Donald Trump and the Equilibrium to Come

New Eastern Outlook
by Phil Butler


34234231231The news these last few days has been all about the radical left being up in arms over Donald Trump’s ascendency to the US Presidency. The massive upset victory of this charismatic non-politician is crystallizing into a very divisive situation in the United States and in Europe, as EU leaders and NATO nations paint a geo-political picture of gloom and doom for us. However negative the picture may seem though, the shiny side of this leadership coin shows a glowing promise. Here’s my take on what is about to happen when Donald Trump is inaugurated.

Donald Trump did not win this election on any of the bases which Clinton’s supporters profess. This is crucial to accept if we are to understand what is about to happen. Trump is not a bigot, a racist, nor is he some misogynistic woman hater. Trump is a product of both American progress and to an extend hyper-capitalism. His “locker room” talk resonates no more resoundingly than his anti-establishment diatribe against the Washington elites. For those who have watched him over the years, it is so clear the man just says what he thinks at the moment. He said he would “drain the swamp” of politically corrupt in Washington, and I think he is about to. He also said , if he was elected, he would install a special prosecutor to investigate and indict Hillary Clinton for her part in illegal activities. Those out there demonstrating do not fully understand “who” it is there are demonstrating on behalf of, nor do they understand the breadth of criminality and malfeasance Mr. Trump has suggested. WikiLeaks opened the investigation to the court of public opinion, and this is why Donald Trump is the President-elect now.

I could enumerate the multiple statutes Mrs. Clinton breached while she was Secretary of State, but her alleged crimes and misdemeanors against the United States are not the reason the Democrats lost. I could list the multitude of lies the Podesta emails proved, and how Hillary Clinton told Congress, the media, the FBI, and the atmosphere of crooked dealings she and the Democrats created, but the American people did not shun her for lying to them either. Politicians lie like water flows with gravity. The American people voted for Donald Trump because the system in place the last 25 years failed them.

There’s no need for a history lesson in order for me to prove my contention here. When George Herbert Walker Bush met with Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the people of the world drew in a deep breath of possibility and potential. The promise was further illuminated in 1991, but the fall of the Soviet Union that was supposed to set free all the peoples of all the nations, it was never the plan. Almost simultaneously with his handshake with Gorbachev, Bush and his backers were steeled for the first invasion of Iraq. Bush’s part in lighting the fuse on today’s destabilization bomb was not his greatest betrayal of the American people though. Not many political analysts these days talk about George H.W. Bush’s role in NAFTA, but step toward globalism ruined a hundred million lives and the dreams attached to them within a few short years. NAFTA, later set in place by Bill Clinton, destroyed the United States as a manufacturing power. Not only did millions lose their jobs, the globalization strategies keyed to NAFTA would later cause the global economic and military conflicts we see right now. An easy way of seeing this is by watching the march of NATO across Eastern Europe toward the doorstep of Russia.

I can show you how Bill Clinton’s administration got Yugoslavia out of the US hegemony’s way. Clinton left office as one of only two US Presidents to have been through impeachment proceedings, and after having paved the way to the coming Iraq invasion. Showing the collusion in between Clinton’s successor George W. Bush, Britain’s Tony Blair, and Europe’s leadership in what became known as the “Bush Doctrine”, which amounted to “Democratic regime change”. The Afghanistan War, the war and occupation of Iraq, the later Georgian War, Barack Obama’s part in Ukraine, then Arab Spring, Gaddafi, Assad and Syria, the spread of this quasi-democratic movement is well documented by the trail of blood and misery left in its path. Whether the reader wishes to see the march of these successive administrations as complicit or circumstantial participants in this is irrelevant. In the long view the United States’ domestic and global policies have failed billions of people. Furthermore, on some individual level, each and every one of us has felt these failures. This is true of the protesters from Austin to Washington today. These Hillary supporters are by and large, just the pawns of the globalists who pay for play via the US Treasury, and who now fund the very upheaval against President-elect Trump. The Hillary Clinton “upset” is a far bigger paradigm than anyone is telling us. At this point some readers are already asking; “So where is that glowing promise?”

Donald Trump is in the process of emptying not only the “Washington swamp”, but the European one as well. Before you object, please consider what it means for a powerful outsider to enter this game of crisis-détente. Look at how EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is expressing the panic of European leadership in this comment this week:

“We will need to teach the president-elect what Europe is and how it works.”

News that NATO is losing it over the Trump presidency is brought into context if we look at how NATO is trying to establish Moscow as the bitter foe again. I recall something Mr. Putin said to the Valdai Conference in Sochi in 2014, when announced; “Playtime is over”. The Russian president was talking about backroom deals and underhanded dealings geo-policy makers had been engaging in for decades, and how he was not engaging in them any longer. This is vital for understanding Mr. Trump’s position with regard to positivity toward Russia and China. The globalists who have run this show for decades are now faced with powerful opponents to their plans. All of this is irrefutable, and only the minute details remain to be seen. The worst nightmare of the billionaires who have benefited from world chaos is now elected. Imagine now what will come out in a Hillary Clinton investigation without the Obama Department of Justice to block! Donald Trump has at his fingertips every underhanded shift, every bit of NSA intelligence, every USAID or CIA penny shoveled to ISIL, or to some unscrupulous EU official.

Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bushs, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Cameron, billionaires like George Soros and his NGOs, the whole grimy and messy swamp of leadership corruption is now in the hands of a guy who builds skyscrapers and golf courses. Somebody outside the “club” is in the White House and nobody knows what he is going to do. No Rockefeller millions put him there. No Soros funding promoted him, and no corporate media voiced a kind word about him. The opposition to Donald Trump did every dirty, stinking, rotten deed they could to ensure he lost, but fed up America said “no”.

The world’s geo-political reptiles are losing their collective minds today. Soros and, the neo-socialists marching in Berlin are organizing a popular uprising, but the Trump power base is more firm. The same frustrated American that lost his manufacturing job and pension to NAFTA, he is the neighbor of that redneck veteran Obama sent to lose in Afghanistan. The shining hope I speak of is in the pragmatic realism of Trump, Putin, and any leader compelled to actually serve a people. Here is how I see it playing out.

As I looked at Vladimir Putin’s Instagram account today, I could not help but notice he and former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi walking side-by-side in the woods. The reason I mention this is because the media in the west has already jumped on a fear, and a meme, in comparing Berlusconi to Trump. One of Mr. Putin’s friends, Berlusconi is a fascinating and powerful ally in Italy, a nation increasingly reticent on Germany’s and America’s control of Europe. The neo-fascist liberals who were so “all in” to get Clinton elected, now they are in chaotic disarray now over politicians like Matteo Renzi, whom Berlusconi backs. To cut short here, the Trump-Putin cohesion the far-left tried to use against the billionaire property mogul, is the same bright potential that can rescue the planet. Europe is only an extension of Washington, London, Berlin, and Paris these days, and the EU that never was has scores of nations restless for change. Trump is the catalyst for this change whether he choose to try Hillary Clinton or not. You see Trump is a businessman first, and philosopher poet last. The bottom line here is, peace with Russia and carry on business, or stand trial for betraying a billion people. These protests, the NATO and EU “warnings” to Trump, these indications tell me just how corrupt this system was.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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