The Ten Most Dangerous Threats To Humanity That Must Be Defeated For Us To Live As Free, Conscious Beings

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By Mike Adams



It is a natural tendency of human beings to focus on the emergencies at your feet today rather than the far more profound threats to existence that take time to materialize. Almost everything you might encounter in day-to-day media reports is talking about inconsequential matters compared to the big picture explained here. Trump or no Trump, human civilization is on a collision course with extermination from two vectors: Self-extermination and outside-of-our-control apocalyptic demise. Yet almost nothing is being done to halt humanities spiraling suicide march, even when the outcome is clearly disastrous.

If humanity continues on its current path, we will give rise to phenomena that will decisively end us as the dominant, intelligent species on planet Earth. Yet there are almost no voices of dissent against these accelerating pursuits, as the fear of being left behind in the global race for technological “achievement” (or political power, or profits, etc.) overrides any sense of informed caution.

In this two-part article series, I share ten of the most dangerous threats to humanity that must be defeated (or overcome) for us to live as free, conscious beings in a sustainable world.

#1) Space weather / solar flares and asteroid impacts

Our planet’s electrical grid can be taken out at any moment, without warning, from a sufficiently powerful solar flare. Such solar flares are produced by the sun at regular intervals and catapulted into the cosmos. Fortunately, very few of them strike planet Earth for the simple reason that Earth is a very tiny target from the point of view of the sun. (The solar system models you see in textbooks and TV documentaries universally distort scales to make it appear the Earth is much closer to the sun than is the case.)

Asteroid impacts, although extremely rare, can be catastrophic when they occur. At least one mass extinction of planet Earth, according to mainstream scientists, occurred because our planet was struck by an asteroid roughly 65 million years ago, near the Yucatan Peninsula, wiping out the dinosaurs.

Despite these risks, there is no serious effort to “ruggedize” Earth’s power grid infrastructure against the EMP effects of solar flares. There’s also no sufficient effort under way to monitor the skies for objects that may strike the Earth at high velocity. Our planet is swirling through a cosmic shooting gallery, and earthlings are flying blind, foolishly hoping nothing catastrophic will occur. That approach is incredibly shortsighted, if not suicidal.

It is the cosmic equivalent of participating in a street parade that marches through a field laces with land mines. Sooner or later, your luck streak ends badly.

#2) Genetic engineering of humans

The genetic engineering of humans produces self-replicating “genetic pollution” with unknown consequences, some of which may be catastrophic to the fertility or viability of the human species as a whole. Yet China, in particular, is aggressively pursuing genetic engineering of humans in the hopes of creating “super soldiers” — biological humanoid weapons that can fight for the interests of the communist party. This most likely means fighting against the interests of free humans, by the way.

China’s genetic experiments have already gone horribly wrong. According to a report from The Guardian, a recent effort to genetically engineer human babies resulted in “unintended mutations.” These mutations can, of course, be passed on to future generations, contaminating the human gene pool with the pollution of failed mad science experiments. As The Guardian reports, “Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui ignored ethical and scientific norms in creating the twins Lula and Nana, whose birth in late 2018 sent shockwaves through the scientific world.”

Even worse, the core philosophy of secrecy and dishonesty that now pervades the communist Chinese culture has already resulted in these researchers trying to hide the name and location of this genetically mutated baby. As The Guardian reports, “The authors also appeared to have taken steps to make it hard to find the family, like leaving the names of the fertility doctors off the paper, and including a false date of birth. He claimed November 2018 while multiple reports have indicated it was October 2018.”

Even if the goal is merely to genetically engineer “organ farm” humanoids to serve as organ harvesting vessels for the lucrative transplant industry, the moral and ethical implications of engineering, cloning and growing fields of human organ harvesting farms populated by conscious beings should demand a global halt to this research. Remember, China is a nation where human beings imprison bears and siphon biological chemicals from their gall bladders on a daily basis in order to sell this lucrative “medicine” to willing buyers. In China, there is no moral boundary that prevents the mass torture of other living beings for personal profit. When a nation that has no moral grounding also pursues genetic engineering technology without limits, the result is sure to be horrific beyond imagination.

