Exposing the Globalists and their World Order

The Beginning of the End of the Bilderberg Era

Strategic Culture by ALASTAIR CROOKE   The beginning of the end of the Bilderberg/Soros vision is in sight. The Old Order will cling on, even to the last of its fingernails. The Bilderberg … Continue reading

June 26, 2018

As Media Hypes Trump-Kim Summit, The Real Rulers of the World are Secretly Meeting at Bilderberg

Activist Post By Matt Agorist   The world’s ruling elite will meet in secret this week. No press will be allowed in, no one will be interviewed about it, and … Continue reading

June 9, 2018

Deep State Behind the Deep State: CFR, Trilaterals, Bilderberg

The New American by Alex Newman   Everything is not as it seems in politics. And in recent months, the American people have come closer than ever to figuring that … Continue reading

November 2, 2017

Bilderberg Group is Calling Shots in the Middle East

New Eastern Outlook by Martin Berger   There’s little chance that you could come across a geopolitical analyst these days who would disagree that a “behind-the-scenes power” is driving the … Continue reading

June 13, 2017

Globalists Meet at Bilderberg in Germany to Plot World’s Future

The New American by Alex Newman   Globalist kingpins and their lackeys from across the Western world are meeting in Dresden, Germany, this week for the shadowy and deeply controversial … Continue reading

June 10, 2016

The Bilderberg 2016 Agenda: Trump, Riots, Migrants, Brexit

Zero Hedge   Every year, the world’s richest and most powerful business executives, bankers, media heads and politicians sit down in some luxurious and heavily guarded venue, and discuss how … Continue reading

June 10, 2016

Bilderberg 2016: What Are The Global Elite Plotting This Time Around?

End Of The American Dream by Michael Snyder   Later this week, dozens of the most important men in the world are going to gather at an ultra-luxury hotel in … Continue reading

June 9, 2016