Merkel and Communist China Defend “World Order” at Davos

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by Alex Newman



Speaking at the globalist World Economic Forum in Davos and later in Berlin after receiving the Fulbright Prize, globalist German Chancellor Angela Merkel doubled down on demands for more globalism, both in the form of regional governance and global governance. And she warned about the alleged dangers of those who reject her globalist ideology. Ironically but not surprisingly, the emissary of Communist China’s regime, the most murderous dictatorship in the history of humanity, broadly agreed with Merkel’s radical and deeply unpopular views.  

While Merkel praised the globalist world order, she did call for some changes — primarily to make it stronger and more totalitarian. Among other reforms, she called for giving the mass-murdering Chinese dictatorship and other powers more influence, praising steps already taken to do that. The politically toxic leader, who announced she would not pursue another term in office, also called for strengthening the existing architecture of the global order such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organizaiton, the European Union, and other globalist institutions that are working to smash self-government and national sovereignty.

Perhaps even more alarming than her full-throated defense of globalism — a radical ideology that ultimately aims to create a global government to rule over humanity — was her nasty attack on critics of this agenda. For instance, Merkel warned globalists in Davos against populists, nationalists, and others who question or challenge the legitimacy of the international order that globalists have been building for generations. And in a January 28 speech after receiving the Fulbright Prize for International Understanding, she slammed “excessive populism and nationalism,” adding that “we have to resolutely stand up against this type of thinking.” Apparently having never learned accurate history during her time as an enthusiastic young communist propagandist in East Germany, Merkel even suggested that “nationalism,” rather than National Socialism, was the ideology that motivated National Socialist dictator Adolf Hitler.

As the Communist Chinese regime built up by Western globalists over a period of decades increasingly takes its leading role in the “New World Order” sought by the establishment, Beijing’s representative in Davos sounded a lot like Merkel. “Many countries are increasingly looking inward when making policies, barriers to international trade and investment are increasing, and unilateralism, protectionism and populism are spreading in the world,” Chinese Vice Dictator Wang Qishan told attendees in an obvious attack on President Trump and other non-globalist forces emerging amid a global public uprising against globalism. “All these are posing serious challenges to the international order.” In 2017, shortly after Trump took office, brutal Chinese dictator Xi Jinping even sought to portray himself as the defender of the globalist world order, with globalists and Deep State hacks worldwide tripping over themselves to praise him. Citing the latest WEF, the establishment mouthpiece Washington Post suggested China was already running the world-order show.

Praising Max Weber as somebody she reveres, Merkel said there are “many people who want to strengthen the multilateral order.” And just to be clear, she expanded on what this post World War II multilateral order is:  “the global architecture” that includes the UN, the Group of 7 (G7), the Group of 20 (G20), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and many more. She claimed these globalist institutions were “beneficial to progress” and that they “have helped make the world a better place all in all.” The radical German leader, who opened Germany’s borders to millions of Muslim migrants in recent years, also disingenuously credited these anti-freedom globalist outfits, rather than free enterprise, for the decline in poverty around the world.

Further illustrating her agenda, Merkel celebrated as “one of the bright spots” for globalism the adoption of the extremist UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as UN Agenda 2030. The program, dubbed the “master plan for humanity” by UN leaders, demands national and international wealth redistribution, indoctrination of all children worldwide into the UN’s preferred ideologies, government healthcare for everyone, government control over production and consumption, and technocratic global governance — all by the year 2030. It is, essentially, a road map to global totalitarianism, disguised as a plan to make the world a better place. That is why the world’s dictatorships celebrated the plan. Obama signed it, but it has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate.

Merkel also celebrated the UN Global Compact for Migration, but relied on brazen dishonesty, saying it had been “adopted by the United Nations with relative unanimity.” In reality, after President Trump backed out, a domino effect began, with the governments of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Chile, Australia, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Brazil, and many others backing out too. And of course, those are the countries that migrants want to go to. The UN pact, which aimed to globalize migration policy and turn migration into a human right while censoring critics, was a spectacular failure that illustrated the fast-growing resistance to globalism. Merkel previously lied to the German Parliament, claiming that when two thirds of the UN General Assembly votes to support something, that it is binding on all nations. “That’s how majority decision-making works,” she told German lawmakers, as if the collection of gangsters and dictators in the UN General Assembly had become a Parliament representing a “majority” of humanity with the ability to legislate for the planet.     

Expressing concern that “the international order is currently under pressure and is being cast into doubt,” Merkel called for some reforms of her precious globalist institutions. In particular, she cited the emergence of globalist organizations and alliances involving the regimes ruling Russia and China as an example of the reasons why the architecture of global governance should be modified — especially in order to give the brutal dictators and corrupt cleptocrats enslaving Communist China and other Third World nations more influence in governing all of humanity. “If we want to reform existing institutions which set global benchmarks then we have to be on board and we have to accept the balance of power as it now is,” she said to justify giving Beijing and Moscow more say over global governance. Why Westerners would want to live under a “world order” in which the most murderous regime in human history plays a lead role was not made clear.