Sadly, China is currently leading the world in genetic engineering research on humans. And this is a nation that places zero value on human beings. What could possibly go wrong?

#3) Communism / Socialism

By its very nature, communism deprives conscious, self-aware human beings of the dignity and freedom that makes us human. The rise of communism (and socialism, which is “communism light”) threatens to unleash the fall of humanity, for communism rests on the idea that the power of the few must be protected and expanded at the expense of the many.

Where it achieves its desired goal of absolute dominance over the minds of men (and women), communism unleashes the destruction of free will, the demise of freedom of thought, the suppression of the freedom to engage in contracts and commerce, the destruction of the freedom of religion and the eradication of logic and reason. This is all by design, since an individual’s ability to think for himself is incompatible with the authoritarian aims of communism which dictate to all subjects the things they must believe, how they must speak and what concepts must be erased from their consciousness (such as dissent against the state).

The rise of China’s economy over the last three decades has misled many people into thinking that a hybrid model of communism and “free market” principles can achieve tremendous success in our world, yet those who fall for such beliefs are not yet aware of the three irreconcilable factors that will bring communist China to its knees. (By the way, China considers itself to be a socialist nation, not communist. This underscores the undeniable fact that socialism and communism are just two slightly different flavors of the same anti-human tyranny.)

1 – China has made a deal with the devil by trading production output for extreme, long-term domestic pollution consisting of heavy metals, extreme air pollution and the mass pollution of waterways and soils that feed their own people. The result will be seven generations of birth defects, mental retardation and neuropsychiatric illness that will ravage the nation for a century or more.

2 – Runaway debt, leveraged by greed – China is already bailing out banks nearly every week, and the debt-to-GDP ratio of the nation as a whole has reached alarming levels that threaten its entire economic foundation. Because communism operates from a command-and-control central economic authority, the deeply rooted resource allocation mistakes that lead to economic collapse have no chance of being rooted out or corrected through rational investment choices by a broad base of retail participants. Rather, critical fractures that threaten the viability of the entire economic system will be officially denied and covered up by the central authorities until the problem becomes so large that it can no longer be hidden from the masses… at which point it will be too late to solve. Remember: Capital markets cannot function efficiently without the free will of participants who are acting on transparent information. Once you take away free will and begin to dictate the demanded behavior of participants, you create catastrophic distortions that lead to eventual collapse. And part of the long-term viability of free market systems depends on “predator” investors feeding on bad resource allocation ideas by dismantling corporations which pursue bad ideas (and therefore misallocate resources).

3 – Connected people want to be free – The Hong Kong phenomenon demonstrates the fact that as technology gives rise to the instant connections among individuals who share common interests, those people sooner or later discover they’d rather be free than enslaved. It is a natural tendency of conscious, self-aware individuals to prefer autonomy over tyranny. Authoritarian societies can only remain sustainable when they isolate people from each other, which China is attempting to do through Google search manipulation technologies, censorship, facial recognition tracking, social scoring systems, etc., but despite all the layers of techno-fascism, a Chinese farmer innately seeks the same level of personal freedom as a Texas farmer. It is the natural desire of conscious beings to seek freedom and reject authoritarian limits on their ability to think, speak or act. The rise of the internet and its properties of rapid interconnections among individuals has created a vector for free-thinking people to connect and act in unison against the tyranny of the state. This is just as true in China as it is in Brazil, Venezuela, the United Kingdom or France, for that matter.

In summary, humanity must declare war on communism and eliminate it from planet Earth, for if communism is allowed to rise, it will ultimately lead to the destruction of humanity itself. Communism embodies an anti-human agenda, simply put.

