Ex-Intel Family Members Tell All About the Secret Space Program

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by Dave Hodges

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I have been overwhelmed by the quality of the responses that I have received in regard to my revelations about my father’s work. I am shocked about the commonalities that have been communicated to me. Here are some examples of the responses that my series on the secret space program, borne out of Nazi technology, has generated.

After reading the following accounts, there can be no question that we have a secret, military controlled space program and that their activities extend far above and beyond our primitive ventures into space using booster rocket fuel.

Vance Davis

Vance Davis

Vance Davis

Vance Davis, former NSA operative, and I became friends after I contacted following an interview he did with Art Bell in 1993. I was certain that he knew my father, but later I found out he did not. However, Vance, who was living in Mesa, AZ., at the time, and I became good friends and he revealed much more than he revealed in his e-book, Unbroken Promises.

During my many conversations with Vance, he revealed that part of his NSA indoctrination involved being taught that there is a war going on between good and evil in the cosmos. This war eventually came to earth and manifested itself in the forms we see today. The “evil” side seeks to separate humanity from its collective souls. This is not a misprint. Vance was quite explicit. There are forces that wanted to separate the soul from humanity. Before you click out and move on to the next article, you may wish to consider that Vance’s words are validated 23 years later. Ask yourself, what else, in our present world, seeks to separate mankind from its soul? The answer is the Frankenstein science we call Transhumanism. Transhumanism seeks to morph human beings from their present form into some kind of eternal monster who will be served by the human slaves who left alive to serve the every whim of the Transhumanist elite. If Vance did not possess insider knowledge, ask yourself, who was speaking about Transhumanism almost a quarter of a century ago? Only the very few who understood what I am writing here, knew about Transhumanism that many years ago.

Vance told me of a secret space program which not only developed Nazsi technology into modern day applications he told me about how this “working group” was also seeking ancient technology left on this planet over 25,000 years ago. In part four, I will reveal more about this revelation. Interestingly, as an aside, I had a former Psychology student who took my statistics course who was the grandson of a Hopi Elder. His Hopi inspired legends confirmed, word for word, where some of this technology was found in very precise geographic locations, such as under the near empty federal building in Phoenix, AZ. The near empty Federal building, built on prime downtown Phoenix land, sits nearly empty after being built 20 years ago. Only a shell crew occupies this federal building. Vance and I took several walks around its perimeter. The building has a Faraday cage and has clear signs of a NSA presence. Yet, most of the building sits vacant.

Frances Barwood

Frances Barwood

Vance and I spent two evenings visiting Frances Barwood, a former Phoenix City Council woman. She told Vance Davis and myself about how the Phoenix City Council came to give away prime city-owned real estate to the federal government on the land in which the Federal building would be built. The city council members were hoodwinked by the FBI into believing that there were over 30 attempted terror attacks. The presence of the Federal building would help to prevent these attacks, said the FBI. In 1997, Barwood took up the cause of the 1997 Phoenix lights. She was ridiculed in the media but she proceeded to interview of 700 eyewitnesses to the event.  The Phoenix Lights incident, as it turned out was the formal unveiling of the NWO advanced technology.

Ex-Intel Families Weigh In On the Secret Space Program

Dear Dave,

My father was on a technology transfer and technology filtering committee headed by NSA. In the days that he worked for the NSA it was referred to as the “No Such Agency” because it did not officially exist. Mr. Hodges, your father was a go-between that bridged the gap between the Nazis and their knowledge and the distributors of the technology. My father’s job was to decide what technology would go to NASA and which technologies would remain hidden and would be developed by what would morph into what would become DARPA, which arose out of Skunkworks. 

This technology developed into faster than light speed travel. God only knows how far into the cosmos we have ventured and most people will never know. I was told that time travel was on the drawing board, but my father did not know how far that went. He did say that someday we would be able to predict criminal behavior. This was way before Tom Cruise’s movie called the Minority Report. We should have a conference with people like ourselves, except we would probably be all killed. Thanks for having the courage to write this. 

