The Trump Revolution
by Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD



Trump Revolution: A Moveable Feast!

Much sound and fury signifying a lot! We are in the midst of a real American Revolution using the 21st century modality of the alternative media/internet. Donald Trump, right or wrong, initiated a movement over one year ago by announcing his candidacy for the President. His personal aspiration transmuted into an American political movement that surpassed the aspirations of any one man or specific group of people.

This political revolution has been characterized so far by non-violence, as well as huge voter turn-out on all sides of the political spectrum [i.e. Bernie Sanders]. Most importantly, this Trump Revolution underscored the rotten underbelly of the past three Republican and Democratic administrations. Here is my top 10 list of shameful reprobates:

[1] The Old Guard Rhinos have been exposed for what they have always been: cowardly, pandering, selfish, and treasonous.The Republican Party has been destroyed because they no longer have a practical ideology, nor evidence of any recent effective actions.

[2] Fake “war heroes” like John McCain, have been called to task for their buried history of incredible recklessness as a Navy pilot. McCain carelessly killed many of his fellow sailors on board an aircraft carrier. Then, he was captured and became a ‘North Vietnamese’ propagandist. images-27

[3] James Comey, Director of FBI, who turned out to be the most ignominious prosecutor who, as director of a noble law enforcement institution, betrayed its historical legacy of fairness and independence. He personally abetted and aided the criminal activities of Hillary/Bill Clinton; Cheryl Mills, Sandy Berger, and countless other colleagues from his former law firm. His greatest professional  achievement will be destroying/politicizing the FBI; sanctifying the corruption of the Clinton Foundation; and, more importantly, he alone prosecuted Martha Stewart for ‘obstruction of justice’ and ‘lying to the FBI’.

How much more disgraceful can he be?

[4] Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the first African -American female Attorney General. As a co-conspirator of the Clintons, Comey and other corrupt individuals/institutions, she has proven to be a feckless appointment based on ‘affirmative action’. Her attendance at both Harvard College and Harvard Law School, simply reified the concept that this hallowed institution produces as many white collar criminals as does Yale [Clintons/Bushes]; as well as, Cornell University [Wolfowitz, Hadley, Berger, Fukuyama,].

[5] John Brennan, DNI, has always been true to his heritage of being an incompetent, choirboy, alongside his other Democratic compatriots—Biden, Dolan, Daly, Jake Sullivan, Kerry.

[6] Shameful Medical Chicanery as embodied by Dr. Lisa Bardack and Columbia Medical College of Physicians and Surgeons.Both have revealed themselves as medical pawns co-opted by big pharma,greed, and political power.

[7] Obama—the greatest mistake America ever made. A mulatto extraction of a benighted CIA family whose mother, maternal grandmother/grandfather served the CIA nobly. As my psychiatric compatriot at Harvard Medical College, Dr. Charles Krauthammer pronounced, “Obama is the father of a stillbirth administration.” Everything Obama tried to institute never had a chance of surviving, especially Obamacare and the failed interventions overseas in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya [Benghazi].

[8] John Kerry, the Jewish born wannabe WASP, who turned into a goulash of ineptness and self-aggrandizement, stood at the forefront of becoming the the worst Secretary of State alongside two other Democratic contenders Madeleine Albright [ “What Me Worry?”]; Hillary Clinton [ travelled 124 countries accomplishing nothing except initiating the Libyan Civil War].
Kerry will become famous for his “Jeopardy Game Show: How Much Can I Give Iran for Supporting Shi’ite World Terrorism?” Kerry doled out over $189B for a faux nuclear standdown, plus another $400M for American hostages.

[9] Mainstream media has been shown to be nothing more than an echo chamber for the plutocratic Democrats. The NY Times, once an estimable paper, is now regarded as a moribund rag underwritten by a Mexican drug cartel warlord [Carlos Slim Helu].

[10] The Clintons, themselves, for couching their greed, criminal behavior and reckless ambition within a political mafia that would destroy everything that was good and great about America. images-28



The Trump Revolution has exposed and demanded the immediate evisceration of the the underlying rot which set into our civil society, intelligence/military complex, and the rigged local/national elections. For those of you who perceive Trump Revolution as unbearable and depressing, please remember that the American Revolution was undertaken by fewer than four per cent of the population spanning over an eight year  time period. We have only endured less than one year of discord and revulsion by those who feel offended or traumatized Trump or his surrogates.



Now,we are in a moveable feast that will span across all types of people and beliefs, shaking the very core of our institutional viability. We are privileged to experience this type of revolution without incurring kinetic firepower or chaos.

No matter who wins, I can assure you all that after having worked for five POTUSs, the republic become even stronger.

That is not wishful thinking!
I am a realist. From the very beginning, I stated my simple premise: the role of president in this great republic is completely irrelevant to the functioning of all its presumably subordinate states.We are entering a new era where the devolution of federal power is making the state governors, county commissioners, and local representatives far more important than those whom we send to Washington DC. Local concerns have trumped national and foreign policy considerations.

In the words American clergyman Henry Ward Beecher [1813-1887] author of “Twelve Causes of Dishonesty”:

“The worst thing in the world, next to anarchy, is government.”