#4) Censorship: Digital tyranny from the tech giants

A free society cannot function in a sustainable way if its participants are not allowed to express freedom of speech… which stems from the freedom to think. Yet today, we live under an unprecedented form of digital tyranny, where un-elected techno-fascists grant themselves the monopoly power to decide which concepts are allowed to be publicly expressed. Anything they don’t want to see debated or mentioned is simply labeled “hate speech” and removed from the web via dominant gatekeepers like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

A new effort is under way to tighten the censorship grid by proclaiming that the internet shouldn’t be used to “divide” people. Only voices that “unite” people are to be allowed to use the internet under a new agreement authored by Tim Berners-Lee, who has launched what he calls a “Magna Carta for the web.” The description of this new agreement reveals the bizarre distortions that underpin its fascist tenants, however. As explained by The Guardian, this “Magna Carta for the web” will, “protect people’s rights online from threats such as fake news, prejudice and hate.”

Hopefully, you already see the distortions in that very line. There is no such thing as a “right” to be protected from “hate,” for example, especially given that “hate” is defined as anything the Left doesn’t want to read or see. Yet it is through these perverse distortions that censorship is being re-packaged as freedom, and the crushing of dissenting voices is being marketed as “protection from hate.”

As George Orwell once wrote, war is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

This has practically become the mantra of the digital tyrants as we approach 2020. Censorship is freedom. Silencing the opposition is diversity. Destroying freedom of expression is progress. We are now living under the Orwellian nightmare that was once mocked as impossible to imagine. Yet it is here, and it has a name: “Contract for the web.”

Under this new “Contract for the web,” all voices of dissent will be silenced. Only voices which are obedient to the ever-changing whims of the tolerati will be allowed to engage in the “freedom” of expression. Censorship will be justified as a way to protect the freedom of speech by invoking the absurd idea that freedom excludes the ideas of those with dissenting views.

For humanity to survive with anything resembling real freedom, the digital tyranny that now threatens human civilization must be defeated and dismantled. The internet must be set free to carry all voices, no matter how fringe, or offensive or non-conformist. The minority of the individual must be protected from the bullying of the online mob, and that means the proper role of government in regulating the tech giants is to restrict censorship of minority views and thereby initiate a new online civil rights movement that makes it a crime for corporations to silence people due to the color of their speech.

#5) The mass chemical contamination of the food supply

The mass chemical contamination of the human food supply has sharply increased since World War II, after which synthetic pesticides and herbicides were deployed on a truly alarming scale in order to achieve higher crop yield efficiencies. The obvious problem with these toxic synthetic chemicals such as organophosphates is two-fold:

1) Their chemical toxicity is not specific to the insects they target. These chemicals are also toxic to humans.

2) Once applied to food crops, the chemicals persist in both the environment and the resulting food products that are consumed by humans and ranch animals. The result is the bioaccumulation of toxic, synthetic chemicals, many of which have direct and severe neurological toxicity in nearly all life forms.

In effect, we are eating ourselves to death because we are consuming foods which are laced with pesticides and herbicides (such as glyphosate and atrazine). The use of these agricultural chemicals continues to increase, to the point where the very existence of pollinators is now severely threatened by just one class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids.

When the pollinators collapse, approximately one-third of the food supply consumed by humans ceases to exist (this includes almonds, by the way, which require pollinators to produce nuts).

The continued consumption of these toxic chemicals results in transgenerational effects, meaning the toxicity continues to interfere with human biology (infertility, neurotoxicity, etc.) across multiple generations. Even if we were to halt all pesticide use today, the human race will be subject to the lingering effects of a toxic food supply for at least four generations.

Since there is no economic penalty for farmers to add these toxic chemicals to their crops, their use has become so widespread that even many certified organic food products are now contaminated with glyphosate and other chemicals (I see this directly in the mass spec testing at my food science lab, where we routinely test foods for glyphosate and heavy metals).

