Translating ‘Fascism’ From Leftist-Speak Into The Real World

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By D. Parker



With “President” Biden dropping yet another version of the political “F-bomb,” it’s time to break everything down to basic terminology and clarify the issue for everyone.

Was anyone surprised that the august head of the party of projection said the MAGA movement is “like semi-fascism“?  It was even more amusing when his media flack on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight was unable to explain just what he meant by that pejorative. That is par for the course when they engage in the practice of accusing others of what they are doing.

Breaking things down into their constituent parts is the only way to figure out what is going on with certain issues. We’ve already proven, along with a number of others, that the anti-liberty left is fascist.  We’ve found that’s becoming easier than Biden falling off his bicycle.  As they become more fascistic by the day, the stark comparisons between regimes of the past and what they are doing now are stacking up like cordwood.

Since this is such a common practice on their part, we’re going to provide an explanation of the two sides based on the fundamental principles that will be Kryptonite to those making the usual nonsensical accusations that depend on complexity that simply doesn’t exist.

The hard truth is there are just two primary political ideologies: individualism and collectivism.

Individualism is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as

2. the conception that all values, rights, and duties originate in individuals

b. a theory maintaining the political and economic independence of the individual and stressing individual initiative, action, and interests.

The ideologies of liberalism, conservativism, libertarianism, and anarchism would fall under this general category.

Collectivism is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as

1. a political or economic theory advocating collective control especially over production and distribution

2. emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity.

The ideologies of communism, Bolshevism, Castroism, Fabianism, fascism, Marxism, Leninism, socialism, Stalinism, and statism would fall under this general category.

Thus, the political divide is one between pro-freedom right and anti-liberty left, individualist and collectivist, conservative and communist, right and left, liberty and tyranny.

That noise you hear in the background is some of the usual suspects of the anti-liberty left screaming in feigned outrage that we would dare place their beloved fake ideology of liberalism on the side of individualism even though it belongs there.  Either that or they are still trying to bluff their way into rewriting history, claiming that the clearly collectivist ideology of fascism somehow belongs on the right, because they’ve always claimed that it belongs on the right, and why would they lie about something like that?

Having two sides simplifies the situation and keeps those who prefer to muddy the water at bay.  The point is to set things in basic terms so we don’t give the enemies of liberty on the left a chance to play games with multi-axis or multi-dimensional political spectra and arguments that are designed only to confuse and set people on a path to societal slavery, AKA socialism. 

Ask yourself, why would some people want to overcomplicate basic concepts?

Why does the anti-liberty left keep on changing the name of its base ideology like a bad used car?

The concepts that form the basis of leftists’ collectivist ideology can be traced 2,400 years to ancient Greece in Plato’s Republic.  The “first theoretical expression of a genuinely socialist position,” according to the Communist Party of Australia, was the book Utopia published over 500 years ago

Despite their incessant lies (funny how that’s always a common trait with the left), socialism in many different forms has been failing for over 400 years.  The socialists’ broken down and busted ideas have never worked, and they are failing here as they always have.

Always keep in mind that individualist ideologies emphasize liberty, private property rights, economic freedom, and limited government.  Collectivist ideologies emphasize authoritarianism, no property, the economic slavery of socialism, and unlimited-government.

If your choices were liberty, private property rights, economic freedom, and limited government or authoritarianism, no property, economic slavery, and unlimited-government, which would you choose? 

No one would willingly choose the life of a slave.  That is why the anti-liberty left has to lie.

That is why the anti-liberty left has to play games with words and falsely call itself liberal.

That is why the anti-liberty left has to cheat in elections — and yes, bringing in millions of illegal invaders, implementing cheat-by-mail, and eliminating voter ID are ways of cheating.

And that is why leftists have to constantly try to invert reality and place a collectivist, authoritarian, and leftist ideology on the side of the pro-freedom right.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.


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