Make No Mistake, Harris-Biden is Just a Trojan Horse for Authoritarian Socialism

NOQ Report
by D Parker


Joe Biden’s job is to soothe your fears about what the left will do to the country if they take power.

Tucker Carlson made an extraordinary point on his show on Friday night. It’s one most likely unconsidered by many, but should be an epiphany for everyone. His point was that the amenable and nonthreatening manner of Joe Biden is nothing but a facade covering his true purpose. That of ushering in authoritarian socialism the likes we have never seen.

His declarations on masks and shutting the down country revealed this to everyone if they were willing to listen. These show that the left’s socialist national agenda is hidden beneath the façade. While he’s parroting words on truth and light, he’s concealing a dark agenda hidden in plain view.

Side note: We fully realize that the ticket is labeled as Biden/Harris, we’re taking a page from our EIC in swapping the two names, emphasizing the deception being foisted on the people. While Joe is the front for the party, it’s Harris and the rest of the gang that will be running the show.

Nominating socialist Bernard Sanders would have been a bridge too far

The extraordinary part of all of this is that it was right in front of us the whole time. While the nation’s socialist left talked a good game the past few years of admitting who they truly were. The fact is that most normal people became alarmed at its emergence, accompanied by thoughts about what it truly means for the country.

Those of us who are steeped in these issues were well aware of the take-over of the Democratic party by the radical far-left. We could see this from a Kilometre away because we have studied socialism for the better part of several decades. It’s just a matter of looking at how history is tragically repeating itself that we knew what was taking place.

It wasn’t until more people started paying attention in the spin-up of the primary season that what was taking place became clear to everyone. The left was actually considering the nomination of socialist Bernard Sanders (as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez termed it in her bit role in the proceedings) as its presidential candidate. Those who remember the horrors of the Soviet Union, National Socialist Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, and China recoiled at the thought.

While it seemed like it was decades ago, during the height of the primary last February, relatively saner heads in the DNC decided to pull back from the brink. They knew that nominating an admitted socialist would cross a line beyond which they could never come back. They knew that from that moment on they would be known as the nation’s socialist party.

Even this was too much for many a leftist, although they had been covertly striving for this goal for decades. Being open about it at this point would have been too much. They knew that most people of the sane 90% would outright reject their choice, destroying their party and the lost cause of socialism forever.

Socialism is disintegrating; Harris/Biden is just a desperate attempt to revive it

Many have noticed that at this point, the nation’s socialist left is just going through the motions. The left knows that they are on the losing side of history, and their manic obsession with mail-in voter fraud and the post office is just another Hail Mary in a long string of Hail Mary’s.

That while it seemed like this was the moment for their collectivist cult to shine, for the left it was never meant to be. So knowing that overt socialism was out, they still had a chance with bringing it in under the radar. Hence the rejuvenation of Biden and the Trojan Horse campaign. Make no mistake, while the nation’s socialist left still has its obsessions with gun confiscation and wealth redistribution, these are now hidden under a veneer of amenable Joe.

The truth of Joe Biden has been hidden in plain sight

Bernard Sanders [BS] has at least been overt on his base ideology, but that was too much, too soon. While Joe Biden and the rest of the radicals share his socialist national policy agenda, they just avoid uttering the ‘s’ word. They are covert socialists and opposed to overt socialists.

One only has to look at the fact that they have all come together as one national party based on socialism. Where this not the case, there would be a severe strife within the party, with overt socialists like Bernard Sanders breaking away from Joe and his comrades. Instead, they have unified as one.

Gun confiscation: A key indicator that Joe Biden is a covert socialist

We could cite numerous policy similarities between the overt and covert socialists, but one is critical for the survival of liberty. This is the common sense basic human right of self-defense. At its core, socialism is based on force and coercion. This has been extensively explored and is the reason it doesn’t work.

Hence, the left has to have a monopoly on the use of force, meaning that has to implement gun confiscation as part of its socialist national agenda. This very subject was brought up at the DNC convention, but as usual, they couch the issue in emotionally laden terms scrupulously avoiding the ‘c’ word. Instead, they try to sell this idea in stunningly Orwellian terms such a ‘mandatory buy back’.

After outing themselves as socialists, they’ve gone back into hiding

It was only a few years ago that the left dropped the mask, openly admitting the truth of their base ideology. They had been bursting at the seams to confess this obvious fact but held back for years on admitting the obvious.

Then the floodgate opened and they freely admitted that of course, they were socialists. They were proud to announce it to the world. It was time for socialism to shine.

Then people began asking questions, citing historical facts. The bloom quickly faded from the socialist rose and the defeat of Bernard Sanders forced them back into the red closet. In language that would have made Orwell proud and tactics well used by every 5 year old, they simply denied what they had admitted weeks and months before.

The ascendancy of Joe Biden and bestowment of the moderate label on Kamala Harris confirmed what they were doing. Now we just need to remind everyone who they truly are.

The bottom line: Don’t be fooled by the false facade

While denial is often used by toddlers, when employed by adults most people see through the deception. Especially when there is overwhelming evidence. In most cases, the purpose is to convince the audience rather than the person, and when this takes place the denial argument is eviscerated.

The national agenda of Harris/Biden is just warmed-over socialism. The example provided proves this to be the case. The left can try to hide behind amenable Joe – but the people are quickly learning the truth.


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