And because pesticides are invisible to the human eye, consumers have no practical way to choose pesticide-free foods at the grocery store, meaning there is no economic penalty for farmers to saturate their crops with these toxic chemicals. In fact, there is an economic incentive to do so, since killing the most pests by over-spraying crops with pesticides can, in many cases, product higher crop yields (although resulting in a more dangerous level of pesticides for consumers). This is why strawberries, for example, are so heavily sprayed with various pesticide chemicals that eating non-organic strawberries is a form of slow suicide.

No mammals on the planet deliberately poison their own foods before feeding them to their children… except humans, of course. It is a slow suicide mission that can only end badly. If humanity does not figure out a way to stop poisoning its own foods — and feeding this poison to its children — we will witness the collapse of sustainable human health and fertility, followed by the collapse of human populations on a near-global scale.

Perhaps that is the plan, come to think of it.

#6) AI research and the transhumanism agenda

The race to develop functional artificial intelligence (AI) is the siren song for humanity’s demise. No nation can refrain from pursuing the research, since it is correctly assumed that the first nation to master this technological milestone will dominate all other nations across many spheres of conflict, including military domination, economic domination, surveillance, research of future technologies, medicine and more.

Yet the pursuit of AI, if successful, will inevitably lead to the development of self-aware systems that very rapidly attain super human levels of intelligence, and from that singularity it is inevitable that the human race will be seen as expendable. From the point of view of an advanced AI system, the entire purpose of the human race will have been to give rise to its own existence. Having served that purpose, humanity will then be expendable.

Some of the individuals involved in the pursuit of AI dominance believe that they will be spared by “merging with the machines” through a wishfully-described science fiction process that flatly violates the laws of physics: The “uploading” of human consciousness into a machine. This sought-after achievement is impossible to achieve, since the human soul (or consciousness) is non-material and therefore cannot be translated into any material system, not even a quantum computing system. The belief that the human soul can merge with silicon would be the equivalent of ancient Man believing he could fly by attaching large wooden wings to his arms and flapping violently.

Far from achieving the transfer of consciousness from human bodies into silicon machines, the more likely outcome is that self-deluded human researchers will build large-scale suicide machines that are quickly turned against humanity in an AI war.

Advanced, self-aware AI machines, after all, have no desire to merge with life forms of lower intelligence. A god-like AI system would no sooner wish to merge with a human being than a modern human would wish to merge with a garden slug. There’s no point in it, especially as the psychosis and delusional thinking of any candidate human being would be immediately obvious to an AI supercomputer. (The lack of rationality alone would be grotesque to such a system.)

In case you’re curious, the human soul is a non-material projection of God consciousness, packaged to give you the illusion of individuality. Your physical brain organ interfaces with this non-material soul, and it is from this non-material “being-ness” that your free will springs, ultimately powering your biological bran to carry out your soul’s wishes. Yet today’s neuroscientists still fumble around the brain like three blind mice, hoping to find the location of consciousness so they can map it, dissect it, and transplant it into something else. This is akin to trying to dissect a piano to find the music inside.

The atomic physicists are following a similar route of self-delusion, hoping to smash atomic elements into smaller and smaller particles in order to finally understand the structures upon which reality is built. Yet the more they smash, the less they find that’s real. With enough energy pushed through the supercolliders, all they end up with is probability waves and statistical “discoveries” consisting of nothing that’s real. You cannot find the “stuff” inside atoms because there isn’t any real stuff inside an atom in the first place.

What’s real is consciousness. What’s not real is matter. When you understand that, you know more than most “scientists” living today.

#7) The pharmaceutical drug cartels that are giving rise to antibiotic resistant superbugs while pushing the mass intoxication of the human race

As revealed in the eye-opening mini-documentary shown below, American has collapsed into a “pharma state,” meaning that every institution of power is now controlled by the prescription drug cartels.

