persistent contrail as in photo above in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn.


Jets hammer Chattanooga Sept. 3, as seen from Chapman Road and auto row. The low-grade yellow haze is typical of Chattanooga. Care to verify that suggestion?


Jets hammer Chattanooga Sept. 3, as seen from Chapman Road and auto row. The low-grade yellow haze is typical of Chattanooga. Care to verify that suggestion?


Baltimore, Md., is given sky plumes for weather modification and other state purposes. (Photo Raymond Black)

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