Deborah Stevens

















To Dave Hodges

Thank you for writing about the above subject. To be brief & right to the point my grandfather was Frederick B. Rentschler founder of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, United Aircraft, now United Technologies. As a young boy I had the Privilege to spend time with him, especially when he would explain anti-gravity technology with the use of drawing it out on notepaper.

As a boy of 6-7 years of age in 1955-56 I was fascinated with this time he spent with me. I always wondered as I got older the whole truth of the matter. What you are saying makes great sense and puts to rest many things for years I could not understand. As a christian believer I do know what my grandfather was involved  with put a very dark stain on my family in a spiritual sense. Thank you again for the truth, I heard it said we really have the Technology to take ET home, I do believe we do.

Sincerely,    Raymer Rentschler


Hi Dave,

I’ve been listening/following your site for over three years now. The story of your dad sounds very similar to my grandfather’s story. He passed away two years ago this December and I miss him greatly. He was an aeronautic hydraulic engineer for over 50 years. He tried to retire four times, but kept getting called back for new projects so that he never fully retired. His biggest jobs were for the defense ministry and he worked for every big name you can think of in the private aeronautic field. At his funeral one of the men he trained came up to the family and said as a testimony that there isn’t a plane, spacecraft, boat, rover, or satellite that doesn’t have his signature on the plans. I believe this to be true as I know very little about his jobs because of security clearances- his was top.
If you ever wish to compare stories or notes, I would be happy to email with you. There are not too many families that exist like yours and mine. As time goes on there will be even fewer.
Thanks for all you do to inform the public. Reading or listening to you is always educational.
In Him,
Sherry K

Warnings from the Darkside

Several people have written to me and asked me to stop the revelations about the secret space program. Two of them were fearful that my revelations would falsely be linked back to their families and their families would be blamed and their lives would be in jeopardy. I concur that there is an inherent risk with this type of disclosure. Someone wrote to the comment board of The Common Sense Show and asked why I waited four years, past my mother’s death, to reveal the existence of this program and its related technologies. My blunt answer is that I was fearful for the lives of my immediate family of origin. From the time we were barely able to read, we were told by our parents that “loose lips sink ships” and that speaking about what we see and hear could put everyone’s lives at risk.

In 1983-1985, my father told me that the legal threat that the covert government forces could hold over the heads of the people associated with the secret space program was an NDAA type of detention. In reality, he said, they would be willing to murder the whistleblower and their family to keep this from the public.

Why after four years, when I am free to reveal what I know without a direct and serious consequence to my mother, did I choose to make this public? The answer is simple. First, it is time that people knew the truth. We have the technology to conquer disease and poverty and it is being withheld from humanity. Also, Google, in reality and actuality the NSA, is tampering with my website. They are directing traffic away from site. They are preventing me from communicating directly with people like Steve Quayle, of which the last interference was just yesterday in the midst of these revelations. When some people are coming to me site, they are given false messages to go away.

There are some that have warned me to stop the revelations.

Mr. Hodges, 

I would encourage you to stop what you are doing for your own sake and the sake of your family members. You are playing with fire. You are being reckless and endangering dozens of people. Have you considered the gravity of your revelations. After your part one, I cannot believe that you are still alive. Shame on you. 

I was friends and a colleague of Fred Bell. You know Fred Bell, brother of talk show host Art Bell, who was murdered for revealing things he shouldn’t have. This will be your fate if you don’t shut up!  

Fred Bell worked on the Saturn Gemini and then later the Apollo mission which was directed by the Nazi, Werner Von Braun.  We were all well aware that the government has a secret space program. In case you did not know Fred had worked for JPL and Rockwell. He knew everyone in area covert technology used to fly into space.  

Fred Bell was also affiliated, mostly thought acquaintances with people who worked at another at Skunk Works. These organization were involved in secret government funds in what are known as secret Black ops which are funded with Latin American and Afghanistan drug money. Many of these corporations were very active and developing extremely exotic forms of technology. People who talk about this topic end up getting killed. You are a dumb ass Mr. Hodges and are going to end up dead. 


Here is Jesse Ventura’s reaction to the death of Dr. Fred Bell.


In the final part of this series, I will answer the two questions that I posed in Part One: (1) who killed JFK and why; and, (2) what is the truth about UFO’s.

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