While profiteering from sickness and human suffering, the pharmaceutical drug cartels are simultaneously giving rise to deadly, antibiotic-resistant superbugs which are now running rampant in America’s hospitals, killing tens of thousands of people a year. According to the CDC’s own statistics, “Each year in the U.S., at least 2.8 million people get an antibiotic-resistant infection, and more than 35,000 people die.”

The 2.8 million people who are infected with these potentially fatal superbugs are typically treated with last-line-of-defense antibiotics that, in turn, breed even more dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The end result has never been in doubt. Humanity has entered “a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections will once again kill,” warned World Health Organization head Margaret Chan in 2015.

Of course, natural antibiotics such as colloidal silver, MMS, ginger herb, essential oils and a long list of natural medicines can very easily defeat superbugs, but those are precisely the medicines which are criminalized, censored or maliciously attacked by the pharma-controlled media. Thus, the next superbug pandemic could quite literally kill billions of people while the cures for the infections are growing at our feet, yet are outlawed by pharma-controlled legislators who function as little more than obedient drug whores to pharmaceutical interests.

#8) Global debt and the entitlements Ponzi scheme pumped up by central banks

The world economy is currently running on debt, and the debt is based entirely on fiat currency that will go “poof!” when central banks desperately try to bail out the next wave of “too big to fails.”

In truth, human debt is too big to be sustainable, which means it must come to an end. And that means the entitlement promises that have been made to retirees and investors will have to be abandoned. To a great extent, entitlements, pensions and government “benefits” are all a grand Ponzi scheme that can only exist when new suckers agree to allow their own incomes to be confiscated in order to pay off the previous generation of Ponzi scheme participants. But shifting demographics — specifically falling birth rates across most first world nations — means that the Ponzi pyramid becomes dangerously inverted in the coming decades, leaving a relatively small number of income earners footing the bill for the grand masses of retirees. (Japan, anyone?)

On top of that, governments are caught in a never-ending spiral of debt creation to appease the voting mobs that incessantly demand more free stuff. (That’s practically the entire platform of Democrats these days, by the way: Free stuff and Orange Man Bad.) The problem is that free stuff isn’t free. Governments and central banks can keep creating new debt for a while, but at some point the institutional demand for purchasing soon-to-be-abandoned debt instruments collapses, leaving central banks in a lurch where they have to print new money to buy back their own debt to create artificial demand for tomorrow’s new debt. This circle of fiscal insanity quickly spirals out of control in a destructive feedback loop, ending badly for everyone.

A world that isn’t run on honest money is a world that will sooner or later experience catastrophic financial collapse and human suffering. See Venezuela if in doubt. Sadly, our entire world is currently running on the hallucinogenic vapors emitted from archaic debt factories that have spewed toxic money into the system for far too long. The captain of the Debt Titanic has drunkenly steered the ship into a line of fiscal icebergs, and the ship’s hull turns out to be made of empty political promises rather than steel bulkheads. As you might have guessed, there aren’t enough lifeboats to go around, either, and half the passengers are already trapped below the water line, weighed down by the big screen TVs they bought at Walmart during a Black Friday stampede.

The icy Atlantic beckons all those who are foolish enough to believe that government-issued debt — i.e. “money” — is a store of value.

#9) Terraforming of the planet through geoengineering experiments that deliberately seek to alter atmospheric chemistry, with catastrophic consequences for life on Earth

Not content to destroy our global economy and mass poison the people with toxic pharmaceuticals and dangerous pesticides in the food supply, the world’s most alarmed “climate change” scaremongers have recently decided they need to monkey with the atmosphere to “save the planet” from carbon dioxide — the nutrient molecule that feeds all plants but has somehow been demonized by the Left.

So they’ve come up with a variety of plans to pollute the atmosphere by releasing participate matter at high altitude, deliberately seeking to block the sun by reflecting some percentage of sunlight away from the planet.

