In Elections, Fraud is a Common Issue

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Fraud is real. Fraud happens every day. In elections, fraud is a common issue. Regardless of what Twitter and Facebook say, fraud has happened in many elections in the US. The Nixon/Kennedy election, for example, had an egregious case of fraud that was later reported and written on extensively. The fraud did in fact flip the election to Kennedy, but Nixon at the time opted to not fight it.

The Democrat machine is notorious for fraudulent elections in the deep blue cities across the country, but we suspect this election fraud happened almost everywhere. Here are a number of ways elections can be fraudulently bent to prefer one candidate over another:

Stopping the Count

It is NOT normal to stop counting the ballots in the middle of a count. The evidentiary chain is broken (what if someone sneaks a pile of fraud ballots in at 3:30AM). In every presidential election in the US until 2020, counts were never stopped until they completed. Stopping the Count is used in countries under dictatorship, such as Thailand, to give time to generate ballots to ‘save’ the election for the preferred candidate.

Mail-in Ballots

It is well established that this form of voting is the easiest way to defraud a candidate. However, this form of voting also allows the best way to discover fraud occurring using math. Ballots received by mail are thoroughly mixed because they are randomly sent and received. The Democrat vs Republican ratio in each batch of ballots should be very uniform across a region or a state. We dig deep into this here, where we show that many states, including Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Maine, and all show signs of ballot tampering and injections of Democrat ballots after the initial in-person votes have been counted. Virginia particularly shows a complete flip in the ratios from the first counts to the final batches, which is impossible if indeed the mail-in ballots were untampered. Dirty work was afoot in these states and to achieve these results would require knowledge up and down the ladder of election officials.

No Witnesses Allowed

Whenever one side tries to prevent the other side from watching ballots being opened or counted, it is a red flag. That side has something to hide. Fraud is the only thing that would be hidden from the opponent’s team in an election count. Democrat operatives prevented Republicans from observing the count in PA, GA, WI, MI, AZ, and NV. These are also the states that Trump was ahead on election night, but has supposedly lost in 4AM ballot ‘dumps’. As Attorney Robert Barnes wrote: “If there was nothing to hide, why hide ballot processing from observers?”

Too Many Voters

When a political party is losing an election in the third world, they commonly will pile on additional votes that they manufacture for their candidate. These always show up in the totals, which typically exceed the number of actual voters that exist in a precinct or county. There are numerous counties in the 2020 election with over 100% voters supposedly voting and some states have astronomically high turnout percentages, such as Wisconsin.

Changing The Vote

The most obvious form of fraud occurs when the actual ballot count and the reported count are different. The Dominion Voting machines are known to be connected to the Internet, allowing for bad actors to change vote tallies in the machines as they report counted ballots for each candidate. These machines have already been caught changing votes to Biden from Trump in Michigan and Georgia and Philadelphia. Here is a video showing 19,958 votes taken from Trump and given to Biden at 10:23pm on election night.

Imbalanced Votes

It is possible for a voter to just vote for one candidate. But very few people do this. However, in the 2020 election hundreds of thousands of people are supposed to have done so. In one example, Biden received nearly 100,000 more votes than his fellow Democratic candidate Qasim Rashid, while Trump received almost exactly the same number of votes as his Republican fellow candidate Robert Wittman. It is very unlikely that 100,000 people walked into the voting booth or mailed in a ballot that only voted for Biden and not the other candidates.

Dead People Voting

To determine who has voted, the registered voter data has to be processed. Many citizen journalists and citizens have checked the state databases and found dead parents, siblings, and people born as far back as the early 1800s registered for absentee ballots and with voted ballots tallied in the swing states. Clearly someone used dead people’s data to generate votes. People’s Pundit has been studying the data and has confirmed about 10,000 dead people voted via absentee in Michigan.

Ballot Mishandling

Ballots must be handled like legal documents. Chain of custody is required, including accurate post office stamps for mail-in ballots. Witnesses this election have sworn they were ordered to back-date hundreds of ballots at the USPS, which is a crime. Other citizens have found military and citizen ballots thrown in ditches or piled under rocks and in garbage heaps. In Detroit, a witness reports she heard the poll workers deciding to ‘redo’ all military ballots. And multiple videos have been published online showing various poll workers in Democratic run cities filling in stacks of empty ballots while the Republican observers were kept out of the room. Some videos also show bags, boxes, and suitcases of ballots being carted in at 3am into counting rooms in these same cities.

Statistical Analysis

Just like in financial fraud and embezzlement cases, numbers don’t lie. They reveal who did what, where, and when. Various statisticians have been analyzing the ballot data and are finding many discrepancies, red flags, and likely signs of outright fraud across many states in this election. One way is in the mix of ballots that are reported. For 5 states, ballots reported in the hours after these states Stopped The Count show a sudden increase in Biden votes in each ballot batch. See the PhD in Fraud section to learn more. Interestingly, Wikipedia was just edited two days after the election to deny that statistics can be used to find fraud in elections.

Media Fraud

Gaslighting is an elaborate and insidious technique of deception and psychological manipulation (Brittania), which has been used by the American media to try to persuade Americans into believing no fraud has ever occurred in American elections, and definitely not this election. This, after 4 years of claiming that a couple hundred thousand dollars was spent by Russians to influence the 2016 election. That’s gaslighting, and it is a form of media fraud.

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