Climate Engineering Acknowledged By Commercial Airline Dispatcher

Geoengineering Watch
by Dane Wigington


Many professionals are now fully waking up to the global climate engineering/weather warfare assault. Some of these professionals are courageously speaking out about the geoengineering insanity, and helping to wake their colleagues to this most critical issue. The gravity and immediacy of the threat climate engineering is inflicting on the entire web of life cannot be overstated. If the ongoing atmospheric experimentation is not fully exposed and halted, Earth’s life support systems will soon be damaged beyond recovery (in any time frame that matters). The letters/statements shown later in this post are from a former commercial airline dispatcher (same FAA license category as pilots and air traffic controllers) that I have been communicating with for several months. I have already facilitated connections between this individual and other experts that have previously contacted me (pilots, a former government employees, former US military, NASA, etc.) Though I am not at liberty to disclose the identity of the airline dispatcher that made the statements below, I do have permission to publish the statements. How can all of us help courageous individuals like this commercial airline dispatcher? By doing everything each of us possibly can to effectively and efficiently raise public awareness of the climate engineering issue.


Massive atmospheric aerosol dispersions visible at sunset as photographed from an airport (airliner jet tails can be seen silhouetted in the foreground of the photo).

Statements from a former commercial airline dispatcher (who is still employed in the aviation industry):

Aviation and the FAA 

I’m a former commercial airline dispatcher who is writing this because the issue of geoengineering cannot be hidden any longer. So much of the public refuses to acknowledge that this is going on because the commercial airline industry has not made a big deal about it. I don’t know if that is because they don’t understand the seriousness of it, or because they have invested too much time and money into building a career, or because they may be afraid to know or if they do know to say anything. Either way I am here to say that all of those reasons for saying nothing are going to be completely moot extremely soon if no one starts protecting the sky. We are now finding that UV radiation levels are far higher than what we have been told by official agencies. Pilots notice that the deviations of ISA at altitude are often way underreported. The fact that we no longer have any real weather is something that we all, especially dispatchers and pilots should have a right to know about, after all we are the ones held legally responsible for safety of flight and being thoroughly familiar with weather conditions. We hold the public trust. I worked for a commercial airline, and there are many ways that geoengineering is hidden, even from us. For one, geoengineering was never taught in dispatch school, was never mentioned in any FAA exams, regulations, or any company manuals, and the software used for dispatching does not give an accurate depiction of the weather as it is. It gives you only as much information as you need, and you are left with instructions from the FAA on what is legal and what is not legal with regards to weather. Supplemental sources are often needed for situational awareness but are not approved by the FAA for actual control of the flight. My own personal radar app on my phone has better images of what is happening when it starts to rain or snow. On my radar you can actually see rain mysteriously flashing into snow, and all sorts of weather anomalies that you wouldn’t see in dispatch. It makes no sense unless someone is geoengineering it. In fact the whole reason I left dispatch altogether was because I didn’t know the extent of what was really going on, if it was something that had been going on for awhile or if it was constantly changing. All I had was a suspicion that something was going on, and it was very frustrating that no one in the industry would acknowledge anything unusual. The jet streams were not normal, the snow was not normal, the heat waves were not normal. Nothing made any sense. The fact is that the planet is rapidly heating up, and these extenuating measures are being taken to keep it from becoming obvious to everyone. How else can anyone explain how it can go from a 80 degree record high to 35 degrees and snowing in a day? Or why it would be snowing in Southern Texas or Florida just randomly when it never did that before. Or why half the country was in record heat while the other half was buried under snow. To whoever believes that the climate is cooling down, you are so wrong that it makes my head hurt. There wasn’t even a fall this year because it was too hot. Now that it is winter the trees don’t even know if it’s summer, fall, or winter. Half the leaves are green, half are yellow, and half fell off onto the snow. How does that make any sense if it’s cooling down? What’s happening is that it keeps getting abnormally hot during winter months, so before anyone starts to wonder why, the weather is geoengineered to bring the temperatures down. The snow isn’t even normal snow anymore. Real snow is usually fine powder and weightless. The only time snow should be a slushy rain mix is not during the winter months, but during the spring time. All skiers know this, which is why they call it powder. This “heavy wet snow” is only one more indication that temperatures are warmer than they should be. There are climate engineering patents for “chemical ice nucleation” to create snow at higher temperatures. This warmer temperature snow has much more water content, so is much heavier. The heavy snow is doing a great deal of damage to trees, often causing them to break and fall. It also sticks and stays much more than normal naturally nucleated snow.

On the whole contrails “debate”. There is no debate here. Aircraft simply do not leave trails that turn into clouds that spread out across the sky unless they are doing so on purpose. In the beginning with the invention of jet engines the military started refining the first fuels because they didn’t want any visible contrails, probably to be less obvious and more covert. Does anyone really think that all these years later that this is just an unintended consequence in the sky? How is anyone even debating this when you can sit there and watch these trails turn into clouds, and within no time then you can see frequency waves moving them across the sky. And if they were just contrails why are they wiped off the satellite images? When I was in dispatch I never saw any actual satellite images showing these. In fact I never saw a lot of things, like the triangle shaped clouds forming off the coast of California or the “mountain wave” clouds that oddly run perpendicular, not parallel to the mountains. I have since seen these on NASA Worldview. There is simply no debating that this is going on. We also know that some of the military aircraft involved are now flying in commercial airspace. This only poses further questions on safety, such as are they flying with their transponders off so TCAS cannot alert other aircraft in the area, or does ATC know their whereabouts? ATC would need to adjust other flights around them, but how would they without having a strip on file to know where they are going? The biggest question though is will we start turning things around while there is still time to do so. The chemicals in the sky are destroying the ozone layer not only by drying out the atmosphere but by reflecting the heat back up at the ozone layer. These toxic chemicals that become clouds are flown through daily and bleed air gets into the cabin. The FAA refuses to test fuel for nano sized particulates as well. So to the pilots that are out there, you are not only being exposed more directly by being among these chemicals while flying all day everyday, but you are also in far higher UV radiation than you would be on the ground, and at this rate may soon be not only UVA and UVB but also UVC and X-RAY. I don’t see how any of this is ok. As time goes on this will only get rapidly worse, so people really need to start taking a stand while there is still time. The environment is not simply an object that can withstand being assaulted indefinitely, and there is no choice but to either stand up or don’t plan on having much of a planet or future flying soon (to the pilots). 


