Climate Scientists Say Nuclear Power Will Save the Climate

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by Susanne Posel

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James Hansen, formerly of NASA who is currently with the Columbia University Earth Institute (CUEI); Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology (CI-DGE); Kerry Emanuel, a professor of atmospheric science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) fellow Tom Wigley, are calling for world leaders to develop safe nuclear power systems as an answer to climate change.

These climate scientists are “writing to “urge [world leaders] to advocate the development and deployment of safer nuclear energy systems. We appreciate your organization’s concern about global warming, and your advocacy of renewable energy. But continued opposition to nuclear power threatens humanity’s ability to avoid dangerous climate change.”

The authors of the open letter state that “continued opposition to nuclear power threatens humanity’s ability to avoid dangerous climate change.”

They claims that it “it may be theoretically possible to stabilize the climate without nuclear power; in the real world there is no credible path to climate stabilization that does not include a substantial role for nuclear power.”

These men are not above using propaganda, as they explain: “Regardless of these advantages, nuclear needs to be encouraged based on its societal benefits.”

In the end, the group states: “We ask you and your organization to demonstrate its real concern about risks from climate damage by calling for the development and deployment of advanced nuclear energy.”

Interestingly, Hansen co-authored a study in 2000 on global warming as projected into the coming decades.

The study, entitled Global warming in the twenty-first century: An alternative scenario , pointed out that “rapid warming in recent decades has been driven mainly by non-CO2 greenhouse gases . . . not by the products of fossil fuel burning, CO2 and aerosols.”

After conducting the study, Hansen concluded that it was not man-made CO2 that was causing global warming.

Since then, Hansen has become a spokesperson for climate change and man’s sole responsibility in the destruction of the planet.

In April of 2012, Hansen gave a lecture where he argued that future generations would be challenged by climate change and these effects could be mitigated by “a flat-rate global tax is needed to force immediate cuts in fossil fuel use.”

In the study, Hansen cites the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a UN environmental agency, as authority.

The Special Report on Emissions Scenarios and their attention to GHGs.

Although the climate change computer models used by the ICPP and Hansen are focused on “business as usual” scenarios with rapidly increasing GHGs, that has not been the case in real world observation by environmental scientists across the globe.

Hansen is now head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. His views on man-made global warming have changed over the decades to reflect a near eco-Fascist perspective.

Knowing this, 50 of NASA’s former scientists and astronauts came together to write a formal letter to Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator, demanding that Hansen be prohibited from “including unproven remarks” supporting global warming in the mainstream media, via the NASA website.

Leighton Steward, critic of man-made global warming and author, heralds the scientists and astronauts for speaking out. “These American heroes, the astronauts that took to space and the scientists and engineers that put them there, are right to criticize NASA’s advocacy of an extreme and unsubstantiated position.”

The danger posed by nuclear power is evidenced in Fukushima.

The Japanese government has been working hard to cover up the severity of the Fukushima disaster which government agencies have hidden important data in a direct intentional effort to misrepresent the effects of the crisis to the public.

In July of 2012, at Fukushima, reactor No. 4 was automatically suspended because the cooling system for the spent fuel pool begun to malfunction.

Tepco was unable to activate the cooling system. Plant officials are “looking into the situation” assuming that an expedited rise in temperature is unlikely.

In May 2011, the Norsk Institute’s online site, which was monitoring worldwide radioactive contamination across the globe. They compiled a list of toxins that were introduced by the Fukushima plume.

Here is a short list of the half-life of five of the radioactive isotopes in the air, food and water that are poisoning us and children:

• Cesium 137: 30 years
• Plutonium 239: 24,000 years
• Strontium 90: 29 years [mimics calcium in the body]
• Uranium 235: 700-million years
• Iodine 131: 8 days [absorbed into the thyroid and gives heavy radiation dose

Here in the US, the EnviroReporter, through their Inspector Alert nuclear radiation monitor, conducted over 1,500 radiation tests after a severe storm in Southern California. The findings were astounding.

The radiation levels were the highest ever seen; at 506% above normal background levels.

The rain in Southern California that was tested was made up of sea mists that moved over the Pacific Ocean.

In the Los Angeles Basin, the higher trade winds showed high levels of radiation. The rain in the area of Santa Monica monitored by the Radiation Station began showing high levels of radiation after fallout was detected in tests beginning in March 2011.

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