Scientists Mock New UN Climate Report Seeking “Unprecedented Changes” to Society

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by Alex Newman



The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) released its latest prophecies of doom, warning once again that if humanity does not quickly surrender freedom and prosperity, Armageddon is just 12 years away. The “fake news” media was more than happy to hype the supposed existential threat. Fortunately, the latest UN pseudo-science report is just as ludicrous as the previous ones, if not more so, say reputable scientists and experts from around the world. But that will not stop the tyrants and governments assembling next month in Poland for the UN COP24 “climate” summit from demanding ever more money and centralized government to “save” you from your “carbon footprint.”  

The latest UN IPCC report, released on October 8, demands “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” if the world hopes to avoid the wrath of the climate gods over its carbon dioxide-emission sins. In fact, by 2030, according to the UN “Special Report 15” (SR15), the planet may become 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than “pre-industrial levels.” And that could lead to disasters of biblical proportions, the UN warned, without noting that the world has been warmer than that at many points in its history — and it was quite pleasant. “One of the key messages that comes out very strongly from this report is that we are already seeing the consequences of 1 degree C of global warming,” claimed Communist Chinese “scientist” Panmao Zhai, co-chair of the UN IPCC Working Group I.

The “solution,” though, is simple: Give the UN and its more oppressive member regimes much more money and power. A “carbon tax” of $5,500 per ton of carbon by 2030, and $27,000 per ton 2100, should help, the UN said, demanding trillions in new annual spending. (To put this in perspective, this would be equivalent to $49 and up to $240 of taxes for every gallon of gasoline burned!) And, you’ll have to give up much more of your freedom, of course. Interestingly, those were the same basic solutions offered to deal with the global-cooling hysteria of decades ago — that and “melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot,” as Newsweek put it, citing climate “experts,” in an April 28, 1975, article. More recently, prophets of climate doom such as Al Gore have repeatedly warned that “global warming” was going to melt the Arctic ice cap within some number of years. And just as the global-cooling theorists of yesteryear, they have been consistently and spectacularly wrong about that, and virtually everything else.

But this time, it did not take long for serious scientists and experts to debunk the latest round of UN fear-mongering in SR15. One of the many groups of scientists to speak out was the Canada-based non-profit organization known as Friends of Science. In a report headlined “Faulty Premises = Poor Public Policy on Climate,” the group systematically dismantled the claims and demands made by the UN in its report. Indeed, the organization, which brings together earth, atmospheric, and solar scientists as well as engineers, argued that the public is being “misled.” After reviewing the literature and evidence, the group concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not CO2 as claimed by the UN.

Among other concerns with the UN IPCC SR15 report, the experts noted that all of the climate models used by the IPCC run “too hot” versus the real-world observations. “The computer simulations project future warming (thus being the rationale for global warming climate policies) show significantly higher temperatures than what is being observed,” they explained in the executive summary. “This suggests that most climate models ascribe too great an effect of warming (climate sensitivity) to carbon dioxide. This means the climate models should not be used to set public policy.” The report also noted that there is no clear evidence that any warming or climate changes are caused by human use of fossil fuels.

Speaking on the scary sea-level claims, which are being used to frighten coastal populations around the world, leading sea-level expert Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, a former IPCC editor and retired chairman of the geophysics department at Stockholm University, blasted the UN and the press for parroting its claims. “All talk about a disastrous sea level rise by 2100 is nothing but scaremongering and deliberate harassment of the public by the IPCC (2013, 2018) and its media proponents,” he said, calling the claim of rapid sea-level rise a “serious mistake.” In a previous interview with The New American, Mörner said that he warned the UN IPCC about the problems in its reports, but they refused to correct the flaws. And so, he resigned from his senior position on the UN panel.

In the abstract of his new study, published on November 5 in the Journal of Environmental Sciences, Mörner highlights the observation data and concludes that the UN fear-mongering is totally off base. “Observationally based facts document a present change in absolute (eustatic) sea level ranging between ±0.0 and +1.0 mm/yr,” said the scientist, who has been monitoring sea levels around the world for decades and is widely regarded as one of the world’s top experts in the field. “This poses no threats whatsoever. In New York City, sea level is rising at a rate of +2.84 mm/yr, which would imply an additional rise in sea level by 23.3 cm by 2100, a modest rise that can be handled without problems.”

Responding to the latest UN report, former Harvard University physicist Dr. Lubos Motl could barely contain his disgust. “There’s absolutely no true, useful, or original content in this stuff,” he said, calling the report “garbage” that nobody even reads. “Almost identical predictions have been proven incorrect hundreds of times…. We’ve been bombarded by effectively equivalent garbage hundreds of times, the specifics of the newest report are completely irrelevant and uncorrelated with any events, insights, or new scientific evidence. All this fear-mongering is just a random mutation of nonsense that everyone has seen many times, with some completely irrelevant and random new noise… Climate fearmongers, you’ve become some of the most dishonest as well as useless people in the Earth’s history.”