 Sacramento, California. Photo credit: Chris Foulk

The Cycle of Distractions 

The endless cycle of distractions. These days people go from their iphone to TV to the internet all day every day, and notice how nothing ever satisfies them so they keep searching, searching for something new to stimulate themselves. What has happened to society is that they are missing something and cannot pinpoint it, and therefore keep searching. If you couldn’t recognize it for what it really is, it would look a lot more like everyone has A.D.D. than anything else. The thing that is missing is the connection to the source, nature, and the world around them, basically the only thing that truly gives life any sense of real purpose. I believe this is an intended action by those controlling the world, because when someone is connected to the world they see exactly how the earth (and everyone around them) is being destroyed, and are not okay with it. In fact there is no choice but to fight against it. In a natural state in harmony with the world you take things slowly, with time to reflect, moving with the rhythm of the animals and the breeze in a state of contentment. There is no restlessness. The modern world has broken this agreement, and now everyone must not walk but drive, not drive but fly. In this attempt to race against a fictitious clock, we are in essence racing towards our own demise. The biggest struggle in this fight against geoengineering is that without those being connected to the life source, it is difficult to reach them and help them see that this is not just another issue among issues, but that this is THE ISSUE and that if we don’t turn this around NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. The irony of the situation is that those that would rather live slowly in harmony with the world are the ones forced to race against this enormous issue rapidly unfolding in front of us all, while those who proclaim a need to stay so busy and “connected” to life, and “on top “of everything happening- through their iPhones and TV everything else are the ones that don’t even see what’s actually happening or else are sitting there doing NOTHING. The native Indians have lived on this land for thousands of years, so long that any origins cannot be pinpointed. In a mere 200 years in this so called “modern” world all of life is dying. The trees do not know whether it is summer or fall or winter. The animals are getting shell shocked from extremes. Do people in the city even see the animals or trees? They don’t see the sky so who knows. And to all those who proclaim in such a condescending way that they are “outdoorsy” among the city people. You know nothing, NOTHING. Unless you are coming back down into the city to sound the alarm on the battle cries from the trees and animal just take a seat. You are bigger hypocrites than the rest of them. I don’t even need to leave the city to hear their fight for life. How is this possibly normal….and it is only getting worse each year. People refuse to believe that the planet is heating up, or that this is somehow all normal. For the longest time I could never understand why in the city it got warm here right before it snowed, every winter without fail. Although I could never understand it, it was the only indication I ever had for snow coming. I asked so many people if they noticed it, and it was always passed off saying that’s just what it does here. We are “bipolar”. Many people around the country are probably saying that at this point. Really? In what reality should it get warm before it’s supposed to snow? No. That is what happens when it starts getting too hot for the middle of winter, so they start cooling things off before anyone starts noticing something is really wrong. You would think if something was causing things to get that bad it would be a good indication to STOP DOING IT, BUT NO. To the scientists, how can you call yourself a scientist and not see the trajectory. Saying nothing will not protect you anymore than it will not protect the pilots to remain silent. It is your only job to tell it like it is. 

I have lived and traveled in a lot of remote places and in those times where there was no one around I was never lonely. Nature always kept me company, and life always made sense. It wasn’t until I lived in the city that I felt lonely….living surrounded by people, with a job around hundreds of people a day I was somehow more lonely than I had ever been in my life. And the reason for that is because I started seeing that so many people have lost a sense of true purpose. Everyone is fed lies that they can never seem to see through, and I can never quite relate. I am constantly torn between wanting to help everyone and being upset at everyone for living in such a jumbled state of meaningless distractions. This has only become worse now as we are marching off a cliff because of it. At this point in time I believe that the only reason I am here in the city is to help wake people up because the sand in the hourglass is slipping away quickly. The chemicals that are being sprayed on everyone is doing so much damage. After nearly six years of working at an airport I have seen a sharp decline in the mental capacity of the public at large, getting worse every day. It has gotten so bad that most people don’t even really know how to listen anymore. A basic question like which gate do I go to, and my simple reply more often than not has to be repeated once or twice, and sometimes even written down. This is the new normal, and it is very alarming. How will the society even function in another six years? By attacking especially the elderly and the children, which is our connection to the past and the future- this is burning both ends of the candle. There is only so much time that we as a collective have left to turn things around before humanity is exhausted. 

All of us have a responsibility to take a stand, to sound the alarm once we know the truth. The courageous former airline dispatcher (who is still employed in the aviation industry) that authored the statements above is doing exactly that. If we are to expose and halt the climate engineering assault in time to salvage what is yet left of Earth’s life support systems, then we must make every single day count in the effort to reach a critical mass of public awareness. Make your voice heard in this most critical battle while it can still make a difference.

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