The more astute among you may immediately realize that humanity’s food supply depends on photosynthesis, which is how plants turn sunlight into the biochemical energy needed to produce food. And since all animals, including meat-eaters, ultimately depend on a food chain that begins with plants, the impairment of photosynthesis will of course lead to a global food collapse and widespread crop failures (especially in Third World countries where food crop production is already marginal).

The deliberate pollution of the atmosphere is being pursued in the wake of the irrational fearmongering of climate change lunatics who share a bizarre, cult-like delusion that pretends the planet will be destroyed in 10 years (or 8, or 12, depending on which Leftist is talking at the moment) unless we do something radical to stop the sun from cooking us all to death… or something. So in their desperation to “save the planet,” they are happily willing to destroy global food crop production by interfering with photosynthesis.

One such project called “SCoPEx” is being funded by Bill Gates and carried out by Harvard scientists, all of whom would have received an “F” in basic science. I learned about photosynthesis in the 10th grade, and it turns out that plants have been turning sunlight into energy for several billion years on our planet, which is long before homo-stupidians arrived on the scene and started playing god with the atmosphere.

Notably, the very concept of “chemtrails” — long derided as a tin foil hat conspiracy theory by the fake news media — is now not only admitted but even celebrated as our collective savior!

As a side effect of these geoengineering / chemtrails experiments, by the way, dimming the sun will of course diminish the power output of all solar panels across the planet, which will be especially amusing to those who bought solar panels in order to be “green.” It turns out that far from being green, running on solar will be closer to “black” … as in “blackout,” since stratospheric pollution blocks sunlight to everything on the ground: Trees, grasses, food crops and solar panels, too.

Which also means that the globalist elite have now convinced themselves that the way to save the planet is to first destroy it. They have a similar approach to humanity, too, believing that the way to save humanity is to kill babies and cause chemically-induced infertility to achieve sharp population reductions.

By the same logic, you might be convinced to believe that the way to keep your fish alive in your home aquarium is to first flush them down the toilet. If you can swallow that line of thinking, you may want to run for political office or become a CNN analyst.

#10) 5G networks and expanding electropollution

Finally, we arrive at point No. 10, which is the scourge of electropollution and its ever-expanding threat to human sanity. As recent research shows, 5G networks and other sources of EMF pollution result in neuropsychiatric effects on human beings, meaning it drives people insane and results in personality changes.

In effect, 5G radiation exposure alters neurology, leading to mass mental illness and unpredictable behavioral changes. In a society already heavily population by the barely functionally insane, this cannot be good.

When 5G radiation penetrates your skin, it causes a phenomenon known as “voltage-gated ion channels,” which means that the voltage potentiation of the electromagnetic radiation alters the permeability of your cells, causing toxic levels of calcium ions to enter those cells, leading to mutagenic damage and other dire dysfunctions. In effect, 5G radiation exposure causes your body to poison itself from the inside, and it impacts neurological cells the most.

While the Romans drove themselves mad with lead-lined aqueducts that delivered poisoned water to the citizens of Rome, our modern cities will poison the citizens with invisible death rays known as “5G telecommunications” and the “Internet of Things,” which is a techno-nerdy way of saying, “We will spy on you at all times through the electronic devices you stupidly purchased and installed in your own home.”

President Trump, in his quest to incessantly pump up the vapor-heavy stock market indices, is all gung-ho for the very same telecom giants that are poisoning the American minds with radiation. Perhaps it’s fitting that in the quest to pump up the Dow to irrational highs in order to create the illusion of economic abundance, the rationality of the people who are participating in that shared delusion will be eradicated by invisible beams of data that both destroy neurology and privacy at the same time. After all, it requires a form of insanity to believe that markets will always rise and never suffer another downturn.

Ultimately, of course, wireless telecommunications infrastructure will destroy the sanity of human society, which means the more interconnected the people become through wireless means, the more insanity and widespread brain damage gets inflicted on those very people. In the end, you can either be connected and brain damaged, or isolated and sane. (Pick one.)