Bizarrely from the perspective of the West, Merkel openly admitted that she was deliberately working to make Germany more dependent on Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s regime when it comes to energy — the lifeblood of an industrial economy. After noting that the German government was phasing out coal and nuclear power, which are needed to provide baseload energy to support the unreliable “sustainable” energy the German government claims to love, Merkel said that natural gas would take a lead role. And “it’s perfectly clear that we’ll continue to obtain natural gas from Russia,” she said. To diversify, perhaps some would be purchased from the United States, too. All of this is being justified under the guise of “climate” policy.

As for expanding global governance, Merkel identified a few key areas where she thought the jurisdiction and powers of the world order could be expanded. For instance, she called for expanding globalist control over data, genetic engineering, bioethics, artificial intelligence, and much more. Echoing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Merkel called for the G20 group of the world’s most powerful governments and dictatorships to launch “global data governance.” Like her former Finance Minister, who called for a global tax regime, Merkel also pushed for a globalized taxation system that would be “fair” for the “digital world.” In particular, she endorsed globalist proposals by the OECD that have long been exposed by this magazine.

Top globalist architects such as former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have long made clear that the New World Order they seek would have to be created by smashing national sovereignty at the regional level first. The EU, of course, is the premier example of this. In her Davos speech, Merkel praised the globalist project known as the “African Union,” too. “Africa is often regarded as a problem continent. But if we take a look at how Africa, a huge continent which will have two billion inhabitants in 2050, is gradually expanding multilateral cooperation and strengthening its African Union and regional associations, at how it intends to introduce freedom of movement and at how it has a clear idea of future infrastructure projects, then we also have to regard Africa as a continent of opportunities,” she said about the EU- and Beijing-funded project to enslave Africa under a regional government were the solution to Africa’s problems.  

Again channeling Kissinger’s World Order strategy, Merkel outlined how the EU could relate to other “regional orders,” as Kissinger called them. “Within the European Union, we have always championed free trade. And I am pleased that the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement is entering into force on 1 February,” she said. “We are also committed to trade talks with the United States of America. We have concluded the trade talks with Canada. And I believe more should follow — with Singapore and Australia, if possible also MERCOSUR and others.” And she touted the EU military that she and other globalist European leaders are building. “Ladies and gentlemen, we in Europe have decided to take the huge step of saying that in future we also want to combine our defense capabilities,” she said, touting the emergence of an EU military that will usurp control over formerly independent nations’ armed forces.

Without mentioning his name, Merkel took multiple swipes at Trump and other leaders such as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Hungary’s Victor Orban. “Another mindset is now also represented on the world stage, one which harbours basic doubts about multilateralism and which claims that the world works best if everyone thinks of themselves and puts their own interests first, and then an order will emerge which is good for everyone,” she said. “I have my doubts. I think we should always understand our national interests in such a way that we factor in other countries’ vested interests, and thereby create the win-win situations that are the prerequisite for multilateral action.” The phrase “win-win” has essentially become the slogan for Communist China’s efforts to bring other nations and peoples under its rule, from Asia and Europe to Africa and Latin America.

Demanding a “clear commitment to multilateralism, even if it takes courage,” Markel called globalism a “fundamental prerequisite for our policymaking.” Anything other than globalism, she added, “will end in misery.” “I want to say this unequivocally, it is not the case that I always find multilateralism easy because it is always easy. On the contrary: it is difficult. But then I always have to ask myself: what is the alternative, and what will it mean? We can see it in all of our countries: the challenges posed by populism, the emergence of nationalist forces,” Merkel said. “We have to square up to these challenges. But perhaps that makes the battle lines clearer and stronger.”

“That is why I and my colleagues in the German cabinet will champion a multilateral order which does not end at the European Union,” she said, again echoing Kissinger’s globalist strategy for imposing a New World Order on humanity. “That means that we must take care not to ruin the existing order so much that no-one believes in the validity of new parameters any more.”

The latest open promotion of globalism by Merkel came just weeks after she made similarly alarming comments calling on nations to give up self-government and surrender to globalism. “In this day nation states must today — should today, I say — be ready to give up sovereignty,” she was quoted as saying during a speech during the “Parliamentarianism Between Globalisation and National Sovereignty” at the  Konrad Adenauer Foundation. As usual, she lambasted nationalism and populism, too. The comments also come shortly after German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen defended NATO as a “political alliance” and called for its military forces to be unleashed against opponents of the “rules-based international order” in a New York Times opinion piece.

In short, globalists from China to the United States and Germany and everywhere in between are now coming out of the closet. When critics of globalism accused globalists of plotting these exact things just a few years ago, they were vitriolically attacked and ridiculed by the establishment’s propaganda organs as alarmists, conspiracy theorists, kooks, crazies, bigots, and more. Today, globalists are proudly telegraphing their intentions to the world, boasting of how they intend to smash their critics and impose a globalist New World Order on all of humanity. But of course, their pride and arrogance may well be precede the fall. If Americans rise up in sufficient numbers to stop it, with God’s help, peddlers of the “New World Order” can be exposed and stopped. With the battle heating up, now is the time to get involved.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at


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