World Without Humans Author Calls for Eugenics to Deal With Debunked Climate Change

by Kurt Nimmo

Eugenics, as always, provides the answer

Alan Weisman. Photo:  Nat Friedman

Alan Weisman. Photo: Nat Friedman

Never mind that man-made global warming theory is a load of applesauce. That it has been roundly debunked will not stop anti-civilization zealots like Alan Weisman.

On Tuesday, Mr. Weisman, who is not a scientist – he holds a bachelor’s degree in literature and a master’s degree in journalism – mounted CNN’s military psy-op treaded propaganda platform to sell us on the prospect that having children is evil.

Draconian laws limiting human population growth are not necessary, the author of The World Without Us argues. Instead, the establishment need only ramp up its anti-human propaganda campaign.

“Most of us would find coercive government limits on child bearing abhorrent. But giving women access to contraception and to education makes draconian edicts unnecessary,” Weisman writes. “An educated woman has an interesting and useful contribution to make to her family and her society. Since she can’t easily do that with seven children hanging on her skirts, most women who get through secondary school want two children or fewer. Providing access to contraception and educating women may be the fastest path to giving our planet a break.”

In short, according to Weisman, if a woman wants more than 1.5 kids – or, the elite’s preferred goal, zero – she’s an uneducated bimbo. For Weisman and the anti-humanity bunch, the only solution is a schooling in the use of contraceptives.

In addition to chastising women who embrace the human instinct of procreation and instituting (no doubt government-enforced) mechanisms of “moral persuasion” to dissuade humanity from the necessity of reproduction – remember, this guy wrote a book glorifying the prospect of a planet Earth minus humans – Weisman suggests punitive carbon taxes to diminish civilization and the evil human desire for prosperity and security.

“Again, these help, and must be encouraged,” he continues. “Although a number of countries and some U.S. states have passed carbon taxes, consumption is exceedingly hard to control in a world where, for example, even the world’s poor masses, increasingly living in cities, manage to get cell phones. Whether the power is pirated or not, they plug in their chargers nightly. Despite all our best efforts to conserve and consume less, global carbon emissions reached a record high in 2012, and keep climbing.”

Yes, of course. Our primary concern should be poor people in decimated third countries – decimated by the same predatory bankster elite now going after what its considers useless eaters in the first world. Any attempt by the poor to better themselves with technology – even with cell phones – should be considered a climate crime.

Eugenics, as always, provides the answer. “Last, however, if we can’t control consumption, we can control the number of consumers. This is technology we already have, and it’s cheap. Every woman, everywhere, could have contraception.”

Indeed, women everywhere, thanks to socialism, can have “free” contraception. Contraception, however, has yet to roll back humanity to the level the climate scam intelligentsia and their patrons demand, so other options will ultimately be employed.

So-called “family planning” experts agree that the most effective form of contraception or birth control is sterilization through vasectomy and tubal ligation. Short of such drastic eugenics measures through government edict and mandate, implantable and hormonal contraceptives – pills, patches, vaginal rings, injections, etc. – will eventually be used to wither the population.

Despite Mr. Weisman’s best effort to sell us the snake oil of drastic population control in response to man-made climate change – in our own interest, of course, although we won’t be around to see it – the ultimate goal is not environmental sanity or manageable numbers of humans.

It is a drastic reduction in the number of humans on the planet, period. The elite prefer 500 million worldwide (as instructed by the Georgia Guidestones) and some demand even less. It would seem, if we can take the New York Times best-selling author at face value, he prefers zero humans on planet Earth.

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