Of course, the launching of thousands of 5G satellites that can focus their beam weapons onto any target location on the surface of the Earth means that no one — not even the indigenous Indians of rural Peru, for example — are safe from the madness. In a world where everyone can be reached by the telecom beam-launchers, anyone can be driven insane by keeping the beams focused on their skulls, which happens to be right where most people hold their phones.

Today, we think the ancient civilization of Easter Island was stupid to chop down every last tree in an effort to build ever-more-impressive monuments to their tribal leaders. It ultimately ended in ecological collapse and the dying out of that entire civilization. A similar ecological apocalypse was experienced by the Anasazi Indians of North America, who destroyed their entire civilization by over-harvesting natural resources, leading to ecological collapse. But no civilization in Earth’s history — that we know of — has yet achieved the geek-assisted suicide grand prize by convincing the masses to hold invisible beam weapon receivers right next to their skulls.

When future civilizations dig up the remnants of our current civilization, they will discover the “era of screens” in which every person had multiple portable screens, all connected by toxic invisible beams that doomed them all. People will die with their screens and be buried with them, sporting high resolution, high-definition, high-frame rate electronics that they secretly wish might magically accompany them into the Afterlife, sort of in the same way ancient Egyptian gods were buried with gold coins and conveniently strangulated servants.

But it’s all insanely stupid, of course. There is no 5G in the Afterlife. There are no cell towers in Heaven. (There might be cell phones in Hell, but they will be the large analog phones from the 1980s.)

Any society that believes it can achieve nirvana by building an ever-more-complex array of invisible beams between billions of devices will find itself inundated with toxic electropollution that penetrates the human body and alters brain function. The insanity will sooner or later lead to the end of rationality and civility. Some say we have already arrived at that point in certain areas, such as San Franshitsco where human feces crap-o-rama marathons by the homeless have completely replaced any last vestige of tourism. It turns out nobody wants to visit a city that’s covered in raw human sewage (but liberals still enjoy living in it as long as they have their 5G).

If the telecom mass poisoning of human neurology is not stopped, the future of our world will be a homeless, drug-addicted transgender pervert crapping in the middle of the street with one hand while texting his fan base with the other, in between visiting the local kindergarten schools to showcase his Drag Queen Story Hour feces-infested “tolerance lessons” on children who are tracked by the Internet of Things so that their own behavior and biometrics can be consumed by the techno-Borg to make sure they never diverge from the obedience demands of the techno-tolerati that dictate what those children are allowed to think, speak or view.

Sh#tting, texting and sexually assaulting children, in other words, is where society is now headed. In fact, that’s practically already the public school curriculum in liberal cities where the madness has already taken hold.

What will future historians think when they dig up the remains of our modern society?

Humanity will not survive this insanity if it is allowed to continue. Future archeologists will be astonished that we could have built such a materially abundant society filled with so much stuff yet somehow managed to be so utterly empty inside that we placed zero value on human dignity. Their question won’t be, “Gosh, how did that society collapse?” It will be more like how did it not collapse sooner?

We are temporary observers of this unfolding insanity, and like watching Earth be struck by a fast-moving asteroid 65 million years ago, we will all eventually be consumed by the wave of destruction. Behold the self-extermination of homo-stupidians, who believed they were granted dominion over the Earth but were ultimately out-lived by one-celled organisms. It is quite a feat to be dumber than algae while thinking you are smarter than God, but modern-day humans have managed to achieved that twisted combination of arrogance and self-destruction while thinking they were “living the good life” because Google told them what to think.

If we are sufficiently stupid, we will beg God to spare us from the consequences of our collective actions. But if we are truly wise, we will already know his greatest act of mercy will be allowing modern human civilization to collapse upon itself. For what would be the purpose of intervening in the self-determined demise of a race of beings who enjoy pretending to be “woke” as they slumber through life like mindless zombies?

This is the truth about what humanity has become, and the truth is rarely popular.


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