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Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Diminishing Petrodollar

Alt-Market by Brandon Smith   There are a few important rules you have to follow if you want to join the consortium of mainstream economic con-men/analysts. Take special note if … Continue reading

October 30, 2017

How Economies Of Scale Produced The Big Oil Companies We Know Today

Rig Source by Savannah Adkins   The term “economies of scale” might as well have been invented for the oil and gas industries. Think about how much it would cost … Continue reading

August 24, 2016

Something Dark Emerges from the Tar Pits and Oil Sands, Destroying Crude Oil Price Rally

The Great Recession Blog by David Haggith   The crude oil price rally has been completely destroyed, though I’ll admit I was wrong when I predicted crude oil prices would … Continue reading

July 26, 2016

Saudis Have Lost the Oil War

New Eastern Outlook by F. William Engdahl   Poor Saudi Arabia. They don’t realize it yet but they have lost their oil war. The war in its current phase began … Continue reading

June 2, 2016

The Feigned and Future Demise of Big-Oil

New Eastern Outlook by Tony Cartalucci   Four of the top five Global Fortune 500 corporations are involved in petroleum refining. Together with big-finance and industrial giants like big-auto and utility monopolies, … Continue reading

May 30, 2016

Oil Market Snapshots — Will Oil Supply Glut Continue, What Will Happen With Oil Prices?

The Great Recession Blog by David Haggith   Here are several quick looks at the oil supply glut and whether it is likely to worsen, hold the same, or improve … Continue reading

May 27, 2016

Anglo-American Oil Market Is Broken

New Eastern Outlook by F. William Engdahl   For most of the post-1945 period the world economy has been under the control of the large Anglo-American oil majors, their banks … Continue reading

May 18, 2016