Ukraine: Nazi Battalions Become Aryan Guerrillas

New Eastern Outlook
by Konrad Stachnio

U4231111We must have class co-operation and eliminate the mercantile (crony capitalist) totally imaginary ‘middle class’. A cancer which has been intentionally engineered by fiat financed debt, which leads to the same outcome as Communism.The quote from the Facebook of the Misanthropic Division.

I must admit that the guys are trying really hard to eradicate the cancer which is represented by the middle class starting from the very core of the problem in eastern Ukraine: miners, tractor drivers, nurses, children, women and pensioners. The cancer was almost completely removed from the fine fabric of Ukrainian society – mainly with GRAD missiles. In other regions of Ukraine, the middle class began to liquidate itself by the exodus of the Ukrainians, or by the fact that the place where the cancer could work had simply disappeared. A good solution introduced by the comrades (as they call themselves) from the Nazi battalions, is also the fact that they had the idea to eliminate themselves as a potential middle class. The good example of this idea is Debaltsevo.

Even President Putin mentions the comrades putting it in the following words:

“Of course, losing is always unpleasant for the losers, especially when you are losing with recent tractor drivers and miners, but life must go on …”

However, comrades do not care about that and so strongly believe in their struggle – as the entries on the Azov Batallion Facebook page suggest:

Diesel Boer Respect to my brothers …….. Keep it up ! It will not be in vain ….. Stay true and stay strong !!!!!!!! 14/88 ……… Remember ….. United we stand . Divided we fall !!!!!! Sieg Heil !!!!!!!!!!!

Therefore there is a hope that the comrades will continue to remove the cancer that is mainly themselves as well as get rid of other members of the middle class staying in Ukraine at the moment.

Crony capitalists and trotskyists who seek to reduce our folk to an insectual existence will be resisted by all means – the quote from the Facebook page of the Misanthropic Division.

It is slowly becoming clear that the comrades don’t have a chance to win. However in Poland it is still quite common to ask:

What happens if Putin threatens the Polish border?

Even if Putin approached the Polish border (which is nonsense) I would prefer him to be my neighbour rather than those defending the ‘white’ Europe against ‘red scum’ followers of Waffen-SS and Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich.

We are National Socialists, and National Socialism for us is more than a political doctrine, it is a philosophy of life and perception of faith. We will win this war or we will die, but we will try to take the largest number of enemies with us, said a Misanthropic Division member who is part of the Azov Batallion. The whole interview can be found on the Misanthropic Division site.

Foreign support for Comrades

Two rail transports of weapons including armored tanks, on which rather clumsily scratched Polish marks were seen, arrived in the city of Izium in Kharkiv district.

We also have to deal with a company which is presumed to send Polish mercenaries to Ukraine – the information is being checked at this point, said Mateusz Piskorski – the Secretary General of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis.

The information about Polish mercenaries is connected to what pro-Russian residents of Uglegorsk (Ukraine) say: “Poles and Negros are fighting against us!”

It should not come as a surprise to anyone as the Polish Deputy Prime Minister says openly:

We gave aid worth 4 million euros to the Ukrainian army and we are preparing the next batch. Poland has always said that since there is no embargo on arms supplies, Poland is ready to sell weapons to Ukraine. There are no obstacles to that, said the Polish Minister of Defense Tomasz Siemoniak.

Report of Fabian Eberhard, Sontagszeitung, February 8, 2015 published on the website Fort Russ announces:

The investigation shows that neo-Nazis from the Cantons Genf, Waadt, Wallis, and St. Galle maintain tight contact with the extremist fighters and send money and material aid to the front.

On the 21st of December the group sent 800 Swiss francs directly to the Azov Battalion, as a document shows. This in part came from their sale of T-shirts. Two days after the transfer, the website of the Azov department for support from Switzerland posted: We know that this is just a drop in the sea of solidarity, but we are hoping it will help our comrades in the front. Glory to Ukraine!”

From the site in an article titled: Kiev gave a letter of US military equipment we know that:

Pentagon is preparing to send troops to Ukraine to train its National Guard on how to operate as a professional security force.

U.S. troops will begin training about 600 Ukrainian guards in western Ukraine next month, military officials said.

Officially, America has repeatedly denied Ukraine in the supply of lethal weapons. During the armed conflict in Donbas America gave Kiev 320 million dollars. 20 million of this money will be spent on carrying out reforms in the country, 3 million on help for the people displaced from the zone of the military conflict in Donbas, the rest to equip military and non-lethal weapons.

The Open Dialogue Foundation together with its volunteer Thomas Maciejczuk is engaged in providing assistance to Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front lines. Here is the quote from his Facebook:

“A parcel from Poland to the front?

What would you say if we made a surprise for Ukrainian soldiers and sent them a few parcels to the front? What could be found in the parcel? – a photo album with photos from Poland e.g. from an Empik store, Polish sweets, a chewing gum, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razors, children’s drawings, socks, boxers, T-shirts as well as those more expensive items: tactical gloves, military boots, bandages or olaes Celox and some other stuff from the catalogue: “Useful for soldiers”. “

Aryan Guerrilla

Ordinary Ukrainians do not want to die for Ukraine anymore as it is clearly seen by poor morale and the defeat at the front. However, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups do not complain about poor morale.

Death is inevitable. But only those who will fall with honor as true warriors taste eternal peace in the chambers of Valhalla. Source: the site of the Misanthropic Division.

The Misanthropic Division about which I have been writing so much recently is associated with a terrorist group called Wotan Jugend.

In our ranks there are those closely connected with them, but because of the investigation being conducted against Wotan Jugend (cf. organization acting as terrorist and criminal) by the Russian political police, I am not going to talk about this here. Source: the Misanthropic Division site.

Even if the front collapses entirely voluntary battalions will move to the guerrilla. The reason for this is quite simple:

In the face of imminent danger threatening the survival of the race there must be a direct combat.

Eternal glory to those who died honorably in battle, because they will enjoy peace before the others!

We will be ready to fight when the time is right -when people need our experience as warriors. No mercy for McDonald’s Corporation and mosques. No tolerance. Death to our enemies! 88!

First we have to survive this war. We hope that we will win this war in Donbas and then clean up in Kiev. Source: the Misanthropic Division site

The Misanthropic Division is part of the Azov Battalion to which donations are sent from abroad. At this point these battalions consider Poroshenko to be a traitor so soon we may expect another Maidan in Kiev. Because it is the members of the Misanthropic Division battalion who took an active part in its creation as we know from their website.

Additionally, the Right Sector already started to train students and pensioners on how to use the weapons while Misanthropic Division site informs us that

100% hand-made ghillie/rifle cover made in Ukraine by Ukrainian hands and with local materials. If you want to help fund such projects as well as food parcels/water/basic relief: Victory Sisters Foundation:

We continue to defend the Ukrainian land.

Sweet dreams, diplomats and politicians.

However, the commander of the Azov battalion expresses himself clearly:

“…This war can no longer be a war led by generals and politicians. They have fought their war and they have lost. This war is now the war of the armed citizenry…”-Andriy Biletsky

In this respect, teaching children and the elderly how to make use of weapons as well as producing them on their own in workshops and garages can be actually a wide-ranging plan to eliminate the mercantile (crony capitalist) totally imaginary ‘middle class’. Although probably that would not be possible on such a scale without the help of volunteers from abroad and those who send weapons to Ukraine as part of the so-called ‘ordinary business’ as Grzegorz Schetyna – the Polish Foreign Minister – put it commenting on selling Polish weapons to Ukraine.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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