Jade Helm, An Admission of American Failure

New Eastern Outlook
by Gordon Duff

402893347America’s military and foreign policy failures are countless and stacking up every day. There is little question anymore that excessive dependence on private contractors, the influence of the Israel and other powerful lobbies and a bifurcated command structure with rogue elements running private “ops” has left America defenseless.

We see it today while the city of Baltimore burns, we see it in NATO drumbeating against Russia, we see it in America’s new partnership with Japan and the belligerence it represents.

We also see it in Turkey and the Ukraine, in Yemen and the bizarre naval and air blockade of humanitarian aid to a nation ravaged by a neighbor with 5th century values and 21st century weapons.

For America, ruling the world is a difficult task for a failed police state at home and a fascist “co-dependent” nation abroad.

Jade Helm

Two months ago the US Department of Defense announced an exercise to take place across much of the United States. The wording of the document sent reverberations around the world as conspiracy theorists began announcing “the end of the world as we know it.” The real import of Jade Helm isn’t the conspiracy theories but the truth of it, what it really tells us is that the world we think we know ended a long time ago. Many of us simply missed it.

On April 27, the organizers of Jade Helm held a meeting in a small Texas town describing their plans. Those of us with some sympathy for the military groaned as the army spokesman failed epically during attempts to woo the audience through flag waving and pulling on patriotic heartstrings. No one was buying any of it.

The Long and Short of It

Whatever the great fear of Jade Helm may be with some, the sad reality of what Jade Helm really is may be worse. After a careful analysis of the Army statements, cleaning away the fog and cobwebs, the doublespeak, this is what the world was told in that small Texas town:

•Jade Helm is a simulation to teach the Army to not kill every civilian they see like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

•Jade Helm will teach, they hope, a totally failed military to operate using human intelligence they might get by not alienating everyone in the world by acting like total fools and incompetents.

•Jade Helm is supposed to teach special operations troops how to survive without Playstations, 6000 calorie lunches and “mama army” 24/7.

•Jade Helm units are going to learn to move undetected, pretend and we mean “pretend” to earn the trust of civilians who will be role players. I hope the cooperating locals are getting paid for this.

•Jade Helm is an attempt to sell a narrative that the defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan and the horrific failures that have left both nations a total disaster can be fixed. This, of course, is delusional.

•Jade Helm is based on the hypothesis that if troops are trained to work around people better, they can get intelligence, get help from locals the way the Viet Cong and Taliban have done. This is unrealistic.

•Jade Helm may well be training to fight in America under a Red Dawn scenario or even a civil war.

•Jade Helm may be a prequel to American involvement in Ukraine.

•Jade Helm, however, seems to be a “busywork fix” for a number of problems that have plagued the military that are not being addressed, like fighting the wrong wars against the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

•Jade Helm, in the most direct terms, is an attempt to train in the art of the “Charm Offensive.”

In an attempt to dispel rumors of gun confiscations and mass arrests, those capable of reading between the lines could catch, from through the spin, the smell of fear and the look of panic and desperation.

If more Americans clearly understood what Jade Helm is telling them, they would soon realize that there is no Army protecting America, certainly not one worth $1 trillion per year or more.

America’s Recent Syria Debacle

On the evening of April 27, 2015, a Syrian special forces unit of 22 men moved in behind Al Nusra lines adjacent to the border with Turkey, west of the Syrian city of Aleppo. There they attacked the Al Nusra command center, killing or capturing that organization’s 31 top leaders. This information and details of the attack was received in a communique directly from the highest sources in the Syrian government.

Two Syrians were killed, one officer and one enlisted man. Among the enemy casualties, killed or captured were 6 Turkish officers and two officers from Qatar.

The intelligence gathered during this mission did much more than clarify that both Turkey and Qatar actively support Al Qaeda and may well have for many years. It also clarified the positon of US private contracting firms working with both the US Army and CIA inside Turkey and their relationship with Israeli intelligence.

Evidence of shipments of top of the line US heavy weapons to Turkey, weapons turned over to Al Nusra, an Al Qaeda “franchise” from stockpiles inside Israel was found. These stockpiles are not Israeli owned but rather are the property of the United States who pays to have them warehoused in Israel.

One shipment alone, 500 TOW missiles, latest models along with 50 Stinger launchers, was cited. This alone would not be surprising were it not for the new US “vetting and training” program under former Marine General John Allen, onetime US commander in Afghanistan, that is sharing personnel and facilities with Al Qaeda. Every aspect of this bizarre and quite illegal black operation involving ISIS, Al Nusra, the Mossad and Turkish intelligence and the armies of both Turkey and Qatar, openly arming terrorist groups, working with the CIA, US Army and its private contractors, has been blatantly exposed.

More American Weakness

Even Syria is willing to admit that what they have discovered may not in fact be an indication of duplicity and deceit on behalf of President Obama. It may, in fact, represent something far worse.

What if President Obama doesn’t know? Of what was discovered, there is no evidence that the American administration, not President Obama nor Secretary Kerry are or have been “in the loop” whatsoever. The same may not be said for the US Department of Defense nor the CIA. The level of complicity there is significant. For a clarification, I contacted Colonel James Hanke (ret), former Attache to Israel. Here is what he said:

“In reviewing Pentagon contracts to companies, Raytheon in particular, manufacturer of the TOW missile system, I have seen of late more than one “dark entry.” These were contracts, more than one in excess of $40 million, for unspecified weapons systems, contracts attached to other contracts in such a way as to be both misleading and easily hidden from both congress and the executive. Typically these would be for weapons such as those used for Iran-Contra years ago or to be supplied to ISIS, Al Nusra, Boko Harum or other groups. There is some evidence that air drops of weapons of this type have been made to these organizations .”

Army Strong Army Weak

Jade Helm is attempting to teach a broken and dispirited American military how to “get along with people” while that same military is actively supporting enemies of the United States. Money spent to teach soldiers to “make friends and influence people” might better be spent on catching whoever it is inside Washington that is misdirecting millions in American weapons to America’s enemies.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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