MIT Meteorology Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen, meanwhile, blasted UN fear-mongering last month as “implausible conjecture backed by false evidence and repeated incessantly.” Rather than saving humanity, it is all aimed at “the overturn of industrial civilization,” he said. In his London speech, the highly respected meteorologist warned that the UN’s lies and scientists’ willingness to keep quiet about them was likely to seriously reduce public trust in and support for science. “Perhaps this won’t be such a bad thing after all — certainly as concerns ‘official’ science,” he added. The professor has long ridiculed the man-made global-warming alarmists as a “cult” because they refuse to accept the evidence debunking their hysteria and pseudo-science.

Shortly before the UN IPCC’s SR15 was released, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) released its “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels” report. Among other findings pouring cold water on the UN’s hot air, the 117 scientists and experts behind the report assessed the actual costs and benefits of using fossil fuels to humanity. Spoiler alert: Fossil fuels, as they are called, have been an incredible boon for humanity, at least if one values life and human well-being. Previous reports by the NIPCC have debunked many of the other key claims underpinning the UN hysteria. And yet the UN continues to shriek louder and louder without ever addressing any of the obvious problems with its science, methods, claims, demands, and so on. 

Meanwhile, the first-ever audit of the global temperature data, done earlier this year by Dr. John McLean, revealed that the primary data set relied upon to make all these predictions is not just flawed, it is an absolute disaster. Among the hundreds of errors are towns where recorded temperatures are literally listed as boiling. One site in Colombia had data purporting to show three months of temperatures over 175° Fahrenheit, an obvious impossibility. Overall, the audit found more than 70 different sorts of problems in the data — data that has resulted in trillions of dollars in spending and is being used to justify many trillions more.

“I was aghast to find that nothing was done to remove absurd values,” explained Australian climate-data researcher McLean, who first identified the problems in a report released last month. “The whole approach to the dataset’s creation is careless and amateur, about the standard of a first-year university student.” Dr. McLean also uncovered — surprise — “data that has been incorrectly adjusted in a way that exaggerates warming.” And that is just the start of it. And yet, this is the data being relied upon to con humanity out of more liberty and money under the guise of saving the “climate” from the gas exhaled by human beings and all other animals. 

Even Copenhagen Consensus Center Director Bjørn Lomborg, who accepts the UN’s man-made warming premises and its ludicrous numbers, nevertheless pointed out the absurdity of transforming the global economy in response to the UN’s prophecies. The IPCC’s latest analysis estimated that if nothing is done about climate change, humanity would face the equivalent of a per-capita income reduction of between 0.2 and two percent 50 years from now. “By then, developing world incomes will have increased by 400 percent to 500 percent or even more,” he said, adding that the number of people killed by climate disasters around the world is down 95 percent over the last century.

The UN’s “Paris Agreement,” a pseudo-treaty signed by Obama that Trump announced the U.S. government would withdraw from, is “an incredibly expensive way of helping very little,” continued Lomborg, who has earned the undying hostility of the climate-alarmism industry merely for crunching the official numbers and exposing the absurdity of it all. “Those using the latest IPCC report to call for bigger political promises miss the point by a mile.” Instead, the resources that would have been wasted on enforcing the UN’s Paris scheme could be used to “make everyone more resilient and prosperous,” he added. Ironically, even the UN admitted that the Paris Agreement, which has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate, would be useless.

The Trump administration also expressed similar concerns after seeing the UN IPCC report’s “Summary for Policymakers” (SPM). “The SPM narrative fails to communicate the scale of the global technological and economic challenge to meet the 1.5C objective,” the U.S. government wrote in its response to the hysteria. “The SPM implies that these challenges will be minor and any trade-offs easily resolved, whereas the underlying report and the published literature clearly demonstrate the scope and depth of these barriers to limiting emissions consistent with 1.5C.”

The administration also blew up the underlying scam supporting the UN’s demands by highlighting some inconvenient truths — namely, the fact that the “climate models” used by the UN have been consistently and overwhelmingly wrong. “There is no discussion — or a summary thereof — in the SPM regarding the credibility of models (or methodologies) used in the report to project future impacts,” the U.S. government response continued. Indeed, “most” of the climate models have been incorrect, the officials said, perhaps trying to be diplomatic. In reality, they have all been wrong, and all in the same direction — something that the laws of probability would suggest is highly suspicious.

Beyond the fear-mongering of pseudo-scientists, top Deep State globalists jumped on the bandwagon to promote geoengineering — the manipulation of the earth by humans. “Nothing suggests the world will come close to meeting this goal on climate change,” wrote Richard N. Haass, president of the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations, on social media after the report was released. “There is no U.S. leadership, and the phrase ‘international community’ is more rhetoric than reality. We’d better set aside $ for adaptation and accelerate R&D on geoengineering.”

Of course, giving the same globalist Deep State behind the man-made global-warming hoax permission to “geoengineer” the planet would be dumber than believing their latest UN fear-mongering. But the fact that Haass and his cohorts are not optimistic about the success of their hoax is certainly good news for humanity. Indeed, countless analysts have now suggested that the climate scam is essentially finished as far as credibility is concerned — even if many of its tax-funded promoters do not yet realize it. Polls suggest the scam is dying, too. However, the threat remains. 

The New American will be at the UN COP24 climate summit in Katowice, Poland, next month. Stay tuned for more.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, was at the UN climate summit in Paris and has been at other key UN climate summits as well. He can be reached at


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